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Treasure Classes 63-90

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The information on this page is from v1.09, and is not accurate for v1.10 or v1.11. Refer to the v1.10 TC page for current Treasure Class listings. The Item Generation Tutorial article explains everything about item drops in tremendous detail.

Armor 63

Item Odds Unique Set
Chaos Armor (Qlvl 61) 3/20 Black Hades (Qlvl 61) Trang Oul's Scales (Qlvl 32)
Luna (Qlvl 61) 3/20 Blackoak Shield (Qlvl 67) None
Spiderweb Sash (Qlvl 61) 3/20 None None
Boneweave (Qlvl 62) 3/20 None None
Blood Spirit Druid-only (Qlvl 62) 1/20 None None
Hydraskull (Qlvl 63) 3/20 None None
Sacred Targe Pal-only (Qlvl 63) 1/20 None None
Vampirebone Gloves (Qlvl 63) 3/20 None None

Weapon 63

Item Odds Unique Set
Ataghan (Qlvl 61) 3/22 None None
Small Crescent (Qlvl 61) 3/22 None None
Matriarchal Spear Ama-only (Qlvl 61) 1/22 None None
Stygian Pilum (Qlvl 62) 3/22 None None
Mighty Scepter (Qlvl 62) 1/22 None None
Wrist Sword Asn-only (Qlvl 62) 2/22 None None
Shadow Bow (Qlvl 63) 3/22 None None
Reinforced Mace (Qlvl 63) 3/22 None Dangoon's Teaching (Qlvl 55)
Elegant Blade (Qlvl 63) 3/22 None None

Armor 66

Griswold's Armor is an Exceptional item, but it's actually less common than a number of Elites, such as Harlequin Crest and Laying of Hands, since they occur so much lower in TCs. There is a lot of overlap of higher level Exceps and lower level Elites.

Item Odds Unique Set
Ornate Armor (Qlvl 64) 3/14 Corpsemourn (Qlvl 63) Griswold's Heart (Qlvl 44)
Hyperion (Qlvl 64) 3/14 None None
Dusk Shroud (Qlvl 65) 3/14 None Dark Adherent (Qlvl 39)
Scarabshell Boots (Qlvl 66) 3/14 None None
Overseer Skull Necro-only (Qlvl 66) 1/14 None None
Fury Visor Barb-only (Qlvl 66) 1/14 None None

Weapon 66

Item Odds Unique Set
Colossus Voulge (Qlvl 64) 3/18 None None
Flying Knife (Qlvl 64) 3/18 None None
Silver-Edged Axe (Qlvl 65) 3/18 None None
Matriarchal Javelin Ama-only (Qlvl 65) 1/18 None None
Ghost Wand (Qlvl 65) 1/18 None None
Stygian Pike (Qlvl 66) 3/18 None None
Stalagmite (Qlvl 66) 1/18 None None
Highland Blade (Qlvl 66) 3/18 None None

Armor 69

Item Odds Unique Set
Hellspawn Skull Necro-only (Qlvl 67) 1/20 None None
Wyrmhide (Qlvl 67) 3/20 None None
Blade Barrier (Qlvl 68) 3/20 None None
Vampirefang Belt (Qlvl 68) 3/20 Nosferatu's Coil (Qlvl 59) None
Armet (Qlvl 68) 3/20 None None
Scarab Husk (Qlvl 68) 3/20 None None
Vambraces (Qlvl 69) 3/20 None None
Sun Spirit Druid-only (Qlvl 69) 1/20 None None

Weapon 69

The IK Maul is quite commonly found from Hell Meph, and this is why. The TC is pretty high, but you've got a 20% chance of an Ogre Maul once you get this TC picked.

Item Odds Unique Set
Eldritch Orb Sorc-only (Qlvl 67) 1/15 None None
Gorgon Crossbow (Qlvl 67) 3/15 None None
Great Bow (Qlvl 68) 3/15 None None
War Fist Asn-only (Qlvl 68) 2/15 None None
Ogre Maul (Qlvl 69) 3/15 None I. King's Stone Crusher (Qlvl 37)
Hydra Edge (Qlvl 69) 3/15 None None

Armor 72

Item Odds Unique Set
Sacred Rondache Pal-only (Qlvl 70) 1/16 None None
Tiara (Qlvl 70) 3/16 None None
Wire Fleece (Qlvl 70) 3/16 Gladiator's Bane (Qlvl 85) None
Monarch (Qlvl 72) 3/16 Stormshield (Qlvl 77) None
Diamond Mail (Qlvl 72) 3/16 None None
Boneweave Boots (Qlvl 72) 3/16 None None

Weapon 72

Item Odds Unique Set
Devil Star (Qlvl 70) 1/7 Baranar's Star (Qlvl 70) None
Ettin Axe (Qlvl 70) 1/7 None None
Mithral Point (Qlvl 70) 1/7 None None
Thresher (Qlvl 71) 1/7 None None
Balrog Blade (Qlvl 71) 1/7 None None
Balrog Spear (Qlvl 71) 1/7 None None
Diamond Bow (Qlvl 72) 1/7 None None

Armor 75

Item Odds Unique Set
Destroyer Helm Barb-only (Qlvl 73) 1/14 None None
Loricated Mail (Qlvl 73) 3/14 None Natalya's Shadow (Qlvl 22)
Kurast Shield Pal-only (Qlvl 74) 1/14 None None
Demonhead (Qlvl 74) 3/14 None None
Great Hauberk (Qlvl 75) 3/14 None None
Mithril Coil (Qlvl 75) 3/14 None Credendum (Qlvl 39)

Weapon 75

Item Odds Unique Set
Battle Cestus Asn-only (Qlvl 73) 2/17 None None
Decapitator (Qlvl 73) 3/17 Hellslayer (Qlvl 73) None
Phase Blade (Qlvl 73) 3/17 Lightsabre (Qlvl 73) None
Elder Staff (Qlvl 74) 1/17 None Naj's Puzzler (Qlvl 43)
Mancatcher (Qlvl 74) 3/17 None None
Lich Wand (Qlvl 75) 1/17 None None
Demon Heart Sorc-only (Qlvl 75) 1/17 None None
Colossus Crossbow (Qlvl 75) 3/17 None None

Armor 78

This is the highest TC Hell Mephisto can drop, so it's possible to get Arkaine's, Eaglehorn, and Doombringer from him, but the odds of seeing anything (much less a Unique) from this TC is very very low.

Item Odds Unique Set
Earth Spirit Druid-only (Qlvl 76) 1/13 None None
Balrog Skin (Qlvl 76) 3/13 Arkaine's Valor (Qlvl 85) Sazabi's Ghost Liberator (Qlvl 34)
Crusader Gauntlets (Qlvl 76) 3/13 None None
Troll Nest (Qlvl 76) 3/13 None None
Hellforged Plate (Qlvl 78) 3/13 None Naj's Light Plate (Qlvl 43)

Weapon 78

Item Odds Unique Set
Scourge (Qlvl 76) 3/19 None None
Seraph Rod (Qlvl 76) 1/19 None None
Winged Knife (Qlvl 77) 3/19 None None
Crusader Bow (Qlvl 77) 3/19 Eaglehorn (Qlvl 77) None
Champion Sword (Qlvl 77) 3/19 Doombringer (Qlvl 77) None
Grand Matron Bow Ama-only (Qlvl 78) 1/19 None M'avina's Caster (Qlvl 21)
Feral Claws Asn-only (Qlvl 78) 2/19 None None
Conquest Sword (Qlvl 78) 3/19 None None

Armor 81

The Veil of Steel is the highest Qlvl Unique Armor in the game, and probably the hardest Unique Armor to find, since there aren't any Uniques in Armor 84, 87, or 90, though there are plenty of Sets.

Item Odds Unique Set
Aegis (Qlvl 79) 3/14 None None
Spired Helm (Qlvl 79) 3/14 Veil of Steel (Qlvl 77) Ondal's Almighty (Qlvl 55)
Conquerer Crown Barb-only (Qlvl 80) 1/14 None None
Mirrored Boots (Qlvl 81) 3/14 None None
Kraken Shell (Qlvl 81) 3/14 None M'avina's Embrace (Qlvl 21)
Succubae Skull Necro-only (Qlvl 81) 1/14 None None

Weapon 81

It's the most boring TC in the game!

Item Odds Unique Set
Cryptic Axe (Qlvl 79) 1/7 None None
Ghost Glaive (Qlvl 79) 1/7 None None
War Spike (Qlvl 79) 1/7 None None
Ward Bow (Qlvl 80) 1/7 None None
Colossal Sword (Qlvl 80) 1/7 None None
Winged Axe (Qlvl 80) 1/7 None None
Runic Talons Asn-only (Qlvl 81) 2/21 None None
Matriarchal Pike Ama-only (Qlvl 81) 1/21 None None

Armor 84

The Pal-only Zakarum Shield causes by far the most emails of any item in the game. People are constantly mailing to say they found the Herald of Zakarum from Hell Meph, not realizing that it's a Gilded Shield from Armor 51, and that the Zakarum Shield in Armor 84 is about 50x scarcer, and has no connection at all to the Unique Paladin Shield other than sharing part of the name. Blame the Bliz item-naming department for the confusion.

Item Odds Unique Set
Lacquered Plate (Qlvl 82) 3/17 None Tal Rasha's Guardianship (Qlvl 26)
Troll Belt (Qlvl 82) 3/17 None Trang Oul's Girth (Qlvl 32)
Zakarum Shield Pal-only (Qlvl 82) 1/17 None (The Herald of
is a Gilded
Shield in Armor 51.)
Sky Spirit Druid-only (Qlvl 83) 1/17 None None
Bone Visage (Qlvl 84) 3/17 None Trang Oul's Grim Visage (Qlvl 32)
Archon Plate (Qlvl 84) 3/17 None None
Ward (Qlvl 84) 3/17 None Heaven's Taebaek (Qlvl 55)

Weapon 84

Item Odds Unique Set
Champion Axe (Qlvl 82) 3/23 Messerschmidt's Reaver (Qlvl 82) None
Cryptic Sword (Qlvl 82) 3/23 None Sazabi's Cobalt Redeemer (Qlvl 34)
Legendary Mallet (Qlvl 82) 3/23 Schaeffer's Hammer (Qlvl 83) None
Fanged Knife (Qlvl 83) 3/23 None None
Ghost Spear (Qlvl 83) 3/23 None None
Shillelagh (Qlvl 83) 1/23 None None
Vortex Orb Sorc-only (Qlvl 84) 1/23 None None
Great Poleaxe (Qlvl 84) 3/23 None None
Demon Crossbow (Qlvl 84) 3/23 None None

Treasure Class 87

Can not drop: Mephisto, Shenk, Eldritch, Cow King.
Can drop: Hell Bovines, Diablo, Baal, Nihlathak, Pindleskin, Snapchip Shatter, Frozenstein, Thresh Socket, Baal's Minions (all five SuperUniques).

Armor 87

By Armor 87 you are getting into the very scarce items, and these sets are extremely hard to find, with Hell Baal or Pindleskin the most common places to hunt them.

Item Odds Unique Set
Shadow Plate (Qlvl 85) 3/14 None Aldur's Deception (Qlvl 29)
Ogre Gauntlets (Qlvl 86) 3/14 None None
Diadem (Qlvl 86) 3/14 None M'avina's True Sight (Qlvl 21)
Myrmidon Greaves (Qlvl 87) 3/14 None None
Guardian Crown Barb-only (Qlvl 87) 1/14 None None
Bloodlord Skull Necro-only (Qlvl 87) 1/14 None None

Weapon 87

The Cranium Basher's Qlvl being over 90 makes it exponentially harder to find, since no normal monster can possibly drop it, just bosses of a few Act 5 monsters, as well as Baal and a number of SuperUniques. Every monster in Act 4 and 5 Hell is Mlvl 90, but even if they can drop from this TC, they can't drop a Unique that's got a Qlvl higher than their Mlvl.

The odds per item aren't bad, and there are a bunch of great Set and Unique items, it's just so seldom that this TC is picked.

Item Odds Unique Set
Colossus Blade (Qlvl 85) 1/6 The Grandfather (Qlvl 85) Bul Kathos' Sacred Charge (Qlvl 50)
Hydra Bow (Qlvl 85) 1/6 Windforce (Qlvl 85) None
Unearthed Wand (Qlvl 86) 1/18 None None
Berserker Axe (Qlvl 86) 1/6 None None
Scissors Suwayyah Asn-only (Qlvl 86) 1/9 None Natalya's Mark (Qlvl 22)
Winged Harpoon (Qlvl 87) 1/6 None None
Thunder Maul (Qlvl 87) 1/6 The Cranium Basher (Qlvl 91) None

Armor 90

Extremely rare items, and this is why Griswold's is by far the hardest set to complete, with two items in this set, and the scepter in =Weapon 90. You can do Pindleskin runs all day and never get a single item from this TC, much less one of them in Set form. MF doesn't help unless you get lucky and roll the item in the first place.

Item Odds Unique Set
Sacred Armor (Qlvl 88) 3/11 None Immortal King's Soul Cage (Qlvl 37)
Colossus Girdle (Qlvl 89) 3/11 None None
Corona (Qlvl 89) 3/11 None Griswold's Valor (Qlvl 44)
Vortex Shield Pal-only (Qlvl 89) 1/11 None Griswold's Honor (Qlvl 44)
Dream Spirit Druid-only (Qlvl 89) 1/11 None None

Weapon 90

Stormspire is the rarest Unique in the game, due to it being in Weapon 90. Griswold's Redemption is probably the rarest Set item and it's even rarer than Stormspire, since it's got the Class-Specific 1/3 drop rate.

Item Odds Unique Set
Caduceus (Qlvl 88) 1/18 None Griswold's Redemption (Qlvl 44)
Glorious Axe (Qlvl 88) 3/18 None None
Legend Spike (Qlvl 88) 3/18 None None
Mythical Sword (Qlvl 88) 3/18 None Bul Kathos' Tribal Guardian (Qlvl 50)
Dimensional Shard Sorc-only (Qlvl 89) 1/18 None None
Archon Staff (Qlvl 89) 1/18 None None
Giant Thresher (Qlvl 89) 3/18 Stormspire (Qlvl 89) None
War Pike (Qlvl 89) 3/18 None None