The December "2085" Tournament - Signup and Progress [by Locohead]

Mar 19, 2020
This tournament has already ended. It was originally posted by @Locohead on Dec 4, 2017.
(link to original thread on

- 20 hours playtime!
- L85 areas! (or Pindle)
- 2 weeks to complete! (Midnight 12/4 to Midnight 12/18, your time)
- No claims, all glory!
- MFO scoring:
Your top 5 elite sets & uniques comprise your score, as defined in the MFO sheets.
Only items from valid enemies can be submitted. For L85 areas, chests are excluded. For Pindle, only Pindle and his minions are included.

- Mid-tournament update posted 12/12 or so
- Message your top 5 for the first week OR first 10 hours (whichever comes first) to Kitteh by 12/12, so we can do a mid-tourney update, and again after you've completed the tournament (20 hours or 2 weeks, whichever comes first.)
- Please do not show or mention specific qualifiers you've found. Feel free to post about other finds!

Good luck!!

A85 scoring sheets

Current entrants:
Mar 19, 2020
As before, I will join in. Are you restricted to one area?
Welcome! I would say any L85 area you want, or Pindle. I see no reason to restrict to a single area.
I am in...
Ah grand, Pindle to Pits it is then :p
I'll sign up for the 68 year anniversary of this tournament.. Playing the December 2085 tournament in the year 2085 sounds like a plan! ;)
Question before the start - generally, does time spent muling stuff in Atma count towards tournament run time? I'm guessing no but thought I'd ask.

Update - 2 hours in, 5 qualifiers but nothing significant. (Got a Pul rune, heh.) Not a good start. I'm doing runs faster than the MFO, leaving a lot of stuff on the ground (gems, most magicals and rares, etc.) but still not nearly efficient enough.
Locohead said:
Question before the start - generally, does time spent muling stuff in Atma count towards tournament run time? I'm guessing no but thought I'd ask.
I'd also like confirmation on this (and am under the same impression).
I don't think it does in the MFO?
I'm in as well, I really preferred the 20h format in the past so that's great!

Gives me a reason to get some MF gear back on my 99er Sorc -- she's totally settled into her grinding routine so any change is super exciting, and be it just switching to Shako and WT. ;)

Going to stick with P8/P3 Baal though, so same as with MFO expectations aren't super high. :/
Which score sheet is used for Pindle?
Oh and what about Baal actually? Am I allowed to include his drops at all, and if so, using Baal MFO sheet? Or just WSK, and if so using alvl85 score sheet?
@Kitteh pindle has the same scoring as A85, except not being able to drop azurewrath, arachnid, and tyrael's.

@ffs I'm afraid baal's drops are just not compatible with those of A85 (or pindle). We would need a system to somehow map them to those of A85 and even then it probably wouldn't be balanced.
@Albatross Well that system exists, there is a separate MFO score sheet for Baal runs which could be used. Otherwise (i.e. if Baal is definitely not included), my question was whether I'm correct in assuming that WSK/Throne Room drops are measured according to the alvl85 score sheet. Those are lvl85 areas after all, but would like to confirm the score sheet applies in case Baal drops are excluded. I'm going to include Baal in my runs in any case, but in that case wouldn't count his drops towards the score. Would be nice if he was an allowed target though ofc. :)
If it a L85 area, then it would fall under L85. Obviously, Baal drops would be separate, and in this case not included, I guess? I don't know if people have used two scoring sheets for one final score before using Throne/Baal?
If enough people feel that there's a fair way to include Baal drops, I will say OK? But right now I'm not sure.

What if Baal drops don't count, but your time spent in the worldstone chamber doesn't count towards the 20h? That would be the easiest compromise I can think of.
I personally don't feel comfortable including them. It is perhaps something to consider for future tournaments, but not when the tournament is ongoing.
Same. The tournament is in progress, and it's questionable whether not only we can come up with a perfect system of scaling Baal drops to be included, but also get everyone to agree on it. But I am totally fine with saying time spent in the Worldstone Chamber doesn't count towards the 20 hours, if others are OK with that.
@ffs oh, sorry, I misunderstood. I've googled a bit and checked the drop calc.

This is from the official MFO rules:

Eligible finds

The following monsters are the only ones whose drops will be considered
in each category:

- Hell Baal: Baal and his 5 minion packs.
- Pindle+: The mentioned SuperUniques and their Minions, in the cases of Eldritch, Pindle and Sharptooth.
- Level 85 areas: The Mausoleum, The Pit, Maggot Lair lvl 3, Ancient Tunnels, Kurast Sewers lvl 2, Forgotten Temple, Ruined Fane, Disused Reliquary, River of Flame, Chaos Sanctuary (not including seal boss packs and Diablo), Worldstone Keep, Throne of Destruction (not including minion waves)

Having checked the drop odds for the same unique item across these monsters, it's clear why - they are all quite different. The scoring for A85 and pindle are possibly the same out of convenience, not because they are related so even fusing the pindle+ category with A85 might not have been a great idea.

Locohead said:
Same. The tournament is in progress, and it's questionable whether not only we can come up with a perfect system of scaling Baal drops to be included, but also get everyone to agree on it. But I am totally fine with saying time spent in the Worldstone Chamber doesn't count towards the 20 hours, if others are OK with that.

That sounds like a fair proposition, I think I actually ran WSK + baal in a 20h A85 tournament exactly the same way (a long time ago). Also, the randomly generated bosses in the chamber can and should be included, it's only the waves and baal which should be excluded.
Albatross said:
The scoring for A85 and pindle are possibly the same out of convenience, not because they are related so even fusing the pindle+ category with A85 might not have been a great idea.
Perhaps. I was trying to be accommodating where possible.

If you focus on unique/superunique kills then it comes down to kills / unit time and drop chances. Looking at for example Death's Web, at 500 MF /p1 I show 1/58432 chance from Pindle, 1/116281 from an AT unique. So it's nearly 2x as likely to drop from Pindle compared with any given unique in AT. But how many unique kills / time would an efficient run get from AT vs. an efficient Pindle run? If you think the answer is that it's too much of a difference in favor of Pindle, maybe we should reexamine the inclusion of Pindle.

If we exclude Pindle NOW then that would mean excluding all Pindle items thus far and also refunding the people's accumulated Pindle time. But, unless you think it's a radical difference in items / sec, I'd vote to not change the rules at this point.
Mar 19, 2020
Well, I've only done 2 hours at Pindle, so I'm not going to be too fussed if you want to change it.
Locohead said:
If enough people feel that there's a fair way to include Baal drops, I will say OK?
In your own link in the first post there is a Baal table which is considered "a fair way to include Baal drops" -- unless MFO rules are considered unfair for the purposes of this tournament. :) But granted it's in a separate category for MFO. Anyway since I really want to make progress on my 99er Sorc it doesn't make sense for me to run anything else. So if that option doesn't exist I'll run out of competition I guess. ;)
Honestly, its a bit of fun so I personally couldn't give a rats *** if you include your Baal drops :p
No worries, I'm just saying I'll run Baal without giving a rat's *** if the drops count here. :) Up to @Locohead whether only the Pindle or lvl 85 are valid targets.
Now that the tourney has started, it's bad form to change the rules. We also can't assume every person is monitoring the forum for changes. Therefore, I want to make as few changes as possible. So:

- We cannot add Baal or any other drops (something for the forum to consider for next time?)
- Time spent in Worldstone Chamber (i.e. killing Baal) can be excluded from your 20hr total. Honor system, doesn't have to be 100% precise.
- For now we will allow Pindle because it was in the rules when the tourney started, but I refer to Albatross as the resident expert on run efficiency. If he states that Pindle drops/time are too much better than A85 drops, we might exclude Pindle drops and refund any time people spent on Pindle, if enough entrants agree.

I'll have to stick to that plan. Before the next tourney I'll want to closely examine numbers on Baal, Pindle and A85 drops to see if they can be safely mixed. As for the fact that MFO has Baal scoring - yes, but MFO also separates Baal and Pindle from A85, so to me that says something. I think they could probably be mixed in the future but it has to be done really accurately.
Agreed, let's stick to what we started with.

Quick pit and AT runs are more efficient than pindle and with him not being able to drop tyrael's, it's pindle runners who are at a disadvantage. We can revisit potential category merges in future tournaments.

Edit: oh dear, when did I become an expert at this :D Let's hope people who "did the math" regarding the drops and categories, if they are still around, are going to sign up and join the discussion next time.
Thanks for the info. Glad we can stick with the original rules.

Had a lot of time to play. 6 hours in so far.. not looking good, lol. 1 qualifier in the last hour run, and it was crap. Worst hour yet. Piles of elite items, just not the right colors! (these screenshots came from the same run, 1 screen apart, lol)


RNG trolling at it's finest :D

On the topic of runs, haven't started mine yet. Had a nostalgic skyrim flashback and played a little, but I'll get down to AT tonight to make up for the lost time.
If it makes you feel any better, I have one qualifier and...
Was the Diadem any good regardless? @Locohead Can I join this tonight and run AT and/or Pits? Since we don’t need a trade profile I’d be in. :)
Southpaw8668 said:
@Locohead Can I join this tonight and run AT and/or Pits? Since we don’t need a trade profile I’d be in. :)
Yep! I don't see any reason to lock out late entrants.
Elemental skills, frw, mana leech and something else if I remember correctly :p
Sounds lovely!
I'm a little below four hours, with 2 qualifiers. I'm also running with a 240mf HC fishymancer, so y'know. I'm using some of my hunter druid's gear, so I'm slightly paranoid about deeding it :D Some annoying almost drops...
Take me out of this one, sorry guys.
Too busy with work and I’d prefer to spend the little time I have on Vizier/Infector.
@Yng see you at the next one :)

Ran 2:18h (or at least I thought so) before I flew in hot (cursed) into a fana-might sandwich. Recovered the corpse and called it day. Then I double checked the total time elapsed on the counter because something was way off.

Does anyone use the simple run counter? I so, pay attention to when you pause for longer periods. The time which passes while you are away is added to the "total time elapsed" once you press resume :/ I had to multiply my number of runs + 5 (because that's the number of pauses I had and those runs aren't counted) with the average run time to get my real total time elapsed, which is 99 minutes.

Lesson learned, will keep track using a stopwatch or whatever comes handy for the remainder of the event.
I never used any counter programs. I've just been starting at set times on a clock and running for 1 hour blocks.
I use Silo's run counter? Is that the one? I never even noticed that...
Yes. I don't know about the advanced version, maybe it doesn't do the same thing.
I checked and can confirm that it doesn't :)
Mar 19, 2020
So, I am planning to make a rare only character in the future, so I am IDing all rares items. Some of them aren't great, but I'm not going to wait until I have perfect rares :p Anyway, this orb just dropped. Troll much?
Kitteh - I've forsworn picking up rare orbs for the tournament. I also have an embargo on large charms (although I still pick up small and grand), gems (although I still pick up flawless amethysts) and a lot of other stuff. But it really hurts every time I have to pass up a gem shrine, ugh. Like losing 2/3 of a crafted amulet each time.

How is everyone progressing? I have gotten zero Top 5 improvement in the last 4 hours of runs. :( But, I did just find:


First one ever. :cool:
What's with all those HRs in mf touraments lately? Congrats.
I'm on 10 qualifiers, just under 6 hours of running. I've not been going long in HC, so a lot of 'crappy finds' are wonderful for me because I want them for builds etc, like Guillame's and Lycander's. So, some good finds :D Highest rune is a Gul though...
Glad you have gone up in quals. Are you still doing a lot of Pindle? Lately I've been coasting along at about 2 quals / hr in AT.
My drops so far have been total poop. I did find a Ber Rune night before last, but RNGesus has forsaken me I believe. I am running with 407 MF so maybe she needs a little extra to get closer to 500. Diminishing returns makes that 93 extra MF kinda moot, but you never know when that extra few percent may have caused a yellow unearthed wand or hydra bow to drop golden instead.

Either way I am having fun getting better at the runs and pushing ever closer to lvl 96. I fell asleep last night at the wheel and nearly died again. It sucks getting old, but burning the candle on both ends will get you at some point.
@Kitteh i am also collecting rares for a “rares only” character which will more than likely be a Sorc. The plan is to use only rare jewels, but as far as charms and skillers, they are blue text items so I am not sure if I want to include them for fear of messing up the theme. Gheeds is gold so it may be out as well. The thing is, adding charms makes a character so much stronger and using rares only will be a balancing act for sure. I want to make a blue Barb as well.
Nearing 4 hours with nothing of significance dropping.

Playing around with gear, tired 63 FCR again and it feels slower, but appears to be slightly faster. I still prefer 105 though :)
Well, I was planning to include charms, at least the first time and see what I think.
Never even started, so pull me back off the list if you ever put me on there. I’m spending all my free playing time with the MP “Modern League” folks and we’re having a blast!
Aaaand I'm finished. Wanted to get all 20 hours done before the end of the week, heh. Ended up with almost as many qualifiers as MFO, but not as good of a result. Maybe I'll keep running AT, watch me get something amazing that won't count for my score...

Other thoughts:
- My computer is slow on game creation & changing acts. It definitely hinders me a lot on these hour-limited tourneys. I don't know how to fix it, if I even can. RAMdisk?? I already have an SSD.
- Got about halfway to L95 in these 20 hours, even with dying twice (and recovering the corpse.) Looks like about 40 hours of /p1 AT then to go L94-L95.
- After finding 1 last Sur rune in LK, I made and gave Infinity to my merc. But I question the wisdom of Infinity in this. The constant green aura made unique packs harder to identify, and while it's a strong weapon and helped against some CIs, the -ECR didn't help my sorc. Now that I have Infinity I'm thinking of just respeccing to CL... maybe then I should run Pits? What weapon do you give your merc in AT, Eth Insight for the mana boost & less town trips for mana pots?
- I'll be sure to immediately post and lament over any post-tourney high-point qualifiers here, heh

Oh, of course.


Templar's Heart Attack. Heh.
Wait, was that post-competition drops? :rolleyes:

Edit: Don't forget to send your midway results guys and gals!
Yeah that Templar's was after. Would have been so fitting if it was Tyrael's. Still waiting for that post-tourney Death's Web to "make me feel bad", any time now... :rolleyes:
You should see my folder of blue and yellow bases, its depressing. I mean, it isn't even all of them, just those that I could be bothered screenshotting :p
I'm afraid I'm also out, unexpected real life event took priority and there's no time for gaming.

I'll be back to d2 soon, as always :)

Good luck to those still competing and nice one there, @Locohead, I really hoped it was "the" one.
"Liked" your comment but sucks you can't compete. But I'm sure there will be another before TOO long.
I'm in, can you throw me up on the list?
Hmm. How soon do you think you can get to 10 hours playtime? I was hoping we could post everyone's midpoint score all at once.
ha, i misread the start date as the mid date. I can have (cough) 10 hours done by within the next 24.
Dooooooooooooooo it! *Flashart voice*
Mar 19, 2020
No need to rush massively. But if you want? I was expecting the midpoint list to be posted Tuesday evening, so if you can just get close to 10h by then and reported to Kitteh by like 10pm Tuesday that would be fine.
I mean, does it matter too much if he/she isn't midway? Luck doesn't occur in two halves of an event, I don't think that it is even historically predictive of results in say, the MFO :D
i'll just bang out what i can by 10 pm (est). I can tell you that after putting in an hour last night and finding nothing, my second hour was a bit nicer (grail item).
I think it's good to have at least a midpoint update so people get a sense of where they're at. We'll just do the best we can with it.
Kefka said:
i'll just bang out what i can by 10 pm (est). I can tell you that after putting in an hour last night and finding nothing, my second hour was a bit nicer (grail item).
Ah, the famed IK maul?
It looks like I'll have about 7-8 hours in by 10 pm, that's fair, right? Maybe I'll have 5 elites by then!
Just like everyone else, I've seen 2 diadems, 3-4 sacred armor, a few hydra bows, even an unearthed wand mostly blue and white. Usually they drop next to a pair of frostburns.
Results sent to Kitteh. 35 qualifiers in a smidge over 10 hours:

5 hours in, 5 qualifiers. sent in. messaging changed big time, no more PM's.
Maybe there was a miscommunication - you could wait until Tuesday evening and see what you get by then.
Loco, I missed your earlier comment somehow - I am running solely Pindleskin in the end, just safer :D

So as it stands, I think that despite drop outs the table of entrants is actually unchanged - so still some to go. Not due until tonight of course, I'm not rushing anybody. However, if you are not competing after all but your name is still in this table, can you let me know, please? Thanks! :p

Current entrants:
Sorry I forgot we had an update at this point -- though I have just started running, so zero points from me.

I'll try my best to give this a half-decent effort now :p
I’m running haven’t added up my drops yet. My barb is finding nothing, may hit Pindle or AR with a Blizz Sorc.
No worries, we can just report whoever does have a midway point :)
If somebody sends in late then I will add it;

December 2085 Tournament Midway Results

Astreon's Iron Ward 27.8
Templar's Might 10.7
Stormspire 9.3
Giant Skull 8.1
Giant Skull 8.1
Total 64.0

Astreon's 27.8
Blood Raven's 6.7
Nat's Mark 4.3
Eschuta's 4.6
Naj's Puzzler 3.1
Total 46.5

Steelrend 10.7
Steelrend 10.7
Blackoak Shield 5.9
Horizon's Tornado 5.7
Stormshield 5
Total 38.0

Steel Pillar 9.3
Head Hunter's Glory 7.8
Veil of Steel 5.7
Frostwind 4.6
Lacerator 4.3
Total 31.7
Yeah I have no chance now, heh. Albatross seemed to think Pindle wasn't as good as AT but ESDV2's results call that into question.

I don't know how people (Alba) do such fast AT runs. He showed me the method but I don't get how his PC loads everything so fast. I don't think I'll ever be competitive until I fix it.
Don't forget luck, these things change very quickly! Do you have -ns etc? Mine is slow loading between games too, I've never figured out why...
Do you use window mode with Glide wrapper Loco? Takes a bit of getting used to (from standard) but reduced my Pindle runs by 5-10 secs...
i'll run from 8-10 pm, if anything major changes i'll post it here.
How's this for a non qualifier?

No I'm using full screen, and I don't know what draw I'm using. I'll have to look into it before I try any more tourneys. I must be losing up to 15 seconds per run just on game creation & load times.
Mar 19, 2020
I use -w, but not glide wrapper. I can't remember what that does, but I do remember looking into it a long time ago :p
Heh, I missed the midway results. Possibly good though since I still thought I might be doing fine :D

I surprised myself with having been able to run about 15 hours already. I'll run 1-2 more tonight and pm my results. Good luck to everyone still playing!
Get to it Grape! I finished days ago :p
Done. Thanks loco for hosting and Kitteh for supervising!

This was decent fun! I got a new Barb from lvl 65 to ** doing P1 Pits during that so that was great as well. He's been played as a Singer all the time, but I'll make some little twinks when I start his adventures towards Patriarch status :p (lvls were needed for this build, actually).

My two favorite non qualifiers:
Rainbow Facet
Required Level: 49
Fingerprint: 0x72634bff
Item Level: **
Version: Expansion 1.10+
100% Chance to cast level 23 Venom when you Level-Up
Adds 37 Poison Damage Over 2 Secs (50 Frames)
-5% to Enemy Poison Resistance
+5% to Poison Skill Damage

Scintillating Jewel of Fervor
Required Level: 31
Fingerprint: 0x238b2881
Item Level: **
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+15% Increased Attack Speed
Cold Resist +13%
Lightning Resist +13%
Fire Resist +13%
Poison Resist +13%
I got my summoner to 91 too :D Will post the results first thing in the morning!