[2010] The Without a Clue Tournament [by Smips]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Smips on Jan 30, 2010. The last post was made Mar 4, 2010.
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The Without a Clue Tournament

The Without a Clue Tournament

General Rules:
  • Hardcore Only
  • Single Pass
  • No S&E to avoid death
  • Any player setting allowed(no /p8 cheese for chests)
  • Versions 1.11b, 1.12a, and 1.13a allowed
  • No Respec for 1.13a users
  • Atma/Gomule allowed as an extended stash
  • RRM, CRM, and RWM are accepted

Global Restrictions:
  • -No Minimap
  • -No class specific items except Assassin Claws
  • -Players can only use Horadric Cube recipies revealed by Cain.
    • -6 gems + 1 sword = Socketed Long Sword
    • -Arrows -> Bolts and Bolts -> Arrows
    • -Horadric Staff
    • -Khalim's Flail
  • -Players may not spend points in or use restricted skills for any class, not even as prereqs
  • -Quest Restrictions - The following quests cannot be completed:
    • -The Countess
    • -Radament's Lair
    • -Lam Esen's Tome
    • -So you cannot kill the Countess, you cannot use the Book of Skill, and you cannot return Lam Esen's Tome for the stat points. Your character never was one for books...

Skill Restrictions:
Sorceress          Barbarian        Druid        Assassin
Telekinesis        Find Potion      Spirit Wolf  Tiger Strike
Warmth             Double Swing     Twister      Psychic Hammer
Frozen Armor       Iron Skin        Werebear     Death Sentry

Necromancer        Amazon           Paladin
Corpse Explosion*  Plague Javalin   Cleansing
Confuse            Multishot        Holy Fire
Blood Golem        Decoy            Holy Bolt
*- Skills marked with an * may have one point placed in them as a prerequisite, but they cannot be used.

These skills are not available for use by any class. For example, if a Barbarian finds a circlet with Telekinesis charges, he may not use that skill. He can however use an item with Teleport charges on it since Teleport is not a restricted skill. This rule applies for CTC items as well.

  • +1 for each waypoint activated
  • +5 for completion of Normal
  • +10 for completion of Nightmare
  • +15 for completion of Hell
  • +3 for slaying the Cow King on any difficulty
  • If there is a tie score, the lower character level wins

  • You may begin any time you like
  • Reenter as many times as you like
  • The tournament will end after there is no longer any interest

The Sorceress:
-She certainly isn't the sharpest tool in the box, but she always tries to plan ahead on her journey.
  • Telekinesis - For years the sorceress has tried to master this talent, but there just seems to be a little something missing. Her last attempt was on Mittens, her pet cat. It didn't end well.
  • Warmth - The sorceress prides herself on her ability to think ahead. Lut Gholein is so hot this time of year, so she feels that she would be better off without the extra heat.
  • Frozen Armor - Thinking ahead again, the sorceress takes a pass on Frozen Armor. It's raining at the Rouge Camp and hypothermia would be a real bummer on her quest. Not to mention it's rather cold atop Mount Arreat.

The Barbarian:
-It's a good thing he's got big muscles because he possesses mental power equivalent to a clam. A small clam.
  • Find Potion - The barbarian isn't so good at finding things and has a hard enough time looking after his own things. Digging through a corpse sounds like messy work too and he wants no part in that.
  • Double Swing - Have you ever tried swinging two axes without hitting yourself?
  • Iron Skin - For once, the barbarian decided to try and use his head. He decided that wear that hard and heavy armor makes it pretty hard to move, so why would he want to do that to his skin?

The Druid:
-Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Okay, the druid doesn't have any lions or tigers, but he certainly doesn't like them.
  • Spirit Wolf - Real or in spirit form, the Druid is scared of wolves. Perhaps he had a shocking, childhood trauma, or maybe mom and dad just forced him into being a Druid.
  • Twister - Twisters and tornados are scary. Druids shoot twisters and tornadoes. This guy will pass.
  • Werebear - The druid is deathly afraid of bears, so he certainly isn't about to turn into one. He'll take the lesser of the two 'evils,' the Werewolf.

The Assassin:
-Unintelligent, afraid of animals, and not a big fan of gore, the assassin doesn't exactly seem cut out to go kill the Prime Evils.
  • Tiger Strike - Perhaps the assassin has been hanging around the druid a little too much. Just throwing the word 'tiger' into the name of a martial arts skill is enough to strike fear into the assassin.
  • Psychic Hammer - When the assassin first arrived at the Rouge Camp, she made her way over to Charsi's hut. She stared inquisitively at her tools, the hammer in particular. If the assassin didn't even know what a hammer was until two days ago, do you really expect her to make one with her mind?
  • Death Sentry - Ah, traps. Something the assassin thrives with. They aren't hard to make and they're actually pretty effective. There's a problem with the Death Sentry though; it makes corpses explode. She's got a pretty weak stomach for gore, so how about passing on this one?

The Necromancer:
-For someone who is supposed to raise and command the dead, he sure is squeamish.
  • Corpse Explosion - The necromancer isn't a big fan of gore and there isn't a skill gorier than Corpse Explosion. Since he doesn't want to lose his lunch every five minutes, he'll pass on this.
  • Confuse - We can't let any monsters be more confused or disoriented than our heroes, can we?
  • Blood Golem - A walking pile of guts and sinew. While this is normally the best friend of most necromancers, it makes this one throw up a little.

The Amazon:
-The amazon is germaphobic and afraid of her own reflection. Oh, and she's not too dexterous either.
  • Plague Javelin - The amazon is a pretty big germaphobe. When she realized that she might become the walking plague after learning this skill, she quickly decided to pass. It's a shame she didn't realize that it would bring a swift death to her enemies.
  • Multishot - Shooting one arrow is tough. Shooting two arrows is tougher. Shooting twenty arrows is impossible; unless you're an amazon of course. Most possess an unrivaled level of dexterity, but not this one. She's lucky she can ever hold a bow at this point.
  • Decoy - The amazon can't stand seeing her own reflection, never mind having an exact duplicate of her around. Perhaps it has something to do with those 'cottage cheese' legs?

The Paladin:
-He's got poor hygiene and he's not your typical paladin. He disagrees with the teachings of God and that shows in his combat abilities.
  • Cleansing - This paladin rarely bathes or cleans himself in any way, so he's certainly not going to learn a skill with the word 'Clean' in it. He's gross and he likes it that way.
  • Holy Fire - Holy, holy, holy. That's all he ever heard back home. It's time for him to rebel against his teachers and avoid these abilities at all cost.
  • Holy Bolt - Just like with Holy Fire, the paladin is rebeling against his roots.

Feel free to ask any questions before or while you play. Have fun and good luck everyone!
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