[HC]BrianTribute, a Werewolf journey [in progress]


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Mar 13, 2020
BrianTribute started his life as a Random Tournament runner, but getting no attacking skill he had to tap out vs Duriel. A S&E freed him from his limitations, will now continue twinked, as a Werewolf still!

Some knows why

Forever skills:
Poison Creeper => Raven
Lycanthropy (locked from Normal skills)

Normal Skills:
Heart of the Wolverine
Oak Sage

Bone Helm
Light Armor
Buckler => Bone Shield
Leather Gloves
Heavy Boots
Wolf Head

2-H Sword => Crystal Sword
Giant Sword

Well for normal he will be played as Werebear, as those skills are just real crap. I kept Armageddon for fun, I may put some points in by Act 4/5 Normal - if I ever get there.

The only hope is having a crazy Hell random roll including Fury (if Normal and Nightmare are conquered), and/or forget about SP, this will be so item dependent..!
The session reports
Act 1 Normal
Here is his first session run, to the Stony field!
The second one made him grab the Outer cloister waypoint, clearing everything up to the Black Marsh...mallow.
Afterwards, multiple short sessions brought Brian to clean everything up to the catacombs waypoint.
Then it was time to clean the catacombs 3 and cut Andy's head off.

Act 2 Normal
Start of act 2 is in the same post that the end of act 1... see previous link :)
Reclaiming the Staff session, followed by the segment until the beginning of the Arcane Sanctuary.
Radament's skillbook taken, Arcane Sanctuary not cleared but Summoner killed, ended at Canyon's waypoint.
Duriel fight made him tap out and leave the tournament on a S&E. Will have to defeat him twinked, with a respec to get attacking skill... But will stay a Werewolf druid!

Twinked career
To be written!
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Mar 13, 2020
Finding early weapons
Based upon Silospen drop calculator, it seems that in Act 1 I can only get Crystal swords, and have to wait for Act 3 for Giant swords and Poleaxes (from regular monsters at least).

However, based upon this reddit post that seems to be valid for D2, the latter ones could be gambled at clvl 21 (the first one at clvl 11, I may try to gamble one on next session just to accelerate things vs the starter club)...

Crafting recipes

Savage Polearm Class Weapon:
1 Diamond + 1 Staff + 1 Kris + 1 Belt
  • ivl = 50.
  • Creates a polearm class weapon
    with the Savage prefix
    (66-80% Enhanced Damage).
  • May spawn with a random suffix
    as well.
  • The polearm type will randomly
    choose from a Bardiche, Battle Scythe,
    Bill, Halberd, Lochaber Axe, Partizan,
    Poleaxe, Scythe, Voulge, or War Scythe.

Blood Belt
Magical Belt
or Mesh Belt (Excep)
or Mithril Coil (Elite)
+ Jewel (any)
+ Tal Rune (#7)
+ Perfect Ruby
Blood Belt
Preset Mods:
1-3% Life Leech
+10-20 Hit Points
Open Wounds 5-10%

Caster Gloves
Magical Leather Gloves
or Demonhide Gloves (Excep)
or Bramble Mitts (Elite)
+ Jewel (any)
+ Ort Rune (#9)
+ Perfect Amethyst
Caster Gloves
Preset Mods:
+4-10% Faster Mana Regen
+10-20 Mana
+1-3 Mana Per Kill
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Mar 13, 2020
🔥 Praying Altar 🔥
Vampire gaze
Laying of hands
Sandstorm treks/Waterwalk

Tomb reaver