My Spirit Monarch has an ilvl of 88 - How so?


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Feb 17, 2012
Hey all!

I was muling some items using ATMA, one of them is a Monarch that I have been rerolling the Spirit runeword to try and get 35 FCR.
Thing is, I found it as a White Monarch in Ancient Tunnels (100% sure of this, I have screenshot before and after socketing it). I then used the Horadric Cube to socket it, and already rolled the runeword a few times.
I noticed just now that it has an ilvl of 88, while all other gray items my BlizzSorc found in the AT have an ilvl of 85. I'm just trying to figure out how the Monarch has +3. Only boss drops in lvl85 areas have an ilvl of 88, right? And bosses don't drop white items. Does the horadric cube socket recipe add +3 for some reason, or is it rolling the Spirit with the Hel?

Thanks in advance.
They do drop whites and socketables, play with if you have any doubt ;-)

Edit: are minions also counted as Uniques in Silospen?
Edit 2: there is a Minion option, so I guess no.

Edit3: Forget about Silospen then xD
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