[2011] The Fashionistas Tournament! [by Malevolent]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Malevolent on Aug 12, 2011. The last post was made Oct 18, 2012.
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The Fahionistas Tournament!

Barbie walked up to Charsi to see her latest wares
Barbie: Hey got any of the new Gold Find gear? It’s all the rage now and my Mana gear makes me look fat
Charsi: No but we have plenty of last season’s stock, look, Belt of the Squid, Jewellers Mage plate of the Whale, and even an ocher skull cap of the jackal.
Barbie: No it just won’t do I WANT GOLD FIND!!!!!!! I bet Gheed has some gold find gear HE is fashionable.
Hey Gheed got any gold find gear!?
Gheed: Of course I do young Barbie I have truckloads of it.
Barbie: I’ll buy it all!
“Walks away with 50 unidentified pieces of junk”
Welcome all!
I saw the idea for a fashonistas tournament by handorman and I thought it was a great idea but VERY unrefined hopefully I have brought some refinement to the table :jig::jig::jig:
I know I’m new to the forums but I’m not new to D2 and I promise you that I will be a good host who checks this thread 3 times a day every day to answer any questions and confirm rules.

-HC or SC until first death (once a fashonistas career dies there is no coming back (except infomercials 👍 ) )
-Untwinked (no using items found by other characters) ( Fashion is about FINDING the amazing designs, not stealing them from other people)

-1.12+ only (A fashionista has to be up to date and modern)
-Respeccing is allowed (Fashionistas are wishy washy and don’t often stick the plan)

- Any build, class, and merc are allowed ( Fashion comes from all places, even a barbarian can be a fashionista)
-RWM and RRM are allowed, as is ATMA or GoMule for an extended stash ( A fashionista needs all the latest tools to get ahead)
- You may rerun areas (Good fashionistas will search high and low to get that amazing piece )
- You may NOT return to the previous act (that’s just not fashionable (except to do the cows))
- THIS is the table of fashions and how many points they are worth (e.g. 10 life = 20 points)
- Roll 10 times on this table to show what fashions are available throughout your play (if the same one gets chosen twice then it goes onto your table twice and is more likely to be picked)
- THEN choose your class based on the fashions you could roll
1. Life - 2pts
2.Mana - 2pts
3.Defence - 1pt
4.Life Leech - 15pts
5.Mana Leech – 15pts
6.Gold Find – 1pt
7.Magic Find – 2pts
8. Strength – 5pts
9. Dexterity – 5pts
10.Vitality - 5pts
11.Energy – 5pts
12.Fire Damage-1pt per average damage/Fire resist 1pt (same fashion)
13.Cold Damage- 2pts per average damage/Cold resist 1pt
14.Lightning Damage- 1pt per average damage/Lightning resist 1pt
15.Poison Damage- ).5pt per average damage/Poison resist 1pt
16.Increased Block/Faster Block/Faster Hit Recovery 2pts (same fashion)
17.Increased Attack Speed/Faster Cast Rate 3pts (same fashion)
18.Chance to cast (any spell/curse) 4pts per % chance to cast 
19.Crushing Blow/ Open Wounds/ Deadly Strike 3pts per % (same fashion)
20.Attack Rating 1pt
-At the start of each act roll on your own fashion table to find out what the current fashion is.
-After killing the act boss add up how fashionable you are and add the score to your points total
-You MUST pick up and identify ALL Rares,Sets,Uniques and if they have more fashion than what you are wearing you must wear it.
-Any items you keep in your in game stash or ATMA stash that have more fashion than your current item must be worn. (check your stash when the fashion changes)
-The winner is the person with the most points at the end
-The tournament will start when sufficient interest is expressed (maybe a week or so) and will end when interest dies

May The Fashion Be With You!

 Forum Name          Name      Class/Type             Current Fashion             LVL      Highest WP
Malevolent         Barbie     Avenger Pally       Fire Damage/Fire Resist         1      Rogue Camp


Forum Name          Name       Class/Type              Fashion When Died         LVL  Place Died
[b] My Fashion Table[/b]
Cold Damage/Cold Resist
Gold Find
Crushing Blow/ Open Wounds/ Deadly Strike
Chance to cast
Attack Rating
Fire Damage/Fire Resist
Fire Damage/Fire Resist

Going to go with an avenger pally I think as I have never tried one of those and the fashions can all work well for melee.

My fashion for act 1 is Fire Damage/Fire Resist. Not a bad roll to start off with.
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