[2009] Tournament: Bow Masters [by JayeM]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @JayeM on Jul 30, 2009. The last post was made Oct 6, 2009.
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Tournament: Bow Masters

Hyperopia, the far-sighted goddess of archers, has aligned herself against the 3 Primary Evils and has sent out several of her most devout followers (including you) to aid in the campaign to eliminate them.

1) Bows and crossbows are the only weapons allowed.

2) Bows are easy to find, so no starting equipment may be used until a bow is found or bought.

3) Re-running of areas is permitted. ATMA and RWM are allowed. Untwinked, hardcore, or softcore until first death. Players may choose their players setting and change it at will. Enter as many times as you wish.

4) The character and merc can make bow kills only. Curses, auras, buffs, etc. are allowed to enhance the damage of the bow, but spells or skills which deal damage without a bow are not permitted (they can, however, be used as synergies or have a point as a prequisite.) Damage return skills are OK, such as Thorns, Iron Maiden, and Spirit of Barbs.

5) Summons, Minions, and Mercs: The only mercenaries allowed are the Act I rogues. You can have no more than two damage-dealing minions, including mercenaries. For example, a necromancer who summons a golem and a skeleton could not have a mercenary. However, a druid with a grizzly and Act I mercenary could summon his Heart of Wolverine (because it does not deal direct damage to enemies), but not a raven or poison creeper.

6) Archers need light, flexible armor, so only the leathers are allowed, no metal armor though studded leather is good. Gloves and boots must also be leather. The exceptional and elite forms are permitted (goddesses like to dress fashionably.)

7) To give better peripheral vision, the only headgear allowed are circlets and their exceptional and elite kin.

8) Classes: Any, though some have clear disadvantages.

No traps. No mind blast. Shadow Warrior/Master allowed as long as they follow the summons rule.

Passive and bow trees only. Valkyries allowed as long as they follow the summons rule.

Everything except War Cry. Weapon masteries will be useless of course.

Summons as long as they follow the summons rule. No shapeshifting, as then you're using claws and not a bow. Nothing in the elemental tree except Cyclone Armor.

All curses are permitted in combat except Confusion and Attract. Summons as long as they follow the summons rule. No poison skills, no bone spear, teeth or bone spirit. No corpse explosion.

No holy bolt, Fist of Heavens, blessed hammer, smite, or conversion.

Only skills available are Enchant, Warmth, Energy Shield, teleport, masteries, and the cold armor branch.

Winner is the highest level guardian, or the highest level character (alive or dead) when there have been no posts for 2 weeks. There will be a handicap system for the different classes to defray the difficulty of some classes. Amazons have a 5-level handicap to offset her advantages.

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JayeM             Igor               Necro         4        Rogue Camp
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