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[2007] A tournament: Classic HC Tankazon [by Fists of War]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Fists of War on Sep 2, 2007. The last post was made Dec 19, 2007.
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A tournament: Classic HC Tankazon

Well, this is the first time I've ever tried hosting a tourney. I've read the guide, so I hope it's understandable.


First, a bit about myself: I split my time between playing Classic Diablo on the realms, and playing LoD in singleplayer. I've taken part in one tourney so far, but am still pretty new to the SP forums. I know much more about classic than LoD, and I know that classic is much more of a challenge.


This tournament will be very difficult. It's goal is to play a Tankazon in HC classic diablo 2. The rules:

- Every skill point goes to the passive and magic tree.
- You may not use bows, javelins, or spears. Instead, use swords/axes/maces/dagger/polearms.
- This is 1.11b Classic Diablo (to make a classic character, simply uncheck the "LoD" box when creating your amazon.
- Make your amazon Hardcore.
- You can play /players x, rerun areas/bosses for exp and items.
- No twinking onto your character.
- Try to kill all the monsters on the way to your goal. Full clears are not required, but please do not use maphack and run thorugh areas to the next wp/quest location.
- As soon as you start, drop that javelin! Never attack with a jav/bow/spear.


That's it. It's a pretty hard challenge. High damage weapons are hard to find. No mercenary makes a valk your only form of minion attack. Once you die, you're out. The GOAL OF THE TOURNAMENT? To simply get as far as you can. If you make it past Act 1, nice work. If you manage to get into NM, I salute you.


Some help: In classic, dexterity does not affect blocking. You chance to block is the chance to block on your shield. Twitchthroe (unique studded leather) is the only item that will raise your block (by 25%).
The amazon has a very slow block with swords/axes/maces. So, either put up with getting majorly block-locked, or use a dagger. Or a big 2-handed weapon. Save up your imbues, and cash to gamble. Getting a viable weapon will be a major quest!


If a bit of classic female warrior action sounds good, just copy the code below with your character's name, level and area reached.

[B]Name[/B]                [B]Level[/B]             [B]Area reached[/B]
ImpossibleGirl      10                Stony Field

Feel free to post about your adventures, your difficulties, and your item finds.

Good luck, and have fun!
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