Kaylyn the Magezon makes Guardian


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Mar 16, 2020
Kaylyn is part of the 7 Mis-Fit toons Sept I started this year. She is the 3rd of the 7 to make it through to Guardian. 2 of the 7 toons have perished along their respective journeys while 2 others have successfully made it. Kaylyn's Normal journey can be found there and her Nightmare journey within that thread. Now onto her journey through Hell.

Once Kaylyn had defeated NM Baal, it was time to farm some gear to survive in Hell first. Off she went to run NM Meph and NM Baal. She started this part of her journey at level 73 and finished at level 78. NM Meph was killed on P3 while the Baal runs were done at P5 for the waves and P1 for Baal himself. Notable drops from NM farming --> Titan's, Spirit Shroud

Off to Hell after those 5 levels and not many great upgrades but a few. Freezing arrow is really amazing. Just fire away and watch everything shatter that isn't cold immune. Kaylyn really had to be careful early on in Hell because her resists were 10/-19/0/-29 when she started the blood moor. As long as she kept her distance from about every unique boss she would survive. Ran through the Den first. Then off to kill Blood Raven and down into the Mausoleum for the first A85. Nothing note worthy out of that. Then she proceeded through the Stony Field (Saved Cain along the way, solid ring as a reward) and all the way to the Black Marsh WP and Tower. Found Tal's Mask in the Black Marsh. Dual Leech is always good to have. Time to run the tower to level 80 in hopes of some decent rune luck from the Countess. No such luck from the countess but a random monster drops the biggest upgrade of Kaylyn's journey by far!! GOLDSTRIKE! +231% ED, +108% AR, +112% Demon damage, +113% Undead damage. Good ED roll and then not so good on the rest but she will gladly take that. A quick detour back to NM to socket the bow to add a Shael Rune for the IAS and hit the next breakpoint using the crafted 20% IAS gloves. Back to the journey Kaylyn went and found her way down to Andariel. This fight was a lot of running in circles and firing Immolation Arrows periodically til she finally died. Nothing worth noting from her drops. Off to Act 2 she goes.


Act 2 was a lot of switching between Freezing arrows and Immolation arrows. Kaylyn was pretty quick through this Act. Nothing was over the top hard but it wasn't exactly easy either. Straight forward questing to Duriel, no side tracking really. Cleared the AT once, Duriel's fight was much the same as Andariel. Circles and Immolation Arrows. Down Duriel went and off to Act 3.


Act 3--> Lots of little flayers=LOTS of freezing arrows. The Spider Forest was very kind in dropping a nice unique ring for Kaylyn. Ravenfrost Screenshot020.jpg

It was placed on her very fast. That Cannot Be Frozen mod=AMAZING! Once through the jungles and into Lower Kurast it was time to make a decision, run LK for runes and charms, or just push forward....Kaylyn chose the latter and pushed onward. Blackthorn's Face was found in the sewers but wasn't replacing Tal's Mask or the Life/All res circlet on the merc, so in the Sept. grail stash it went. Trav was pretty simple once Kaylyn was able to separate the council. Down to Mephisto she goes. The moat trick isn't just for Sorceresses LOL. ETH The Ward (ETH Grail ?? 😆) Through the portal to Act 4.

Starting Act 4 with barely any fire and lightning resists made Kaylyn back track to the Pits and search for Elite armor bases to get a 2 socket one to make Smoke for the +50 All res. First armor to roll +2 sockets was a Dusk Shroud. (Failed on Wire fleeces, wyrmhides, and other dusk shrouds as well) Once that armor was made, resists were up to 60/44/60/29...those are manageable to proceed with caution in Act 4. Hell Forge was disappointing but oh well. Onto the Chaos Sanctuary, this was actually a fun playthrough area with Freezing arrow being able to kill everything except the few Oblivion Knights that spawn throughout, which usually died to a few Immolation arrows. Once the Chaos was cleared it was time for Diablo. Kaylyn was hesitant at first to engage, keeping her distance and shooting from afar...but then that seemed more dangerous dodging the lightning hose. So she decided to take on Diablo up close and personal and fire a barrage of arrows from tight quarters. Down goes Diablo! Rare Greaves were pretty decent...but these Rare Wyrmhide Boots that were found early were still superior. With that Essence dropping, the 3 toons that have Guardian'd have now found all 4 essences to make 1 token...but they wont share anytime soon...Off to talk to Tyreal and venture to the land of the Barbarians and hunt down Baal....again....


Act 5 started off with a short crafting session of 3 blood gloves...hoping for a hail-mary +2 bow skills gloves...HAHAHA...ya right...all 3 were garbage, but 2/3 sold for 35000 which does help when it comes to reviving he merc. Kaylyn slowly and cautiously made her way through the Bloody Foothills due to there being Fire Archers everywhere! Once she made it to kill Shenk and Eldritch, it was time to run Eldritch for the remainder of Level 81-82...which was like 20 runs or so...nothing good dropped but did gather up some more gold. Freed all the Barbarians in the Highlands, trekked through the Plateau and down into the icy caves. Kaylyn went to save Anya, no souls YES! but the red ball shooting witches may have been worse. Vikhyat the merc could only take like 3-4 hits from them before he would die. So this made it extremely slow to make it to Anya. Kaylyn couldn't use the ice between them, like she did here, to shoot from a distance because they could just shoot back, so it was a lot of dodging and shooting back and forth. Frozenstein was easy and Anya was saved!! Superior Archon Plate found...RIP, so close!! Next up, Nihlathak. Next down, Nihlathak. Useless key drop but kept in the GoMule stash to keep track of who found what throughout their journeys.

Off to the Summit to fight the Ancients...now this was very, very interesting. I have never had this happen in all the years of playing Diablo 2. Like normal, Kaylyn stocked up on potions and dropped numerous amounts up at the summit, along with extra arrows. Re-rolled the ancients quite a few times before she found the right mods to handle the fight. While running around in circles firing 1-2 arrows at a time, ALL the extra potions and arrows on the ground DISAPPEARED!! Now I know if you leave the game running on "pause" or just standing in town items will disappear off the ground, but never while I was playing. So Kaylyn had to be very cautious about when to fire arrows and make them count. She had 422 arrows left with Madawc having half life, Korlic had maybe 10% of his life gone, and Talic having next to nothing missing...Madawc's life was going down in big chunks from Immolation arrow, Korlic's was slowly going down with Immolation, but Talic was fire immune so he was gonna be last. Madawc died with about 50 arrows left in the first quiver....Korlic had less than 50% life now...so it was gonna be close....Korlic dropped with 200 arrows left overall...no pots left at this point and only Talic remained....run run run, hide for mana to regen, then find Talic and let loose Freezing arrows on talic, run run run and repeat....this fight lasted nearly an hour with all the regen needed...with 70 arrows left Talic drops!! Ding level 84! Woo! that was probably the hardest and most strategic ancient fight I've had to do in my entire Diablo playing.

Down into the Worldstone Kaylyn goes. Level 1 was a short map, first leg of the map explored lead to the stairs. Level 2 was fully explored but the WP and stairs end up being right next to each other. Interesting drop in level 2...Ormus Robes, Now realizing that Kaylyn's stash and cube are full, it was a quick Save and Exit to dump things in GoMule to make room for Baal drops or anything else worth keeping. Level 3 was super short, this map layout is perfect for Baal running. If she survives. Cleared out the throne and here come the waves. Freezing Arrows make quick work off all the waves, except Lister...Fire and Cold immune...so he was drug out of the throne and parked at the stairs...off to Baal. Baal decided to clone himself over a dozen times, so that make this fight super long and super annoying with all the appendages spawning. In the end Kaylyn comes out Victorious!!!


Name: Kaylyn
Class: Amazon
Experience: 980530687
Level: 84

Strength: 105/106
Dexterity: 150/189
Vitality: 240/240
Energy: 15/25
HP: 934/1167
Mana: 133/259
Stamina: 385/403
Defense: 37/1167
AR: 720/141591

Fire: 160/120/60
Cold: 144/104/44
Lightning: 160/120/60
Poison: 129/89/29

MF: 16 Block: 25
GF: 0 FR/W: 20
FHR: 25 IAS: 90
FCR: 0

Magic Arrow: 1/1
Fire Arrow: 7/7
Cold Arrow: 20/20
Multiple Shot: 1/1
Exploding Arrow: 18/18
Ice Arrow: 1/1
Guided Arrow: 0/0
Strafe: 0/0
Immolation Arrow: 20/20
Freezing Arrow: 20/20

Inner Sight: 0/0
Critical Strike: 2/2
Dodge: 0/0
Slow Missiles: 0/0
Avoid: 0/0
Penetrate: 2/2
Decoy: 0/0
Evade: 0/0
Valkyrie: 0/0
Pierce: 3/3

Jab: 0/0
Power Strike: 0/0
Poison Javelin: 0/0
Impale: 0/0
Lightning Bolt: 0/0
Charged Strike: 0/0
Plague Javelin: 0/0
Fend: 0/0
Lightning Strike: 0/0
Lightning Fury: 0/0

Lapis Small Charm
Small Charm
Required Level: 10
Fingerprint: 0x5b5ea370
Item Level: 56
Version: Expansion 1.10+
Cold Resist +6%

Coral Small Charm of Good Luck
Small Charm
Required Level: 33
Fingerprint: 0xc84b96f5
Item Level: 61
Version: Expansion 1.10+
Lightning Resist +9%
7% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

Ruby Small Charm of Sustenance
Small Charm
Required Level: 32
Fingerprint: 0xe9a92f52
Item Level: 79
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+13 to Life
Fire Resist +11%

Tome of Identify
Fingerprint: 0xbf0f666c
Item Level: 10
Version: Expansion 1.10+

Horadric Cube
Fingerprint: 0x66f238a3
Item Level: 13
Version: Expansion 1.10+

Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest
Death Mask
Defense: 116
Durability: 19 of 20
Required Level: 66
Required Strength: 55
Fingerprint: 0xacd3b979
Item Level: 72
Version: Expansion 1.10+
10% Mana stolen per hit
10% Life stolen per hit
+45 Defense
+60 to Life
+30 to Mana
All Resistances +15

Prismatic Amulet of Life Everlasting
Required Level: 37
Fingerprint: 0x67532dde
Item Level: 50
Version: Expansion 1.10+
All Resistances +17
Damage Reduced by 23

Dusk Shroud
Defense: 794
Durability: 20 of 20
Required Level: 49
Required Strength: 77
Fingerprint: 0xbb543309
Item Level: 69
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+20% Faster Hit Recovery
+75% Enhanced Defense
+280 Defense vs. Missile
+10 to Energy
All Resistances +50
-1 to Light Radius
Level 6 Weaken (18/18 Charges)
2 Sockets (2 used)
Socketed: Nef Rune
Socketed: Lum Rune

Eagle Hold
Required Level: 21
Fingerprint: 0x353aa114
Item Level: 69
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+1 to Maximum Damage
+14 to Attack Rating
3% Mana stolen per hit
3% Life stolen per hit
+3 to Mana
Lightning Resist +12%

Raven Frost
Required Level: 45
Fingerprint: 0xead13f6d
Item Level: 82
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+168 to Attack Rating
Adds 15 - 45 Cold Damage Over 4 Secs (100 Frames)
+17 to Dexterity
+40 to Mana
Cold Absorb 20%
Cannot Be Frozen

Carrion Blazer
Wyrmhide Boots
Defense: 56
Durability: 12 of 12
Required Level: 45
Required Strength: 50
Fingerprint: 0xace801cb
Item Level: 69
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+20% Faster Run/Walk
+3 to Dexterity
Lightning Resist +27%
Fire Resist +28%
9% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

Viper Fist
Sharkskin Gloves
Defense: 48
Durability: 14 of 14
Required Level: 57
Required Strength: 20
Fingerprint: 0x31ffc434
Item Level: 72
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+20% Increased Attack Speed
2% Life stolen per hit
7% Chance of Crushing Blow
+21% Enhanced Defense
+17 to Life
+6 Maximum Stamina
Fire Resist +9%

Tome of Town Portal
Fingerprint: 0x2bc6639
Item Level: 10
Version: Expansion 1.10+

Emerald Small Charm of Strength
Small Charm
Required Level: 32
Fingerprint: 0xcb83ceac
Item Level: 80
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+1 to Strength
Poison Resist +11%

Fine Small Charm of Burning
Small Charm
Required Level: 24
Fingerprint: 0x657ec4a4
Item Level: 78
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+2 to Maximum Damage
+14 to Attack Rating
Adds 4 - 6 Fire Damage

Sharp Large Charm
Large Charm
Required Level: 21
Fingerprint: 0x26d616fc
Item Level: 49
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+4 to Maximum Damage
+47 to Attack Rating

Fine Small Charm
Small Charm
Required Level: 21
Fingerprint: 0xa7003f98
Item Level: 76
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+3 to Maximum Damage
+14 to Attack Rating

Viridian Small Charm of Balance
Small Charm
Required Level: 29
Fingerprint: 0xc21cc291
Item Level: 58
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+5% Faster Hit Recovery
Poison Resist +6%

Sharkskin Belt
Defense: 106
Durability: 14 of 14
Required Level: 32
Required Strength: 20
Fingerprint: 0x462f1485
Item Level: 59
Version: Expansion 1.10+
Piercing Attack
+10 to Maximum Damage
+147% Enhanced Defense
+15 Defense
+15 to Dexterity
Attacker Takes Damage of (Based on Character Level) 84

Rugged Large Charm of Sustenance
Large Charm
Required Level: 34
Fingerprint: 0x46cc72b0
Item Level: 49
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+25 to Life
+12 Maximum Stamina

Steel Grand Charm
Grand Charm
Required Level: 35
Fingerprint: 0x2a36837a
Item Level: 61
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+116 to Attack Rating

Sapphire Grand Charm of Life
Grand Charm
Required Level: 22
Fingerprint: 0xff787878
Item Level: 65
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+18 to Life
Cold Resist +26%

Stalwart Grand Charm of Vita
Grand Charm
Required Level: 69
Fingerprint: 0x75c9f3e0
Item Level: 81
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+64 Defense
+36 to Life

Fingerprint: 0x4f052895
Item Level: 89
Version: Expansion 1.10+

Fine Grand Charm of Dexterity
Grand Charm
Required Level: 11
Fingerprint: 0x4a80b0f3
Item Level: 49
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+2 to Maximum Damage
+11 to Attack Rating
+4 to Dexterity

Grand Charm of Sustenance
Grand Charm
Required Level: 37
Fingerprint: 0xa5e4bcdf
Item Level: 69
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+30 to Life

Serpent's Grand Charm
Grand Charm
Required Level: 41
Fingerprint: 0xa882875f
Item Level: 81
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+53 to Mana

Grand Charm of Sustenance
Grand Charm
Required Level: 53
Fingerprint: 0x7f501ef9
Item Level: 61
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+34 to Life

Kaylyn's Goldstrike Arch
Gothic Bow
Two Hand Damage: 33 - 165
Durability: 27 of 55
Required Level: 46
Required Strength: 95
Required Dexterity: 118
Fingerprint: 0xe1a553b5
Item Level: 75
Version: Expansion 1.10+
5% Chance to cast level 7 Fist of the Heavens on striking
+70% Increased Attack Speed
231% Enhanced Damage
108% Bonus to Attack Rating
+112% Damage to Demons
+113% Damage to Undead
Replenish Life +12
1 Sockets (1 used)
Socketed: Shael Rune

Fingerprint: 0xe50f39ab
Item Level: 89
Version: Expansion 1.10+


Name: Vikhyat
Race: Desert Mercenary
Type: Off-Normal
Experience: 65514286
Level: 83
Dead?: false

Strength: 187/202
Dexterity: 151/156
HP: 1750/1776
Defense: 1288/2028
AR: 1952/443104

Fire: 190/150/90
Cold: 175/135/75
Lightning: 175/135/75
Poison: 175/135/75

Chromatic Circlet of the Tiger
Defense: 23
Durability: 35 of 35
Required Level: 43
Fingerprint: 0xb0a04ae7
Item Level: 54
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+26 to Life
All Resistances +25

Sharktooth Armor
Defense: 717
Durability: 28 of 63
Required Level: 48
Required Strength: 103
Fingerprint: 0x90f11b82
Item Level: 75
Version: Expansion 1.10+
40% Chance of Open Wounds
+161% Enhanced Defense
+42 Defense
+10 to Strength
Fire Resist +15%
Attacker Takes Damage of 23
+15 Maximum Durability

Giant Thresher
Two Hand Damage: 143 - 383
Durability: 44 of 55
Required Level: 66
Required Strength: 188
Required Dexterity: 140
Fingerprint: 0x7b02cc1e
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
Level 17 Meditation Aura When Equipped
+35% Faster Cast Rate
236% Enhanced Damage
+9 to Minimum Damage
226% Bonus to Attack Rating
Adds 5 - 30 Fire Damage
Adds 75 Poison Damage Over 5 Secs (125 Frames)
+4 to Critical Strike
All Stats +5
+2 to Mana after each Kill
23% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
4 Sockets (4 used)
Socketed: Ral Rune
Socketed: Tir Rune
Socketed: Tal Rune
Socketed: Sol Rune

Only 2 toons left to try and make it. Riddick the Bonemancer and Braveheart the Frenzy Barb...Flip a coin on who to play next?? IDK...Won't play either til after the MFO though. Until next time. Stay Safe. Enjoy Diablo 2!