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Skillers are grand charms with +1 to a skill tree as their prefix. These are amongst the most sought after charms in the game, and have a great deal of utility and trading value, especially if they spawn with a good suffix.

+1 to Skill Tree
Fletcher's+1 Amazon Bow and Crossbow SkillsGrand Charms(50)
Acrobat's+1 Amazon Passive SkillsGrand Charms(50)
Harpoonist's+1 Amazon Javelin and Spear SkillsGrand Charms(50)
Burning+1 Sorceress Fire SkillsGrand Charms(50)
Sparking+1 Sorceress Lightning SkillsGrand Charms(50)
Chilling+1 Sorceress Cold SkillsGrand Charms(50)
Hexing+1 Necromancer CursesGrand Charms(50)
Fungal+1 Necromancer Poison and Bone SpellsGrand Charms(50)
Graverobber's+1 Necromancer Summoning SpellsGrand Charms(50)
Lion Branded+1 Paladin Combat SkillsGrand Charms(50)
Captain's+1 Paladin Offensive AurasGrand Charms(50)
Preserver's+1 Paladin Defensive AurasGrand Charms(50)
Sounding+1 Barbarian WarcriesGrand Charms(50)
Fanatic+1 Barbarian Combat MasteriesGrand Charms(50)
Expert's+1 Barbarian MasteriesGrand Charms(50)
Trainer's+1 Druid SummoningGrand Charms(50)
Spiritual+1 Druid ShapeshiftingGrand Charms(50)
Nature's+1 Druid ElementalGrand Charms(50)
Entrapping+1 Assassin TrapsGrand Charms(50)
Mentalist's+1 Assassin Shadow DisciplinesGrand Charms(50)
Shogukusha's+1 Assassin Martial ArtsGrand Charms(50)