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Memories of past Blizzcons.

I can't even remember when I was last at BlizzCon. I was at the first couple I think and have not been back since. With no Diablo stuff for a long time, it seemed a bit pointless to go.
I remember mostly the press rooms, partly because I had to update but also because they laid on a free buffet. FREE! I think that's where I got my taste for cinnamon buns which aren't really a thing over here. Exotic!

One year I remember meeting up with some forum members on our WoW site and going for dinner and they were really quiet and shy and not very 'drinkie' so we had to rein ourselves in a bit.
I wish I went to blizzcon, its something Ive always wanted to go to, but seeing how their treatment towards Diablo through the years has been slacking kinda glad I didn't.
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