[2010] Tournament - The Craftsman's Children [by Kretschmer]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Kretschmer on Oct 11, 2010. The last post was made Sep 5, 2015.
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Tournament - The Craftsman's Children

The Craftsman's Children

Inspired by the Gold Diggers, Yellow Bellies, and Green with Envy, here is a challenging item-restriction tournament based around crafting. If you've ever wanted crafted items to have their day, then this is the tournament for you!

They proceeded to the great hall, drawn by scents of exotic meat and fruits. Covered with towers of succulent delicacies and smoked perfection, the stout old table did not disappoint. Each man and woman heartily dug into the bounty before them, until full and serene. Laughter exchanged and goblets drained, the revelers grew quiet. Their patriarch rose and spoke.
"Children," bellowed the white-haired mountain, "we are at a time of great importance. I am not long for this world, and our clan is not prepared for the inevitable.

"We have been blessed by the gods with great prosperity. They gave me keen eyes & strong arms to produce the finest weapons and armor on Sanctuary. And it has brought us fame and fortune; allowing many of you the chance to study with the great warriors of our time, from the barbarian guardians of Mount Arreat to the pale priests of Rathma.

"Yet our work is in peril. There are many fine craftsmen and artisan women among you, but none have left my shadow. To succeed with your wares you must be known and respected for great deeds. Go forth into the world, my children: Wear your strongest creations in battle and prove their mettle in these dark times. Discard your bodyguards and fineries to embrace the axe, rod, and spear. Kill by your own hands and all lands will be yours. I will await your return, bestowing leadership of this family upon the greatest and most accomplished among you!"

One by one the children paid their respects and exited the gathering, each with a plan to excel in combat...

-Due to the components required for crafted items, our item restrictions do not become active until Act 2 Nightmare.
-You may use any gear up to Act 1 NM. When you enter Act 2 NM, all worn gear must be crafted (including weapon switch if used). From that time on, your character can only wear crafted items.
-Only "orange" crafted items count (Arreat: http://classic.battle.net/diablo2exp/items/crafteditems.shtml or PDF: http://www.pdfgameinfo.com/subpages/diablo2/D2Info_DL.htm)
-Quest rewards (rare items) from Charsi, Cain, Ormus, and Anya may be used in place of crafted items, as they are trophies to your valor. As testaments to a particular point in time, these items cannot be upgraded to better base types or re-rolled via the cube.
-Sockets can be filled with runes, gems, or jewels.
-All charms are acceptable.
-You may only equip quest items for the relevant part of that quest (i.e. equipping Khalim's flail to break the compelling orb).

-Characters may be hardcore or softcore, but retirement is mandatory at first death.
-You may enter another character after any deaths.
-Clear each area as many times as you want; backtracking to old difficulties and zones is fine. How else will you get those NM countess crafting runes and Act 1 gem shrines?
-All characters must be untwinked.
-Any "/players X" value can be used at any time.
-RRM/RWM are fine, if useless.
-ATMA/GoMule may be used as an expanded stash.
-No mercenaries! We must prove our individual worth to become champions.
-Waypoints and quests are optional but good points.
-There are no respecialization restrictions.
-Quest rewards may be saved for use later (i.e. socket/imbue).
-Patch 1.13C only for a level playing field.
-This tournament will end when a month has elapsed between updates.

To showcase our crafted creations, we must stick to weapon-centric skills.
-No casted attacks are allowed, unless otherwise specified. Casted attacks are defined as spells that deal damage independent of striking with a weapon. (Examples: Fireball, Bone Spear)
-No skills that trigger casts when striking. (Examples: Lightning Strike, Freezing Arrow, Phoenix Strike and pre-reqs) This does not apply to "% chance to cast xxxx" on gear.
-Skills that add straight elemental damage or %eledamage to your attacks are fine (e.g. Vengeance, Dragon Tail, Enchant)
-For example, Power Strike is fine because it adds lightning damage to your attacks. Charged Strike is out because you basically cast charged bolt with it when attacking. If you're confused, just ask!
-Utility spells – casted skills that serve a utility purpose without doing appreciable damage – are allowed. (Examples: Telekinesis, Mind Blast, Ravens). Rule of thumb: if you're doing noticeable damage or killing enemies with a spell, it's probably not a utility skill. To compensate for the lack of viable Necromancer and Sorceress melee/throwing attacks, these classes can treat corpse explosion and static field as utility skills.
-Skill points may be put in restricted skills for synergy purposes.
-One damage-dealing summoned pet may be used at a time. A necromancer may have either a golem or a skeleton, but not both. A druid with a grizzly out may summon oak sage and carrion vine, as the latter are non-damage pets. If he wants to use poison creeper he must dismiss the grizzly first.

+1 point per waypoint
+2 points per quest completed
+10 points for each piece of personalized gear equipped.
+100/200 for completing nightmare/hell
-1 point per character level

Please update the tables for each post and include a one-line summary of your progress (your crafting total is just for fun):

Forum Name     Character      Class       Act            Level       Points      Crafting
Kretschmer      Furby          Druid               1 Norm      1            -1                 0

Forum Name     Character      Class       Act            Level       Points      Crafting

(Table is ranked by points, not level)

Furby; Level 1 Druid; Act I Rogue Camp; -1 points

Let's get crafting!
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