Matriarch Breatheress(4 of 7)


Jun 24, 2003
Matriarch Breatheress(4 of 7)

Hello ladies and gents, and whatever we consider Liq to be. I bring you another character, a matriarch, one for my BotD Sept, number 4 of 7 in fact. I'm honestly glad this character is over.
#1 Breathadin
#2 Breatharian
#3 Breathazon

Fire Skills
Lightning Skills
Cold Skills (None)

BotD Zerker (Check previous threads for stats on it)
Vampire Gaze [Ort] (6% ml/7% ll/18% dr/13 mdr)
Nosferatu's Coil
Sandstorm Trek
Angelic Wings
Angelic Halo
Ravenfrost(20 dex/152 ar)
Weapon Switch:
'Memory' Elder Staff (+9 ES)

Other Gear:
Ormus' Robes(+3 ES)
Stone of Jordan
Mara's Kaleidoscope
Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band
Harlequin Crest

+261 Life
+97 Mana
+33 Maximum Damage
+260 Attack Rating
+33 Resist All
+47% FHR
+7% FRW
+5% Lightning Resist
+5% Fire Resist
+11% Cold Resist
+1-19 Lightning Damage

Raissa - Act 1 Fire Rogue
Witchwild String[ShaelShael](Upgraded)
Iron Pelt[Sol] (24 dr/10 mdr)
Crown of Theives

Oh god. Dash is still playing D2?
Why yes, yes I am. Some of you might have seen me in a few MP Baals, I was just getting warmed up to play a real character for once, or at least I thought so.

So how was it?
Horrible. I must honestly say that I would've preferred going with a faster weapon, possibly a passion PB for zeal, and maybe even a few other things just to make it go a little faster. It wasn't hard. Just horrendously slow and boring.

Wait, an Act 1 Mercenary?
Quite. While my attack rating was in the 8000's, I figured it would be nice to have something around that could help me hit things more. How does an Act 1 mercenary do that? Why Inner Sight of course! At level 80 she was casting a level 26 Inner Sight, pushing monster defense down by a whopping -1255 points. That's quite a lot of defense for most monsters. That with an almost 9000 Attack Rating meant I didn't spend too much time missing, keeping me leeching and everything.

So it was an ES Sorc? But how? You only have 700 mana!
Indeed. She buffed up to a level 22 Energy Shield, which was 77% Absorb rate and was just fine. She used mana for two things. Teleport and Static Field. The latter was only used for bosses or high HP champion monsters, and the former was used to just reposition myself and the merc. So I didn't have to worry about low mana for casting spells. Sure it got drained a little "faster", but quaffing a mana potion now and again took care of that.

But what about mana burners?
What about them? They drain sorcs with a hell of a lot more mana than I had. I didn't need mana for spells. I let my ES go down and I killed them off and buffed later. To be honest I only buffed the level 22 ES when I went to town for something, if it went down after that I just kept the memory on switch and put a lower level one up as a nice tasty damage buffer.

Why so horrible then?
The sorceress wasn't low on equipment. She had enough FHR to reach the 6 frame breakpoint, Stormshield automatically gets to the 6 frame block rate, her HP was probably a bit low, but with ES it made it like she had a second life bulb, really. She swung at 11 frames, which was slow, but her damage was fine. She didn't need to worry about having mana regen from insight becuase with 7% mana leech on BotD and 6% mana leech on Vamp Gaze, she was eating back a good amount of mana with each hit, and her life leech wasn't too shabby either, coming in at a nice 26%. She didn't die EASY, but...

But what?
Elemental attackers, and skeletal mages were the bane of this build. Elemental damage ate through her low HP since it sliced through energy shield, and her maxed resistances were reliant upon Fade being active from Treachary, which it wasn't always up. Her fire resistance was bad as well, Venom Lords were very difficult to deal with in act 4 and the last of act 5. Most things spitting fire, like hydras, also ate through her HP. I equipped a Laying of Hands at these times to try and deal with it better, but it only helped so much.

Hey, I notice your formatting is a bit similar to Liq's threads, but it's lacking the witty randomness and humor!
Your mom is lacking.

Okay but seriously. While the sorceress suffered very few deaths(most of them due to bad teleporting decisions) and was overall safe, I don't think I would build a melee sorceress without some kind of plan in mind. I'd most likely go with using enchant from Demon Limb so I could put up a higher level ES right off the bat, and maybe plan my equipment a bit better. I went into hell with random things equipped and had to wait until I got stormshield and a few other items together to actually outfit her so she could survive.

I only had a couple of difficult fights. But sometimes the monsters just stood there and got what was coming to them. (No really, for some reason, Thresh just stood there and didn't attack once, had something to do with the little torch thing between us.)

The Ancients were about as boring as this screenshot. Held down the mouse and had them in that little corner. Mercenary stood to the side plinking arrows while I smacked at them with my axe. Had to drink a few potions to keep energy shield going, but it probably wasn't necessary.

My hellforges were looking promising in Nightmare, but come Hell, it just decided to take a crap in my face.

With the way Venom Lord type enemies were bothering me, I was worried about lister, but he turned out to be a puppy. A puppy I had to draw him and his minions out one or two at a time and kill off at my leisure, but he didn't spawn physical immune so it wasn't a horrible fight. And the fight with Baal was boring itself.

At least I got to see some fun numbers with combat shrines along the way.

The character probably would've shined a bit more if I went into it with a plan, but instead I just started up a character and levelled her all willy-nilly. Next up will probably be a druid or a necromancer, whichever I feel like will be more fun(Probably the necromancer)

Oh well. Kind of a lame writeup, but I'm tired. I suppose one good thing about this sorceress was the fact that she couldn't handle being completely surrounded very well, and it taught me how to find choke points in wide open spaces like in most of Act 4 or the Canyon of the Magi. Sometimes it turned out being backed into a corner was a hell of a lot better strategy than running around an unexplored area to wake up even more monsters, even if it meant sacrificing a few potions and risking having ES be broken down or being put near death. There was SOME fun in the parts where I had to do a little thinking, but otherwise it was a very boring hold down the mouse button and go. At least the necro will be more involved with curses and such, even though he'll be attacking at worse speeds than the sorc.

Any questions? Comments? GGs?
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No really, good but expensive.

I'm interested on what you are planning for dr00d. I've done 1H weapon fury wolf which was fine for me (I was only using upped fleshrender).
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Gratz on the Mat. That's a sick weapon, but I think I would of gotten real bored real fast doing a single attack all the way through the game.
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A fine exercise in patience, 'Dash. Congratulations!

Edit: Wait, hold on, you started the sept three and a half years ago, and just finished number four? At this rate, you'll barely get number six finished by the time the 1.13 patch comes out! :thumbsup:
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I suspect you know this, but InnerSight works on a monster's base defense, before any other adjustments (Stoneskin, Shout, etc.) are made. Since most monsters have from 1-3k defense, the rogue should've been really great for your chance to hit.

Nice Mat, though I understand it wouldn't be the most fun build. Single-target melee is like that, IMO.
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I suspect you know this, but InnerSight works on a monster's base defense, before any other adjustments (Stoneskin, Shout, etc.) are made. Since most monsters have from 1-3k defense, the rogue should've been really great for your chance to hit.

Nice Mat, though I understand it wouldn't be the most fun build. Single-target melee is like that, IMO.

Yes. I realize this. It's the main reason I used a rogue for the inner sight. And the same reason I used inner sight on my tankazon instead of penetrate.

Also, my tankazon was more fun than this, but I had a plan for her, I didn't have much of a plan for the sorc, so it was kind of odd trying to figure out where to put points.

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Congratulations Dashy on #4 of 7.
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The Necromancer should be fun, now that I think about it, considering you can synergize the Poison Novas.

I thought about that, but the poison nova is only on kill, and it seems like an impractical use of points. I figure I'm going to go with curses and a beefed up iron golem (No, not made out of the BotD :rolleyes: ) that I'll probably make out of some cheap runewords and various ethereal items I have in my stash. Either way it'll be nice to step back, cast a curse or two, reposition a golem, or just do something other than normal attack for a while. Even if it's just a short couple of curses.

But the druid is going to be pretty lame as well, so I might wanna get that out of the damn way.

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Love the Thresh-tactic. :D

Nice one. (GG)
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Irrelevant question, but while looking through your Breathazon, you basically said your high D/E/A was awesome; didn't you find the whiffing annoying?

Also, +1 looking forward to next pat.

Not really. If you kept yourself positioned properly you weren't getting hit enough for it to be much of a huge problem. And if she did get surrounded too much, she wouldn't die before the mercenary cleared out a little path that she could retreat and reposition with.

She was nigh invincible. It was pretty nice. The sorceress was slightly less invincible, but if I had actually gone into it with a different approach, that might've changed slightly.

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Masterfully done, n00b. I’d throw further congratulatory GGs your way, but this thread is lacking some serious witty randomness and humor. Trying to dazzle us with actual in-game accounts of the character play and a variety of applicable screenshots? P-shaw. If you listen closely to the needs of the people, you’ll hear them whisper…“Moar pwn.â€

But the druid is going to be pretty lame as well, so I might wanna get that out of the damn way.
Any character wielding a “BotD†is innately lame so I’d definitely create some lvl one filler characters to act as a buffer on the Character Select Screen so the lameness didn’t spread to any others by way of proximity—a makeshift quarantine of sorts. A Werebear using that laughable axe would be too slow (though it would definitely feel like a greased space shuttle after trudging through the game with your last build), but a Werewolf would net a pretty speedy 5 fpa Fury. Maybe make use of Lance Guard for some stylin’ Deadly and try your hardest not to n00b it up. Good luck n00b.
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Yeah I figure Lance Guard, Guillaume's, Highlord's and Gore Rider would net ~75-80% DS, which just leaves pumping HoW for more damage, dump spare points into vit for silly amounts of life, and just hold down the right mouse button until things have fallen over.

And Fortitude would be nice to put on as well.
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