[2009] Tournament: Lost In The Wild [by Fenrix]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Fenrix on Aug 19, 2009. The last post was made Oct 23, 2009.
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Tournament: Lost In The Wild

The rain beats down upon your sodden brow, the wind howls around your shivering limbs and shrieks unforgivingly in your ears. Huddled beneath the bare bones of a blight-stricken tree, you listen with fear to the sounds of the night, the fearful cackles of demons, the chilling moans of lost souls and the mournful howls of lone wolves. You are lost, without hope of salvation, without hope of comfort nor company. You are lost.
Resolve fills your mind, determined to somehow turn this pitiful situation to your advantage. A whole world waits before you, a destiny unknown, and somehow you are going to find it. As you stand up, the wind dies down, the rain fades away, and the sun peeps over the horizon casting long shadows and glinting off the raindrops clinging to the bare vegetation. The cool, fresh air that you can only find after heavy rain fills your lungs and you smile broadly. You are lost, but you have found a purpose.

This tournament is based loosely upon the All Alone tournament, with a few changes. It follows some very basic rules:

1) Hardcore only, RWM/RRM allowed
2) Any class, any skills, any items
3) No town usage! This means no buying, no selling, no gambling, no healing, no hiring mercs, no repairing, no stash (or extended stash such as ATMA), no identifying with Cain and no town portals. No using waypoints to return to town either.
4) Town portals may be used for two things: returning to town after killing an act boss, or resetting the ancients. I believe there's a point in act 2 where you must return to town, so one can be used there too.
5) If you do not get a tome of identify in act 1 you may buy one in act 2, though you must drop all the scrolls inside it.
5) Single pass untwinked only. Full clears aren't required but are encouraged.
6) No save + exit to avoid death
7) No multiplayer
8) Any /players settings
9) As many entries as you like, though only one alive at any time.
10) You may not use quest rewards attained in town - this means mercs, imbue, socketing, etc. Obviously runes from Hellforge are allowed, but the runes attained in A5 are off-limits. Quests will count as 'finished' for purposes of scoring when the quest reward is available, though you may not redeem it. The only exceptions to this are: skill point rewards, the potion of health in act 3 and the scroll of resist in act 5.
11) If you accidentally redeem a quest reward, you must drop the item attained immediately, or, if a merc, endeavour to get him/her killed as soon as possible.

Scoring will be as follows: 2 points per quest completed and waypoints attained, 5 points per act finished, 10 points per difficulty finished, -1 points for each level you gain.

Probably the hardest thing in this tournament will be managing inventory space... the cube will be a huge advantage here, but one of your biggest assets will be a 4-slot belt...
And remember, don't go into situations before you are ready! There will be no retreat in some areas, such as the Ancients.
Hopefully this will also give you a reason to use those useless ethereal items too :D

Good luck! 👍

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