[2015] Amazon Sisters (Magic Find Tournament - 2) [by Azimuthus]

Jan 3, 2007
DISCLAIMER: Migration finished :)

This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by Azimuthus on Jun 9, 2015. The last post was made Aug 12, 2015.
(link to original thread on diabloii.net)

Score  Rank           Forum Name     Char name   LVL  Act      Area
13413  Monarch        Potent         Jade        85   -- fin --
10789  Lord           Azimuth        Azura       85   -- fin --

2917   Industrialist  Felixbavaria   Ophelia     63   3 [NM]   Upper Kurast*
2688   Financier      Azimuth        Empress     60   3 [NM]   Spider Forest*
2135   Entrepreneur   Ranagrande     Vinielle    56   2 [NM]   Palace*
384    Vendor         Gynli          Noran       32   4        Fortress*
75     Vagabond       Dysania        Sister      20   2        Lut Gholein*

* - inactive status


Azimuth (2)


This is a single-pass-magicfind (MF) tournament (preface story is below). You can play either softcore or hardcore. Any game version is allowable, though keep in mind that 1.13, probably, will be the most beneficial because of better rune drop. Character class is restricted: Amazon. Mercenary is restricted: Rogue. It is implied that you play "lightning fury amazon". This is a fast and deadly untwinked character which can be safely loaded with tons of MF. However you can diversify the build by putting points into Valkyrie and fire or cold bows skills to deal with lightning immune mobs on hell difficulty. Winners are those who got kingly rank ("Monarch" or higher), however the first place is for an amazon with the highest score. All your findings must be put on your personal "Treasury" spreadsheet which you are given upon entering the tourney. Treasury Main Page information should be also updated by each participant from time to time. Take a look here to see, it is very easy.

How to sign up? Registration for current tourney is closed, wait for the next one.


As in previous "Barbarian brothers" tourney the central feature of this tournament is Treasury, where all your sets, uniques, and runes are listed (those ones you find on your way). Each item has a score which is added to total score number on the Main page of the Treasury spreadsheet. The higher score, the better rank you get.

There are some new features as well:

- runes now give less score.
- very rare items have a cap: 300 for greens, 500 for uniques.
- normal items give 20-60 score; exceptional 80-180; elite 200-400 (very rare 500).
- now there is a death penalty. Each time you die, your overall score is decreased a bit.
- there is a new "Zombie" rank. Guess what you need to do to get it.
- rank system has been reworked. Now you need less score points to get ranks (highest as well).
- now there is an "interim score" table which must be filled in manually after each game Act.

- apart from the old bonus score system (you get additional score for finding same-set green items) new 2 achievement bonus systems are introduced. First one is calculated automatically and depends on the number of particular runes you find (you can see it on "Runes" list) in the Treasury. Second one is a special achievements you can get in your journey. Each achievement is assigned manually by the tourney host and is listed on the Main Page of the spreadsheet. There are 12 achievements:

1 Monarch in the Castle (get kingly rank - "Monarch" or higher). Bonus to score + 500 *
2 Full bag slayer (finish Normal with more than 1500 points). Bonus to score + 200
3 Lucky Champion (finish Nightmare with more than 5400 points). Bonus to score + 300
4 Leprechaun Chest (get 5 full sets). Bonus to score + 300
5 Greenpiece (get 3 full sets). Bonus to score + 180
6 Guardian of the Treasury (Finish the game with zero death penalty). Bonus to score + 200
7 Lord of the Rings (Get more than 600 points in Jewelry). Bonus to score + 250
8 Golden Axe (Find all normal unique axes). Bonus to score + 220
9 Hawkeye (Find at least 12 unique different bows/crossbows). Bonus to score + 200
10. All in line (Find all middle-level runes). Bonus to score +200
11. Runemaster (Get at least 3 rune achievements). Bonus to score +150
12. Cathan's Basket (Find at least 10 Cathan rings). Bonus to score +120

* calculated after all other achievement bonuses.


-= You can play only one class: Amazon. You must take Rogue merc (your sister) after completing 2nd quest in Act 1. You can't change it anymore since then.

-= You must play Normal & Nightmare difficulties with "/players 8" command all the time. You must play Hell difficulty with "/players 1" command all the time. You can make Cow Level once after finishing a difficulty (p8, p8, p1).

-= You must put at least 1 point into Lightning Fury skill (your mother's present; see story), and at least 1 point into Valkyrie (which is your mother). Some 15-20 points in both are strongly recommended though not obligatory.

-= Skill/stat respec (Akara reward) is forbidden. Plan stats and skills in advance.

-= This is Single Pass Untwinked tourney (you start with "fresh" level 1 char on Normal difficulty). Replaying areas twice is forbidden. You can skip areas (or their parts) if you like. If you restarted (to continue) your previous game, you can finish clearing an area which had not been fully cleared before. However, no items can be taken from already cleared parts. Try to skip mobs in cleared areas/parts (especially elites), because leveling on them is forbidden.

-= You can't "reroll" areas. That is, if you entered an area, you must fight those mobs it generated, you can't do "save & exits" to get better mobs for this map. You can't skip areas to finish them later, even if you are in the same act. E.g: "Okey, I will kill Andy and then go back to Pits cave". No - you can't do that. Clear that cave while you are in Tamoe Highland. Same with Radament sewers and so on.

-= You can play either on softcore or on hardcore. If you choose softcore, there is a death penalty. You must put a number in death penalty table (Main Page) each time you die. If you died 1 time on normal, put "1" near "normal". If you died 2nd time on normal, put "2" there instead of 1, so on. Dying on Normal will substract more points from your overall score than dying on Hell difficulty (150 normal; 100 nm; 50 hell).

There is a nuance! After death you must recover your main corpse (with all main items) at all costs. This is considered as "single death". If you can't retrieve it and and make "Save & Exit", and so, if restarted you see your main corpse lying nearby - this is considered as "Triple Death", so you must add "3" number in death penalty table instead of "1". Take notice though: if on your try to retrieve corpse you died, this is also considered as "single death", so in some situations it may be wise to accept "triple death" penalty rather than keep trying to get your main body back, where *every* failed attempt is counted as penalty as well!

Case.?1: you died and on trying to recover your body you died 2 times more, and you see that situation is hopeless, so you press "Save & Exit". In this case your death penalty is 6 (!): 3 single deaths + triple death for "save & exit".
Case.?2: You died and on trying to recover your body you died once as well, but after that you managed to grab the body (and then, lets say, you took tp to town and pressed "Save & Exit"). In this case death penalty is 2.
Case.?3: You died and you see, this is too dangerous to recover the body, so you just press "Save & Exit". In this case death penalty is 3 ("triple death").

You can't press "Save & Exit" in a bad/dangerous situation - but must use tp or wp or stairs to escape. Only then, when there is no danger, you can press "Save & Exit".

-= You put a number for rune items only if you get it through game quest (Act 3, Act 5) or if you took it from the ground as a loot. You can't add a rune to list if it was cubed with Horadric Cube.

-= You can reset Ancients if needed.

-= You can't keep Charsie or other "rewarding quests". You must accomplish them before you move to the next act! You can't return to previous difficulties/acts to buy something from vendors. So if you need something, make sure you've got it (you can remake as many games as you like to get needed item from a particular vendor - but only while you are still here in this act).

-= You can use ATMA or tcp/ip to mule, and ladder runeword mod which allows all runewords for single player game.

-= You can finish game (stop participating in the tourney) at any time you like (post a message then). You can no longer continue if you have beaten Hell Baal and cleared Hell Cows.

-= If a player submits no reports/messages in the tourney thread (or shows no progress in treasury table main list) for 5 days, he gets "inactive" status. If all participants are in "inactive" status, the tournament automatically & officially ends.


- Whats up, Gheed?
- Pretty cool. Business is running great.
- How so?
- Do you see those paladins over there? They are signed up for that "SU Worshipper Tourney", so they spend hours in my shop trying to gamble some third rate green, hehehe. And everything is legal and fair, I promise. I've got a whole storehouse of uniqs and greens filled up to the roof. Just look - full basket of cathan seals! Want one? Special and lowest price for you - just 10 gp!
- No, thanks.
- With this nice amu it gives bonus to attack rating! Special discount for this ring & amu: just 40 gp! Need some?
- No, thanks. But where did you get all that stuff?
- Ah, those nice barbs brought me. And then they moved into the Castle. After they killed all monsters over there it was completely deserted and they could occupy it freely, but for some strange reason they decided to pay ME for it. Well, what I had to do? So I humbly accepted their gold. By the way, they hired me as their house manager and I have wondeful apartments in there with a fountain and a golf ground around it. Here, take a look at the pics I taken with my up to date Cube.
- Oh how fantastically beautiful. These amazon statues - just like my family!
- 11560 gp and apartments are yours!
- Hmm... Sounds interesting. But no such money, sorry.
- Ah, go and get some! Easy - barbs did it in 5 minutes.
- What? Grinding uniqs for you? No thanks.
- Why not - go take your sister, she is good with bow, and here, grab this javelin - bump off some mobs and it is yours I guarantee! Look at this fountain, I think you want it, really, you can't live without it, I'm quite sure.
- Arrrrghh. Okey.
- Hey, hey, don't forget this pricelist. 11560 - remember? Just some Zod runes and thats it! Easy!
- Can I borrow your Cube? Need to call my mom.
- No problem, unlimited tariff anyway.
- (Dealing) Hello mom, how is your vacation going?
- Nice to hear you, my dear! Asgard is so beautiful in this season. But what's happened?
- I think I need your help. Me and my sister are going to buy apartments in Outer Cloister and so we need to do some mob grinding.
- Of course I will help you both. And I have a present for you from your uncle Thor - newest javelin model "Lighting Fury" with free upgrade subscription! You will like it I'm sure. If you start now, I will join you emmm... probably in Kurast. But to do so you have to take your sister from school now. Don't like to say that, but her schoolteacher Ms. Bloodraven hates when someone interrupts her lessons. She can even order pupils to throw the intruder out of the classroom!
- I'll deal with that, mom, thanks for help, c ya.
- Goodbye, my dear!
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Azimuthus said:
Okey, if Thomas will join we will need at least 1 more to start. Would be nice to see Vista as well, but I havent seen her for quite some time.
I'm not gonna join this one. I know, I promised I would in the old thread, but I am currently using my limited playtime to try and build some HC toons from scratch (which I love).
I am not a fan of zons and /players8 alike. I tend to go /players1, since I find the increased setting a bit of a cheat (and because it is difficult for my usually poorly geared characters to utilize it :D).
Guess I'll start.

I will be joining with GreenPoop - Plague Javelin/Multishot Amazon.

She's a Plague Javelin Amazon I gave a go at the Lowkey Classic Tourney some years back. Due to the lack of switch weapon and +skill items - and the patience to let Valkyrie progress through -, I never got to make her a Queen.

This time, I will be investing skill points into Multishot skill and a bow with knockback for mob control. Progression was definitely slow in the previous attempt; so this time, I'm hoping a decent number of +skills will boost the poison damage enough to let me progress at a tolerable rate.

and now with the first progression post.

Day 1 - Short session today.
GreenPoop started off chucking javelins and daggers at the zombies. She proceeded to outrun the Bloodraven to death in a trail of poison clouds; and is now waiting to meet the Coldcrow.

She is by far the luckiest gem finder I've had so far. The first 2 gems were topazes, the next 2 being emeralds that I saved to put into a bow for the merc, and the two of the next three gems were topazes again. By the end of today's session, I've found 4 topazes out of the 9 I picked up. =P

Question though.
Does anyone know how the poison damage from chipped emerald interact with the poison damage from my Poison Javelin?

Good luck to all, may the greediest sister win.
Day 2 - Even shorter session.
I decided I could squeeze in a short Cave clear today, and I was awarded with the first Treasure of the tournament - the Infernal Cranium. =)

GreenPoop hit lvl 12 just before meeting the Coldcrow; and that meant she could gamble mf boots and gloves. After depleting all but 2 gold, she has put on extra 22% of mf. Sadly though, Coldcrow dropped only a set of blue javelins and some potions.

This will be my short progression for today. Hoping to progress through the rest of the act over the weekend. =P
Had a nice start in Act I, with 3 uniques and 1 set item found.

As straightforward as it gets, my build will be max block CS/LF tankazon. I hope I can Mat her without deaths just as my throwing tankazon. With a Cold rogue and a Valk there's really no need for a backup skill, plus I might find a nice javelin to throw, or a good dagger :)

Ophelia and Oriana / level 20 / 74 points, Lut Gholein
well then. It would seem I read all the tourney description but the one about valk and fury. Vaguely remember having a thought process of 'untwinked single pass > less gear dependent build will be good > Lightning fury is implied' - what I don't remember is Uncle Thor's present =P.

I resign GreenPoop off the tourney, and will rejoin with a new char. 20LF/20Valk will be part of the build to keep in theme with the story.

Now to come up with a name...

Edit: also the one about saving areas for later... Would seem I've already broken tourney rules by saving the Coldcrow till after the Masuleum and so on.. Oops.. =(
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