[2012] Tournament: A lack of positive influences [by EmperorMoo]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @EmperorMoo on Jun 21, 2012. The last post was made Jan 14, 2013.
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This is the thread for the aura-less tournament.
First, the rules.

1. You may play either in Hardcore mode or in Softcore mode. As usual, if you are SC you must retire on your first death.

2. Single-pass only, with the exception of the WSK lvl2 onwards: if you wish, you may rerun the WSK ONCE per each difficulty before leaving that difficulty for that extra level and a second Baal drop.

3. All items used by your character must be found by your character during the gameplay of this Tournament, - there is no twinking, i.e., no bringing in items found by other characters.

4. You are permitted to use ATMA/GoMule as an extended stash for items found within the tournament gameplay.

5. It is assumed that V1.13 will be used by all players. Use of respecs is NOT allowed.

6. You are not restricted from returning to prior Acts for such reasons as shopping and gambling for items, retrieving a Wirt’s Leg, opening a Cow level or deferred use of the Charsi Imbue quest reward. After all, Warriv and Meshif are in the game specifically to support such travel within the framework of the story. However, once you have completed a Difficulty level, you not permitted to return to it from a higher Difficulty level for any reason.

7. You may play at whatever /players setting you prefer and change it at any time.

8. You are not required to complete every quest nor activate every waypoint but are welcome to do so if you prefer to.

I have shamelessly copied, pasted and edited the BASIC RULES secion from Quickdeath's "12 Labours Tournament". Many thanks to him/her for saving me a load of tedious typing.


If it displays on the ground beneath your feet and has either a positive effect on your char or a negative effect on your enemies, it is forbidden. Accordingly, curses, minions, and CTC effects are allowed. If the CtC effect breaks the one rule - and I can't think of any that do -it is forbidden.

You can, however, put POINTS into aura skills. A case in point:
Sacrifice gets bonuses from Redemption and Fanatacism. It is perfectly acceptable to put points into these for the bonuses, as long as the auras themselves are not used.

From the discussion in the tournament suggestion thread, the opinion seems to be that melee characters will have a much tougher time of it than casters. Personally, I'm not so sure. I think that lack of auras is going to throw up unforeseen issues as they are so much "part of the background scenery" of playing D2, especially for me. Let's get cracking and find out!

This tournament will continue until there have been no updates for a month.

Of course, anyone who gets a Paladin to Guardian in this tournament will, I will be the first to say, have acheived a mighty feat. To recognise this, they can have their own progress table:

Noble brothers of the Light
Forum Name        Character Name    Build       Clvl  Current Location   
EmperorMoo        ErichZann         Sacrifice        1   Rouge Camp

Onwards and Upwards
Forum Name        Character Name    Class       Clvl  Current Location   

Beneath the Soil
Forum Name    Character Name    Class      Clvl  Current Location  
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