[2006] Tournament: Money-Hating Barbarians [by jiansonz]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @jiansonz on Feb 10, 2006. The last post was made Jul 19, 2006.
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Tournament: Money-Hating Barbarians

I think it's time that I start a second tounament.

I really like the idea of "use only what you find, and throw it away when it breaks" but I think the 'All Alone' tournaments have been too restricted for my taste. Hence this tournament.

Tournament Rules:

1. This is a Barbarian Hardcore tournament. You can play with a SC character if you want, but if he dies, he is out of the tournament. Multiplaying is not allowed.

2. If your barb dies in the first two acts in Normal, you are allowed one more chance.

3. No Save & Exit to avoid death. Town Portal may be hotkeyed, but you may not use TP scrolls from the belt.

4. Versions 1.10 and 1.11 are allowed. RWM is allowed (I think most items will break rather quickly anyway...).

5. Any Barbarian build is allowed, but
* The very first skill point you earn must be placed in Find Potion, right away.
* Whenever you reach any of the levels 12-17, you must place a point in Find Item. So when you get to clvl 17, you will take Find Item to level 6.

6. Most important rule: the barbarians in this tournament are NOT allowed to use gold (with a few minor exceptions, see below). Yep, that means no shopping, no gambling, no vendor repairing and no merc resurrections!

7. These barbs may abhor trading, but they are most certainly expert hoarders. You can use ATMA or other means of muling to save anything you may need later. You may only mule between playing sessions. It goes without saying (but I´ll mention it anyway) that you may not bring in any item found by another character).

8. Important rule: you may NOT play an area or "run" a boss a second time. The whole idea of the tournament is that the item pool to choose from is rather limited. When you start a new session, it is OK to clear a path from waypoint to exit to a "new" area if you must do so to stay safe, but anything that drops during this "transport" is off-limits (this includes the drops from monsters that may follow you into "new" territory).

9. You can skip any non-essential area for the moment and come back to it later (you may even go back to an earlier difficulty if you have areas left there).

10. All non-essential quests are optional, as is finding waypoints. However, you must kill the Cow King before you proceed to the next difficulty. In order to earn the title of Guardian in this tournament, you must defeat Hell Cow King.

11. You may play on any /players setting you like, and you may change it any time you like. Cheesy "kill monsters on low setting, open containers on /p8"-tactics is fully endorsed here.

12. Merc rewards. You will be given mercs as rewards along the way. Take good care of them, since they can´t be resurrected. You earn the rights of a merc after completing any of these quests (once on each difficulty, for a total of 12 "merc rights" if you make it partway into the final act):
* Act 1 merc after defeating Blood Raven
* Act 2 merc after defeating Radament
* Act 3 merc after you return the Gidbinn to Ormus
* Act 5 merc after you have completed the Rescue on Mount Arreat quest
With the exception of the first time (if you take an act 1 or 3 merc first), you need to simulate being given the reward. Therefore you need some cash to make this work, so make sure to pick up gold or sell a few useless items now and then.

For the mercs that come in different flavours (all except the barb mercs), you must randomize the type (with equal probability), then hire one of that type. (For v1.10 users: you may restart them game until you can get a merc of the highest possible level of the randomized type.)
If you play well, a particular merc may well survive until you earn the right to another merc. You may choose to "cash in" a merc reward at any time you like, or save them for later. If you cash in a merc reward when you have a merc that is alive, the merc you choose to leave is lost. The advantage is that you can collect what they are using first; equipment that is on a merc that dies is lost.

13. After you have killed Baal on a particular difficulty, you may buy a Tome of Town Portal, for the sole purpose of opening the portal to the Moo Moo Farm on that difficulty.

14. Interaction with townspeople. My thoughts with this rule is to provide an appropriate challenge at different stages of the game, while still allowing for good progress in the late game. Normal is very restricted, while the latter difficulties loosen up quite a bit.

In general, you may only speak with townspeople when they have a "!" above their head, and when you claim a reward. Every time Cain wants to talk to you, you can have him identify as much as you can carry. Just before fights with act bosses and Ancients, and during fights with act bosses, you may visit the town healer.

You may use the ID service of Cain and get healed by the town healers as much as you like (provided you have the means to get to town, of course...)
Just before fights with act bosses and Ancients, and during fights with act bosses, you may buy healing potions, arrows and bolts, and you may repair throwing weapons that replenish themselves.

Anything that is allowed in Nightmare is also allowed in Hell. You may also buy healing potions, town portal scrolls, arrows and bolts, and repair self-replenishing throwing weapons at any time. Just before fights with act bosses and Ancients, and during fights with act bosses, you may buy any kind of potions (However, you are not allowed to stock up on them outside what you can carry in inventory + belt. You may drink potions with temporary effects, and then buy as many potions as you can carry before you return to the fight).

15. The winner is the player who reaches the farthest into the game. If that is equal, the placings are decided by, in order:
* highest character level
* fewest number of areas skipped
* fewest bosses parked
* highest number of unique items found
* highest number of set items found
(so you need to keep track of the stuff above)

Tournament starts now and players can sign up for the rest of 2006. After that, the tournament ends when all characters are finished or there is no update for 4 months.

The are no prizes other than the credit you earn for being an l33t barb player.
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