Hirings for Diablo IV


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Apr 18, 2020
This is a continuation of this thread on the old forum.

Diablo IV hiring is continuously high. Out of 37 currently open Diablo jobs in total, 30 are explicitly for Diablo IV. There are 11 open positions for artists alone.

Just looking at the amount of job ads that have gone up over the last months and years it's obvious that D IV is a massive project.

The full list is available here.
Thanks for bringing this over. I wonder if they are further along than we think if more QA people are being brought in?
Some of the jobs are definitely getting filled but there are a few senior roles they seem to be struggling with. I get the feeling that the programming side of the game is going well since they are doing QA now and that there have not been many jobs in that area offered recently. The jobs in art and animation appear to be expanding though.
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Maybe somewhat related to this, I'm maintaining a Twitter List of all Diablo IV team members and related accounts like Life at Blizzard and the Diablo account (currently 29 in total) here: https://twitter.com/i/lists/1204888481287299073

My evil plan was to pick up on some scoop (reasonably mild of course) but they're sitting darn tight on even concept art and sketches! ;)

I did see a work at home setup from one on the Diablo IV team though and someone's wolf (!) greeting people at the Blizzard HQ entrance!

Otherwise, from my sleuthing I can only conclude that if Diablo IV is delayed it is solely due to them playing too much Animal Crossing. Don't believe them about Covid-19 excuses. It's all Animal Crossing!
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David Kim has moved on from Diablo 4 to World of Warcraft. Not sure why he has jumped projects. That's 3 years he was on D4. Rhykker did a great job uncovering this recently including a likely replacement for David. Apparently 3 or so people have left D4 in the projects lifespan too which is probably expected considering its been ongoing for quite a while.

Here is a tidbit of opinionated news from wccftech - Activision Blizzard Needs to Hire 2000 After Mass Layoffs – The Cycle Begins Anew. It's a pretty interesting read. Recipe for success is as follows: don't keep staff on for too long, this way you will always have an excuse for paying them less if most of your worker bee's are always new. Keep the wages down and profits up.

(From the article)
"The cycle? Well, in the recent earnings call made alongside the publishing of recent results, it was stated that the company will be focusing on their six core franchises. These are Call of Duty, Candy Crush, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Diablo and Overwatch. Call of Duty is going strong on an annualised bases but can all of these titles survive the Activision Blizzard cycle? Which will be the next Skylanders or Guitar Hero?"
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28 open jobs currently for Diablo IV, pretty similar ones to what we've seen before.

Notable: D:I only has a single job opening atm and it is a temp job. Release maybe imminent?
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