[2009] Tournament: The Yellow Bellies [by UllaV]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @UllaV on Dec 26, 2009. The last post was made Aug 9, 2010.
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Tournament: The Yellow Bellies

The Living

Name          Character      Class        Area                 Level    Points 
mgsRTL        Sarah_Connor   Sorceress    Rogue Encampment H   75       149
Smilts        Veinus         Assassin     Kurast Docks NM      52       128
Quickdeath    Writhe         Amazon       Harrogath            45        96
Ghostfaic     Nepomuk        Necromancer  Stony Field NM       47        93
Cyrax         TheRunawayHero Paladin      Glacial Trail        44        78
Chair          Tramontana     Assassin     Pandemonium Fortress 27        71
Antega        Skip           Amazon       Rogue Encampment NM  42        69
cenyth        Irgo           Necromancer  Flayer Jungle        30        61
Morathi       Mayne          Druid        Kurast Docks         28        55
soulmanz      Tetsuko        Assassin     Kurast Docks         26        52
MrSplifferton Rayyan         Barbarian      Kurast Docks         28        52
Viridia       Magemancer     Necromancer  Kurast Docks         25        45
Ohomemgrande  Claire         Assassin     Arcane Sanctuary     26        38
JayeM         YellOw         Druid        Lut Gholein          19        36
queenEm       Frank          Necromancer  Lut Gholein          20        26
skiff          Rebel          Amazon       Black Marsh          19        21
chaosarcher   BONEMAN        Necromancer  Jail level 3         19        17
jamesixgun    BLIZBALL       Sorceress    Stony Field          10        10
Brutass       OldYella       Barbarian    Stony Field          11         5
jdkerr        Seldm          Druid        Cold Plains          11         4
poopie_pants  Ignavus        Barbarian    Rogue Encampment      1         0
Lewovoc       Jim         Assassin      Rogue Encampment      1         0
scrcrw        Curry          Assassin     Rogue Encampment      1         0
XxuberstarxX  Kitty          Druid        Rogue Encampment      1         0
UllaV         Tim            Barbarian    Cold Plains           7        -3
Lostprophet   Yabbo          Paladin      Stony Field          12         ?

The Not So Living
Name          Character      Class        Area                 Level    Points 
DownUnderLulz Polly          Amazon       Halls of Anguish     33        84
DownUnderLulz Lillith        Assassin     Claw Viper Temple 2  24        47
JayeM         Saffron        Sorceress    Jail 2               17        30
jamesixgun    Sir_Robin      Paladin      Cold Plains           7        -1

No one knows anymore what was Tim’s name at birth, but from early childhood he’s been called Tim as he was timid barbarian. They said that he was even afraid of his own shadow.

Nevertheless Tim grew up to the same size as any other barbarian lad as he wasn’t frail. He was good in sport, but not in team play. Because he was loner and cowardly he learned to talk to get out of trouble. Whatever was the reason he was in trouble he could sweet talk everybody to let him go and as everybody knew how timid he was they let him get away from almost anything he did. No bully in the school laid hand on him partly because Tim talked them over and partly because there was no prestige on beating such timid boy.

All things are interconnected and so it was ordained that as an adult Tim was known as the man ‘who talks the talk, but never walks the walk.’ His father died in shame and when his mother died the knowledge of his true name was lost forever. On her deathbed she warned Tim that he should leave the village as the others would start to treat him badly now that she wasn’t around to bear the shame. She also told Tim that if he wanted to make something of him, he should use the voice he had for good.

When Tim left the village he was given an axe and a shield as a joke and soon when the village was no longer in sight he discarded those as he had nothing to do with them. He wondered the lands supporting himself by telling stories and when no one saw stealing grubs. This was starting to trouble him as he knew that his mother had high hopes that he would end as a good citizen. So when he heard about the trouble at the Monastery he decided to investigate what it all was about.

When he found the remnants of the monastery people in a shaggy encampment he noticed that he had still the habit to promise things he couldn’t deliver. And as a point he found himself yelling: “Beware foul demons and beasts!” when exiting the encampment. Cautiously he followed the river and soon he saw first red demons. He first tried to go round them, but to no avail. So the next plan was to try to lure them one at the time as he thought the he could kill one of the demons just because he was at least four time larger than the demon. So he killed couple of the demons by punching and strangling them by his bare hands, but he didn’t like it. And he hated it when the demons nicked his skin with their razor sharp scimitars. Nevertheless he followed the river and when wall blocked his way he followed the wall. Zombies he could just run around, but the red devils were more aggressive. Suddenly he saw that somebody was firing arrows and helping him. The rogue was sight Tim loved: somebody who helped him without asking anything in return.

Soon they had the red devils dead and he found out that the rogues name was Flavie. Tim opened his heart to her trying to point out that he tried to change but couldn’t cause he was too afraid to go near the devils and other monsters. Flavie showed her bow and told him that that might be the right answer. With bow he could keep his distance from the monsters and kill them afar and with his booming voice, she said, he might startle his enemies so that they stay afar.

Tim thought this long time and decided to heed Flavie’s advice. So with that resolve he went back to the encampment and sold everything he had found and bought himself a bow and arrows. Furthermore he vowed that to show to his barbarian friends he’ll wear only yellow as yellow is the colour of coward.

So on to the Tournament:

Characters & gameplay

  • Your character must be HC although if you can't you may go SC, but a SC death disqualifies the character from further participation. Know that HC characters can be made in ATMA.
  • If your character dies, you may re-enter with another character. There is no limit to this rule, you may re-enter as many times as you wish.
  • Players can use versions from 1.10+, except 1.13 as it’s not final release.
  • Red Rune Mod (RRM) may be used and the same with Rune Word Mod (RWM). However it is completely useless for this tournament.
  • Players can use any character class, any build, and assign stat and skill points as desired. Remember though that melee for the character is forbidden.
  • Any /players setting is allowed, and may be changed at will.
  • Any merc may be used.
  • Single pass only (no re running of act bosses and areas).
  • You may return to previous acts and difficulties, however you may not leave town, except for quick out/in manouver to replenish shop inventories. WP's and portals can also be used, but no forays into the infested areas. (1)
  • ATMA or GoMule may be used as an extended stash (style points if you don’t use it)
  • Quests and waypoints aren't compulsory, however if you want points then by all means complete them all (style points if you complete all). Quests can be completed whenever you wish (ex. you may use the normal socket quest in NM).
  • When you start the character discard or sell the starting weapon. Punch your way until you either have found or can buy a missile weapon.
  • Only missile or support weapons are allowed. After the initial punching the character is not allowed to melee anymore. Support weapon is a melee weapon that is used for another than melee purposes. For example sorceress staffs or necro wands. (2)
  • All minions are allowed and IGs can be made of any item. (Here you can burn your Zod ;))

Equipment Rules

  • Your character must be Untwinked (no twinking of items, you must start with nothing)
  • Only yellow items (rares) may be equipped. White or grey items may be used until a yellow item is found for each slot (means no rings or amulets until a rare item drops). After an appropriate rare item has been found, you must use that item for that slot or go empty. Once you find multiple appropriate rare items for a specific slot (helm, armour etc), you may decide which one you wish to wear. Exception being that bows and crossbows can be used even if you have found rare melee weapon or shield. Arrows and bolts are always usable although any rare throwing weapon trumps white or grey bow or crossbow.(3)
  • Sockets may only be filled with topazes or rare jewels. Runes are not allowed to be filled into sockets.
  • All charms are allowed as with scrolls, potions, tomes etc.
  • Merc equipment must follow the same rules as your character (white, grey and rare items) except you are not restricted to a non-melee merc.
  • Quest items (e.g. Khalim’s Will) may be equipped temporarily only when necessary to complete quests.
  • Gambling for yellow items is encouraged


  1. 1 point for each WP gathered (including Rogue camp).
  2. 2 points for each quest completed (must be greyed to count).
  3. 3 points for each rare item equipped (this includes your merc).
  4. -1 point for each character level (meaning your characters level).

Signup + Updates

This tournament starts now. Players may sign up at any time. The tournament will run until interest has been lost (no posts in 2 weeks). For signup and updates post your information at the bottom of your post. Like this:

Character name, build, act, difficulty, area level, points etc

I'll update the tables on this post.

Hopefully I have covered all the rules. If not please ask me and I will try and respond to you as soon as possible.

(1) Get the Wirt's Leg if you want to do cows the first time you clear Tristram as you are not allowed to go there second time. Cow's aren't counted as a quest so you won't lose any points if you don't do them and the experience is quite low, so if you don't want to use extended stash and don't want Wirt's Leg to clutter you stash, just leave cows undone.

(2) A support weapon is any melee weapon which you might want to use because it adds to your non-melee skill. If an BF assasin founds a rare sword that he thinks adds to her BF then go ahead and wield it, but don't hit any monster with it. You can make your left hand attack throw, so that you won't even accidentaly hit with your melee weapon.

(3) The main rule, use rares, means that you should fill all slots with rares as soon as possible, so gamble, gamble and gamble. Anyone who is still using a grey bardiche on act II merc in Act III is not following the rules. ;)

PS. This tournament is basically the exact same as the Green with Envy III, but green changed to yellow and melee restriction added. Thanks Morathi for the basic rules.

Good luck and get YELLOW!!

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