[2007] "We love to be NAKED Tournament" [by Morathi]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Morathi on Apr 15, 2007. The last post was made Nov 1, 2007.
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"We love to be NAKED Tournament"

Hello boys and girls and people of all ages...How many times have you just wanted to get naked and kill monsters?....anyone?.......well ok now here is your chance, strap on your jockstraps and get ready for a tournament that will test the most skilled and will challange everyone who attempts. Yes i am talking about a naked tournament were cloths/armour is a thing of the past.

This tournament is mainly inspired by the great Insanse Wayne who is seriously amazing when it comes to getting naked. Also i thaught it would be a great tourny idea.

Ok lets get some rules going.

NO EQUIPMENT!!!!! nothing.. you are naked you cant wear stuff because your too cool for that. So therefore there will be No gear of any kind, no jewelry, and no charms.
2- You must play Single player (no MP) and your character must be HC (Hardcore).
3- NO ESC to avoid death.
4- You must be Untwinked (no twinking of gear).
5- Single pass, no re running of any areas/bosses. You may also do Full clears if you wish.
6-Any class/build is allowed for this tourny, there will be no restrictions on any skill as you will need all of them greatly once you approach tougher areas.
7-Mercs are allowed equipment (rare, unique, runewords etc).. this is very important when it comes down to relying on your merc (depending on what build you decide to do). However there is no twinking of gear allowed for your merc.
8- All quests and waypoints must be completed and collected before entering next difficulty (note in scoring that if you decide to leave a waypoint or do not complete a quest and move to the next act, you do not gain the 3 points).
9- RRM is allowed however RWM is not allowed.
10-ATMA may not be used as an extended stash (so choose your gear for your merc wisely and also your gems/runes)
11- Any players setting is allowed. however no cheese with p/8 for chests.
12- This tournament will run until there is a guardian.

Now thats enough of rules lets talk about scoring points.

1- +1 point for each waypoint collected (this also includes Rogue camp etc)
2- +2 points for each quest completed.
3- +3 points for fully completing an act (all maypoints/quest must be completed)
4- +5 points for completing Normal difficulty
5- +7 points for completing Nightmare difficuly
6- +10 points for becomming a GUARDIAN!
7- -1 point for each level gained

THE WINNER!!!!! is the person who gets a guardian with the most amount of points. There will be no prices...however the winner may rub it into the other contestants if he/she beats them 😁.

I will enter this tournament and attempt my best but school holidays end for me on tuesday and i have to get back to study/school. I will continue to look into this thread to see if any questions comes up and also to see how people progress.


Name        Character            Class           Level          Act      Points
Morathi     Zurcrus              Druid           1              1          0

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