Server Move Happening Soon - Important Notice


Staff member
Mar 12, 2020
We wanted to let everyone know that we will be moving to a new server sometime in the next week. As traffic has increased, the hosting option we were on won't cut it for much longer and we need to start thinking ahead.

Both Elly and I have bitten the bullet and decided that in order to provide stable access during busier periods, it's worth the investment over the next 12 months. Our current contract would be up in a month or so and therefore it makes sense to do it now to limit/prevent downtime.

PureDiablo will be the first section to move as it's the core to all the other sections such as PureCyberpunk, VGAssist, and the PureDMG forum.

As regular readers will know, we have done this many times over the years. and although we're pretty good at minimising any disruption, the odd gremlin can pop up. With any luck that won't happen.

Both Elly and I would like to thank all the PurePremium members for their contributions this year, it helps make upgrades like this possible. Over time we'll hopefully recoup the costs but we feel it's necessary to keep service we provide the community stable.

We expect the work to start in a few days but we'll keep you updated as we progress with the migration.

Thanks again!

Elly & Rush