[2007] "Barb Thrower Tournament" [by Morathi]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Wolron on Jun 17, 2007. The last post was made Dec 20, 2007.
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"Barb Thrower Tournament"

Hello everyone. Some of you may remember me some may not but anyway, I have been absent for quite some time now due to lack of motivation and also school. But now that i have finished my mid year exams and hoildays are only 2 weeks away i thought to my self lets start up a new and fresh tournament for the SPF community. Once returning i noticed my other tourament, which i started before i took a break from diablo2 (We love to be NAKED tournament) has become quite inactive. So i pondered to my self and came up with a new and cool idea for an exciting and challaging tournament for thoes who love to challange your diablo skills. This tournament has been inspired by many other tournaments which are based around tough character builds, such include the up and running golemancer torunaments and others in the past like, Valkazon tournament and i am sure there are many others.Well enough rubbish lets get into it.


1- Your character must be HC, or if you cannot or dont want to, you may make it SC but as soon as you have your first death you are out of the tournament.
2- Now this is the hard part. Your character must be Untwinked, this means you may not mule items onto that character ( you may mule off), he must find his own.
3- Your character must be a thrower therefore it is recommended that you max double throw. You may use your starter gear until double throw skill is avaliable then you must find a throwing weapon and use them, You may choose to allocate remaining skill points into what ever skill you desire.
4- Any merc is allowed (no items may be muled to him/her) but items your barb finds may be placed onto your merc.
5- ATMA may not be used as an extended stash.
6- There is no item restictions, so uniques, rares, runewords may be equiped onto your barb.
7-Any players setting may be allowed however no cheese with p/8 for chests. 😁
8- You may not re run areas, this includes act bosses.
9- There is no time restrain for this tournament it goes until someone becomes a guardian (good luck :wink3: ), or the person with the highest score (see below).

1 points for every way point collected. (this also includes the towns ex= Rogue camp etc.)
2 points for every quest completed
3 points for each act completed. ( an extra 1 if you have completed all quests and got all waypoints for that act).
-1 for each character level.

THE WINNER = the first person to guardian and or highest score. There is no prices for this tournament it is mainly for fun and to challange your diablo skill. You may brag if you wish to your fellow components :p.

Hope you enjoy this tournament :) any1 feel free to join and HAVE FUN!!!!👍

[U]SPF name     Character Name         Level          Act              Points[/U]
Morathi         Zohran              1              1                0

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