[2008] The Running Man Tournament [by oodjob]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @oodjob on Dec 13, 2008. The last post was made Jan 4, 2009.
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The Running Man Tournament

Author’s Introduction:
Hello SPF. I usually do not play SP or browse the SPF; however, lately I have developed an interest because of a tournament that I wish to host. I have read the SPF Guide to Hosting your own Tournament as well as browsed the tournaments being currently held to make sure no one else is doing this. I also looked at past tournaments that have been held and did not see any that seemed similar to this (however I could be totally wrong). So, let us begin.

Tournament Introduction: A lone warrior steps bravely into the dark Blood Moor, surveying the desolate land about him. Before him lie innumerable enemies and fiends patiently waiting to rip and tear him apart. Raising his sword and shield, the warrior prepares to charge into furious battle, when suddenly a thought makes him stop.
Why should I bother killing all of these monsters?
Eyeing the dirt path before him, the warrior decides to continue moving, however, this time he will simply run past the monsters. He will run, run, run until he reaches his final destination… or dies in the process.

Thus, the Running Man was born.

Description: The goal of the Running Man Tournament is to see how far you can get through the game by running naked past monsters and enemies.

Time: This tournament will be an ongoing competition that lasts as long as people hold any interest in it. Considering I have no idea how many people will actually take part in this, it could be very short-lived or stretched out.

Rules and Explanations: There are a lot. Please read very carefully.
NOTE: To make the rules and explanations easier to understand, I will divide them into three separate conditions. The first conditions are the Always Conditions. All the rules found under the Always Conditions apply ALL the time within the tournament. The second conditions are the Running Conditions. These rules apply when you are running naked through the game. The third and most confusing conditions, the Advancing Conditions, apply when you MUST kill an enemy in order to advance. These conditions become active only when you:
-Are at the end of an act and must kill the boss to continue (Andariel, for example)
-Are at a point in the game where you must kill someone to accomplish a quest NECESSARY to continue moving forward (Summoner, for example)
-Are physically blocked from moving forward by an enemy (Maggots in Maggot Lair, for example)
An important aspect to note regarding the Advancing Conditions is that you must wait until you physically come to the enemy (Catacombs Level 4, for example) before these rules applies.

You probably have a lot of questions. Read below to find the answers.

Always Conditions:
-This tournament is to be played in Hardcore. This does NOT mean you can only try once. Feel free to try as many times as humanly possible. When you die, however, you should take a screenshot to prove your claim in where you died and how far you were in the game at the time. Then you should start over with a new character from the start.
-Potions may be used HOWEVER you can only use ones that you find WITHOUT killing anything. You can also purchase them by selling items to vendors that you find without killing anything. When I say potions, I mean ANY potions. We trust your honor in respecting this rule if you compete.
-You must play as a Paladin. This is to balance the amount of health/stamina gained per level among players which plays a crucial role in this tournament.
-No mods allowed.
-No muling allowed.

Running Conditions:
-You run naked. You may not use ANY item other than potions (that you acquire by the rules listed above).
-You never run backwards. In other words, you cannot return to town while you are running.
-You may not use any items including Town Portals except potions (see rules above).
-You may not have a mercenary.
-You may not hit anything.
-You may not use spells. This includes Auras.
-You MAY use any shrine that you find. If you find a shrine that Teleports you back, you may not use it.
-You MAY carry stuff that you will use when you move into Advancing Conditions (that you acquire by the rules listed below)
-You MAY toggle walk/run whenever you like.

Advancing Conditions:
NOTE: These only take place when the player finds themselves in one of the three situations described in the first note. As I described above, you must physically be at a point where you can no longer run for these rules to take effect. Therefore, once you run through all of Act 1 and find yourself in the Catacombs Level 4, you then can TP back to town (if the scroll is acquired by the rules listed below) and begin to prepare yourself to kill the enemy, in this case Andariel, in order to advance through the game. As soon as Andariel is dead, the Running Conditions take over again until the player must revert back to Advancing Conditions.
-You may use items that you find without killing anything.
-You may purchase items or mercenaries that you pay for with wealth accumulated by not killing anything.
-You may use any items (that you acquire by the rules above).
-You may kill anything (in order to gain experience so that you may kill whatever is necessary in order to continue advancing).
-You may run backwards. In other words, you are allowed to return to town while you are in Advancing Conditions.
-You may access your Stash.
-You may attack and use spells.
-You may place Skills.
-You may use a mercenary (that you pay for by the rules above).
-THERE IS A CAP OF 10 LEVELS PER ACT. This means that if you place 3 points into Vitality every level and level the max 10 levels per Act, you will be adding 110 life points per Act. I believe this is fair considering the Paladin begins with 55. The point of this tournament is to see how fast you can run through the game; therefore, it is necessary to put limits like this so that people do not abuse the Advancing Conditions.
-Notes: Although you will be killing stuff in these conditions, do not pick up anything that they drop. The point of this tournament is to kill the least amount of things as possible and get through the game. AS SOON as the enemy is dead that forced you to switch on Advancing Conditions, go back to Running Conditions, which means lose your mercenary if you have one, take off all your items, and follow the rules listed in Running Conditions. When you are switching from Advancing to Running Conditions, you are allowed to access your stash if you run past it through town (at the end/start of an Act, for example).

Winner: There is no distinct winner until the tournament no longer has anyone interested. Whoever has made it the farthest will then be announced, in hopes to rekindle more competition.

Scores: As I said above, whoever has made it farthest into the game (with a screenshot to back it up) has the highest score.

Signup: Anyone may sign up within this thread. Post any questions here or feel free to PM me.

Final Note: This tournament places a LOT of trust into the players themselves. Although I do not know the people here, I believe it is a safe to assume everyone here will respectably follow the rules and play fairly. Hopefully everyone understands the rules and are somewhat interested in this tournament. If not, oh well.
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