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Couple Barb Questions From The Pros .:D


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Nov 28, 2020
Hey hey, so got a new laptop, decided to do an untwinked hc p8 barb, never played on this laptop before so doing shared stashtabs, swap off for grail but that's it.

but my questions are a the curious side of things for a zerker... So I'm going with nightfishes guide instead of doing a WC barb, I like the stun/zerk combo he recommends but he farms NM andy/meph for bonesnap / steel driver and keeps it going that way the whole game to finish.

My question is would it be smarter to go polearm and do like an insight -> obedience or would an upgraded bonesnap be enough?

Also, I plan to farm NM andy for some time to try and get bonesnap regardless, I had read somewhere that yuo shouldn't quest bug andy anymore and she is quest bugged if you save + exit due then go to A2 because how they"fixed' terror zones, is this true? I'm almost done normal (fightning baal now) so curious on these things.
IIRC Andariel is just always quest bugged in D2R. They patched the conflict between quest bug and TZ loot. Can’t go wrong with Insight or Obedience, they’re both really good. If you want to go Polearm early on you can use a cube recipe:

Diamond (any quality) + 1 Staff (any type and quality) + 1 Kris (any quality) + 1 Belt (any type and quality) = Savage Polearm Class Weapon
ivl = 50. The polearm will always have the Savage prefix (66-80% Enhanced Damage) and has a chance at getting a suffix as well. The polearm will be one of the following, selected randomly: Bardiche, Battle Scythe, Bill, Halberd, Lochaber Axe, Partizan, Poleaxe, Scythe, Voulge, War Scythe (put another way, any normal polearm or any exceptional polearm other than Bec-de-Corbin and Grim Scythe).
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'Insight' in a staff is also a nice option IMO. An 'Insight' elite staff (e.g. Elder Staff or Shillelagh) hits hard enough to still be viable later in the game. And since staves fall under mace class, if you happen to find a good maul to use instead, then there's no need to re-spec to change your weapon mastery.

edit: to actually answer the question, I think a polearm would be perfectly viable to. Maybe you get really lucky and find a Reaper’s Toll! ‘Obedience’ is a great budget option.
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I think I'm going to attempt to go the obedience / insight route, we will see. As a side note, I'll probably still try to farm something w/ CB simply for bosses.

Now on-to another question.... Do you guys think Hustle w/ the Evade is a viable option as an armor for a barb or would you still go w/ more def/res? OR would the +2 barb armor be good?
Hustle should be fine, Treachery may be better though. Either way you will need the IAS if you go with Obedience or Insight. One of the big advantages of the unique hammers is IK Maul, Windforce and Steeldriver all have IAS.
Maxicek meant Windhammer. Two other advantages of the IK Maul is that it comes with 2 sockets and 35% to 40% crushing blow. Nor is it that hard to find, on the down side the required level is 76. You should also consider the bonuses to using the IK set pieces, which other than the armor are not that hard to find.
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Yeah that's what I though, I found this though and wasn't sure :

That post is from 10 months ago. (I was invloved in discovering that bug)
It was fixed in Patch 2.6 on Feb 8th 2023: https://news.blizzard.com/en-us/diablo2/23899624/diablo-ii-resurrected-ladder-season-three-now-live
Fixed an issue where an act boss's quest treasure class would sometimes be used instead of the terrorized treasure class.
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