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Expendable The Barbarians' Journey!


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Nov 28, 2020
So I was going to just screenshot his journey and share at the end but I've come to realize that would be a bazillion screenshots and would be a pain to get it all organized at the end.... So I decided I'm going to set spoilers to minimize the screenshots and just update this as I get 40~ or so screensshots, maybe more, maybe less. :D

But regardless.... Basically why I'm starting this journey (no, my assassin hasn't died lol!) I just got a new laptop and I'm away for work a lot, I wanted to see if I could actually make a real potential grailing horker over time. So I did some research, decided to give it a go again.... I've tried barbs a few times but I always get far too aggressive, in this instance, I'm just playing him when I'm bored or have time at work and I've had a lot of time over the last two days as we are on standby....

So here we go. :D

First things first :

- P8 only, no exceptions even for countess.
- No muling other than taking grail items off.
- Extended Stash is allowed as it's part of the game now.
- No other characters can be created on this laptop unless the barb dies, if he dies, grail must be deleted anad all items thrown away.

And we are off to the races!

First thing of note is we have an amazing Normal Countess spawn!


The plan is to farm Tal Tal Tal for flails and Ral Ral Ral for another one (I'm thinking NM andy farming), I get tired of farming Countess on P8 however, this is what we end up with and start progressing forward, we end up level 18 while doing this so that's decent! We also find our first grail item! A cleglaws Shield!


From here we move forward and kill Andy, fairly easy and without any real issues.


I decided very early I wanted to do a 2H build, at least until I can make a real pit/TZ zerker, I read nightfishes guide and it seems fairly sound in the idea of it all, I think I'm going to try a few different things in general but once I got to act two, not knowing when I could start gambling for the chance of a Bonesnap, I started anyways!


Nothing else exciting happens for the rest of Act 2, no surprise we smack Duriel around and continue on.


Early in Act 3 we find our second grail, Cleglaws gloves! shortly after that we also find Sanders!



I didn't catch the meph kill for some reason, but just before we made it to diablo we managed to hit level 30 which was great because we had picked up all magic rings/amulets to stack light/fire res and then with natural resistances we were able to squeak out even more, that with BO, big D didn't have a chance!


We manage to find some FRW dual res boots, nothing to write home about but definitely better than the blues we are wearing!


Once we get anya, we farm P8 pindle for some levels and pray for some drops, don't get anything but levels and move on to get level 37 for killing ancients!


We find grail #4 and our first unique on the way to baal!


I've been lucky and found a 1H mace that casts amp damage, so I try to have that up but most of the time it's obviously warcry, however we refuse to bypass minions!


Baal wasnt hard, but I had to town for potions probably 7 times, I stayed in town too long and he fully regenerated by accident and I'd say overall this fight probably took my a solid hour.... Painful needless to say, the hardest part of P8 is just the HP pool at this point, so hard to kill em....

We didn't get the congratulations screen for some reason, so this will have to do!


We start act 1 NM at level 40, not going to farm Norm TZ for look, may as well just keep on keepn' on!


We find a nice AR amulet that we're going to use for now, I think I got it from Corpsefire but don't recall! We end up replacing it with a nicer one however O.O



We have been consistently gambling Mauls since normal, any time we have move than 20 re-buys of the mercenary (just incase), so we've been re-selling all staffs/armors/wands, anything that we think could have value we pickup and sell so we can try to get our beloved bonesnap and you'll never believe it..... Our pal gheed, paid us off, terrible ED but better than what we are using!


We actually gambled this while we've been farming Countess, I decided I wanted to make sure I have enough runes for 2 insights, 2 spirits and then I'd move on, reason being I wanted more + BO and I've been using WC a lot more than I've been using Zerk so I wouldn't mind the FCR on swap for safety, I didn't realize how broken WC is , I managed to find this nice 2OS barb helm as well, made Lore in it for the time being!


Next we found an Angelic Ring while farming Countess for our runes, I believe with the Bonesnap and Soulflay (forgot to mentiom but it's there, we are at grail 6?)


Found a 4OS Scythe (junk but better than nothing) and Ironstone, plus a Set lightplate all while attempting to get the runes we needed for the future!




We finally finished our countess runs, we gained 10.5 levels farming countess, we are leaving level 51.5 lol... but this is our stash, we are ready for the items to drop!


With all that behind us, now I think we just continue through NM and try to get to hell meph.... He will have the majority of next upgrades to continue this journey, I suppose we could try to find a better weapon to use but I think Bonesnap can get us to hell meph, maybe we farm Hell countess for Obedience runes and swap from bonesnap to obedience, I think the Enchant +AR w/ Zerk would work well together, then at some point we obviously need to farm for Enigma, not sure if we want to do that or just start farming pits once we get there. That's a ways away as of yet, we'll just keep playing for now. :D See if we even get there!
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