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Question Thinking of returning to D2 (thank you D4) - Qs for the community


Sep 18, 2006
After a super long absence I am considering getting D2R, but have no idea on the current situation. Obviously some are playing, but what are the Bnet games like now?

  1. Last I played pre-2010 there were tons of Baal runs (bots), do they still exist?
    1. How do people level now? I started when it was just Cow games only.
  2. I also remember SPAM bots would enter every public game, are they still around?
  3. Are people playing in public games? Is it lively or is it dead? Last I had opened D3, omg was it dead. Game after game, night after night, I kept seeing the same people. It was like as if there was only 20 people left playing. Last before that was 2019, and then I got bored after few weeks because it seemed so dead.
  4. Last I played, I use to do key runs to either trade keys, PGEMs, or sometimes UNID Torches. That still a thing?
  5. Is Dclone still around? Still spawned by the selling of SOJs?
  6. Finally, have they added any type of events or activities of post-end game nature? I saw some comment somewhere that made me think there was periodic or random events at certain locations. If anyone could share some info that would be great?
Long story short I had neglected my D2 account and found ALL characters were retired. I was angry enough that I just had no energy or desire to start all over again. Fast forward and I find D3 to be not for me, and now I despise D4. So after 3 weeks of D4, I am considering getting back into D2.
Everything is pretty much the same with Dclone etc but there are Terror Zones...

I have been on D4 mainly recently so can't comment on Spam bots. If you've not played in ages then I would give it a go. D2R is rather nice.
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