[2007] Official SPF Ladder Thread 1H 2008 [by Ohomemgrande]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Ohomemgrande on Dec 29, 2007. The last post was made Jul 1, 2008.
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Official SPF Ladder Thread 1H 2008

SPF 1.11 ladder January-June 2008

Why? The existing SC ladder hasn't seen any real activity since July, 2006 with a couple of adds in October, 2006. The HC ladder saw some activity in October, 2006 followed by a brief resurrection in September, 2007 by someone who's last activity was 10 days after his join date. In other words, it's mostly dead (or in a coma at best).

Why else? This brings everyone to a level playing field for a bit of time with a fresh economy but with a reasonable length to accumulate some wealth and try out different builds (and in some cases, different mods).


a. All characters in the ladder must be 1.11
b. Forum-accepted mods are allowed (RRM/RWM). Since this is a ladder (i.e. closed economy), trading and interaction between people is encouraged. Therefore, you should consider any item/character RRM/RWM-tainted as soon as you interact with other players. You may participate in the ladder as a Vanilla player but should strongly consider going RRM/RWM for the purposes of the ladder so that you can trade/interact with other ladder players. Of course, if you wish to participate and stay Vanilla, that's fine too.
c. Exception to rule 1.b: For the first "ladder tournament" only, it will be required to start your character in vanilla and meet a certain objective prior to converting.

d. Due to the current low adoption of RCM in the SPF Trade pool, that mod will not be allowed (much to the disappointment of the host who wanted to see purple runes falling)

a. HC or SC is permitted
b. Any class is permitted (although participation in the first tournament will be restricted to non-sorceress characters)
c. Any build is permitted

d. No "rushing" of characters permitted

e. No limit on number of characters a player may have in the ladder
f. You may join the ladder any time prior to June 30, 2008
g. The character start date must be on or after January 01, 2008

a. Only items found during the ladder season and by a ladder character may be used (including gold)
b. Forum-approved muling program (ATMA/GoMule) may be used at any time
c. Twinking is allowed as long as the items are legal per 3.a.

d. For purposes of the SPF trading pool, items in the ladder pool should be considered RRM/RWM tainted. You may participate in the ladder as a Vanilla player but should take appropriate care to either avoid interaction with players or maintain separate stashes. Or take this as an opportunity to try something new!
e. Since it is acceptable in the SPF trading pool to mule items HC --> SC, that will be allowed. SC --> HC is prohibited.
f. Item trades should take place in the SPF Trade Forum and adhere to all SPF trade rules including having a posted trade profile and paying attention to probation period requirements. It would probably be helpful to add "Ladder" to your thread title.

g. There is no restriction with moving ladder items out of the ladder to your general stashes. Just don't bring them back in if you take them out.

a. Multi-player is allowed with the restriction that all characters in-game have a maximum of 10 levels difference when starting the session. If you are starting a new character, the highest leveled character that can join the game is clvl 11 since basic math says 11-1 = 10.
b. Multi-player games can only have ladder-characters
c. You may participate in PVP games with your ladder characters. PVP games are not subject ot rules 4.a, or 4.b as long as the following conventions are followed:

i. If your ladder character PVP's with non-ladder characters, you must observe the SPF-accepted conventions for "taint-avoidance" in PVP. i.e. the host (non-ladder) must clear the Moor before the other competitor (ladder) joins the game. Or vice-versa.

ii. If your ladder character PVP's with other ladder characters, all parties may help "clear the Moor" as long as rules 4.a & 4.b are followed. Otherwise, wait for the Moor to be cleared before joining the game.

d. Trading is encouraged within the ladder. Ladder characters may only use items found by other ladder characters.

a. Base score for a particular character will be based on character level
Level 1-80: score is your character level (80 at clvl 80)
Level 81-90: add 2 points/level (100 at clvl 90)
Level 91-93: add 3 points/level (109 at clvl 93)
Level 94-96: add 5 points/level (124 at clvl 96)
Level 97: add 8 points (132)
Level 98: add 12 points (144)
Level 99: add 20 points (164)
b. Bonus points may be earned during the tournament for doing certain tasks, winning ladder tournaments, etc. Bonus points are earned for the character, not the player. Once bonus points have been assigned to a character, they may not be moved later to another character (i.e. earning points in 3.c.)
c. Player(s) with the highest (rarest) rune at the end of the ladder earns 10 bonus points. More than one player may earn this bonus but you can only apply it once and to only one character. The rune may have been cubed and can be socketed as part of a runeword or "gemmed" item.
d. Any ladder character that wins any SPF tournament or contest earns 10 bonus points for 1st place, 5 for 2nd place, or 2 for 3rd place.
i. If the tournament is a typical tournament where you start a new character, you must add that character to the ladder before entering A5 NM and ensure that the character has followed all of the other rules pertaining to items and player interaction of the ladder.
ii. If the tournament is something like a MF Olympics, Pindlethon, scavenger hunt, or one that has no restriction on the number of characters you use in the tournament, all characters that you use should be existing participants of the ladder.
e. Ladder tournaments/quests will have their bonus point values listed in their respective threads.

a. There will be at least 2 "major" tournaments, and some "24-72 hr" quests where you can earn bonus points.
b. The first tournament will begin on January 01 to kick of the ladder and will be an [URL="http://forums.diabloii.net/showthread.php?t=491334]"Untwinked MF tournament"[/URL] that will run for ~6 weeks. This tournament will be open to "non-ladder" participants. Future tournaments may or may not be depending on the ruleset for the tournament.
c. If you have ideas for ladder tournaments and would like to run/organize one, feel free to contact me via PM. Ideas for tournaments are:
i. PVP tournament
ii. mini-MFO type tournament (rune hunt/SoJ hunt/specific target/etc)
iii. scavenger/picture hunt
iv. ??? your idea here
d. I have some ideas for the "quests" but would like to solicit ideas. Ideally these are things that would randomly show up without notice and run for 1-2 days. They would be easy to do but provide some competition. I would hope to have at least one every other week during the 6 months. Ideas:
i. How many cows/flayers/etc can I fit on the screen at once?
ii. Collect something for points i.e. cracked sashes
iii. ??? your idea here

a. Most/all prizes will be pgems so that we can roll nifty charms.
b. At the end of each month, it is highly encouraged that each player make a "donation" of Pgems to the Prize Pool. This donation can be as low as 1 Pgem or as high as your generosity allows.
c. This pool will be used for prizes of contests/tournaments throughout the ladder with a final prize being distributed at the end of the ladder season to the top performers.

Obligatory Ladder Table:

Name       Forum Name       Character    Lvl   Points
Martin     Ohomemgrande     Paladin       1       1
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