Something wrong with accessing threads

In The Name of Zod

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Jul 13, 2007
I am getting Page not found error when trying to access the Diablo 2 Remastered rumors resurface thread. Anyone else or is it just me?
I've been getting sporadic error pages when accessing the site as a whole.

I assume it's just glitches, perhaps linked to work being done at the back-end.
anything that points to diabloverse seems borked. purediablo links work.
Diabloverse links will likely be b0rked. I will check that though see if I can get a workaround as the domain is not being used now.
I'll change my bookmark.
I have made it 301 redirect now to purediablo so it should no longer be a problem.
Along the lines of accessing threads, i had a thought of bring this here. It would be an undertaking in my spare time and I'd have to manually go find the links for the various guides that are linked there.
There is a load of guided the community has moved over so best check it's not been moved. There was a LOT!
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