[2010] Tournament: Gold Diggers [by XxUberStarxX]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @XxUberStarxX on Aug 2, 2010. The last post was made Jan 27, 2011.
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Tournament: Gold Diggers

Doesn't seem to be many tournaments going at the moment, not sure if that is because most of the regualar tournament players are inactive, maybe people have too many others projects going or there may just be a lack of tournament ideas floating around. Anyway, enough rambling from me.

This tournament is very similar in structure and rules to the Green with Envy tournament with one important differnce, instead of Green we're looking for Gold! The following has been taken directly from the Green with Envy tournament and modified to suit, so i'd like to thank Morathi for that.

Characters & gameplay
  • Your character must be HC or SC until first death.
  • If your character dies, you may re-enter with another character. There is no limit to this rule, you may re-enter as many times as you wish.
  • Players can use versions from 1.10+
  • Using the respec feature is allowed but will incur a point penalty, see point section below.
  • Red Rune Mod (RRM) may be used and the same with Rune Word Mod (RWM). However it is completely useless for this tournament.
  • Players can use any character class, any build, and assign stat and skill points as desired.
  • Any /players setting is allowed, and may be changed at will.
  • Any merc may be used.
  • Single pass only (no re running of act bosses and areas).
  • You may return to previous acts and difficulties, however you may not leave town.
  • Atma/GoMule may be used as an extended stash.
  • Quests and waypoints are not compulsary, however if you want points then by all means complete them all. Quests can be completed whenever you wish (ex. you may use the normal socket quest in NM).

Equipment Rules
  • Your character must be Untwinked.
  • Only gold (unique) items may be equipped. White or grey (socketed or ethereal) items may be used until a gold item is found for each slot. After an appropriate gold item has been found, you must use that item for that slot or go empty. Once you find multiple appropriate gold items for a specific slot(helm, armour etc), you may decide which one you wish to wear.
  • Rings and Amulets are the only exception to the above rule, you may use rare (yellow) rings or amulets until an appropriate unique drops (if at all :) )
  • Gold weapons you find can be used towards any of the three weapon slots (primary, switch, merc) at your choice. The third gold weapon you find must fill the last slot. If your merc cannot equip any of the three, he/she can keep using the grey/white item until an appropriate gold item drops. Once one drops it must be equipped on the merc.
  • Sockets may only be filled with topaz's and rare jewels, Runes are not allowed to be filled into sockets.
  • All charms are allowed as with scrolls, potions, tomes etc.
  • Merc equipment must follow the same rules as your character (socketables and gold items).
  • Quest items (e.g. Khalim’s Will) may be equipped temporarily only when necessary to complete quests. Quest rewards (Charsi, Anya, Gidbin and NM + Hell Cain) can be treated as gold, i.e they can be used in place of a unique if desired. The magic ring from Akara for rescuing cain in Normal cannot be used.
  • Gambling for gold items is encouraged (good luck with that!).

  1. 1 point for each WP gathered (including Rogue camp)
  2. 2 points for each quest completed
  3. 4 points for each unique item equipped (this includes your merc but doesn't include the rare quest reward items).
  4. -1 point for each character level gained ( meaning your characters level).
  5. -10 points for every respec used.

Signup + Updates
This tournament starts now. Players may sign up at any time.
The tournament will run until interest has been lost (no posts in 2 weeks). Please sign up using the table below. Please restrain from posting the table if it becomes too big (i.e alot of participants), as it uses up to much space and takes too much time. Just post your information at the bottom of your post. Like this:

Character name, build, act, difficulty, area level, points etc


Forum Name     Character    Class       Act      Level    Points  Golds
XxUberStarxX   Midas        Paladin     A1 N     0        0       0/15

Forum Name     Character    Class       Act      Level    Points  Golds

***Table is ranked by points, not level.

Have fun and get GOLDEN!
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