[2006] Scavenger Hunt #3: The Desperate Hunt [by Quickdeath]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Quickdeath on Dec 2, 2006. The last post was made Mar 4, 2007.
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Scavenger Hunt #3: The Desperate Hunt

Scavenger Hunt #3 - The Desperate Hunt

Know thou this: the Land of Sanctuary is again threatened and is in great need. There be 43 items that are needed, items filled with ancient magic of unmeasureable power - power beyond the knowledge of the Horadrim, wild magic beyond the ken of demons and angels. These 43 items have always existed in Sanctuary, unmarked and unnoticed - perchance you may have even encountered some of them before. But, beware, for these items are more difficult to find than those in the previous Hunts. Although our Hope of finding these is almost gone, we are desperate. They must be found.

And so, now we need Heroes! Heroes to arise, to band together, to cover the lands, to join this Desperate Hunt. The most difficult, most Desperate Hunt of all. This be your quest, your sacred charge:

"Thou shall seek out as many of these 43 items as thou canst. Some may be easy to find, some may be devilishly hard. No warrior, born of mortal man, is expected to be able to find them all. The fun and the glory shall be in the Hunting."

Tournament Description
The objective of The Desperate Hunt is to locate as many of the 43 items as you can within the timeframe of the tournament - 3 months. You may use different characters, as many as you wish. You may participate in this Scavenger Hunt while you are questing, while you are playing in another tournament, and while you are playing either an existing or new character. HC or SC, all are welcome. You may mule or not mule, twink or not twink.

1. The Scavenger Hunt #3 Tournament begins immediately and ends February 28, 2007 at midnight, local time.

2. Anyone can play, and there is no entry fee. You may enter the Tournament at any time simply by posting a message on this thread saying that you are in. Note that nothing you have done prior to posting your message is allowed to count towards satisfying the Scavenger Hunt. (I have been known to make exceptions to this last rule, so if you do find an item which inspires you to enter the Hunt, try asking nicely.)

3. There are 43 Scavenger Hunt items listed below that you are seeking, Most are equipment items to collect. but some are monsters to meet. The items in the Hunt have point totals associated with them as noted below, totaling to 330 points. The player who complies the most points by finding items and meeting mosnters wins the Scavenger Hunt.

4. Any item found by any D2 character in Single Player mode between now and February 28 is eligible to be counted towards the Scavenger Hunt. You may find items while playing already existing characters, new characters, twinked or untwinked characters, in P1 or P8 mode, Softcore or Hardcore characters. Items you find in someone else's tourney may be counted towards the Scavenger Hunt. The only eligibility restrictions are:

- No Multiplayer characters. Nothing found by a character while playing with other players in Multiplayer mode will count. Single Player with P8 is okay, of course.
- Only Version 1.10 or later, please!
- No Mods other than the mods generally accepted by SPF: Red Rune Mod and Runeword Mod. You may indeed use the rune words granted by the rune word mod, if you wish.
- No obtaining items by trade. All items must be self-found.

5. Any item that is to count against the Scavenger Hunt must not be sold; it is to be saved either in an ATMA Cache or as an item in use by a character. For the monsters you are asked to find, posting a screenshot is not required. Just give us your word that you found the guy.

6. The Winner of the Tournament will receive glory and acclaim, but nothing more.

7. And now here are the 43 items (and 340 points) you are seeking:

The Fabulous Alphabet (24 items, up to 225 points) - Some of the most fabulous and overlooked items in the game are the Rare, Class-specific items. As Rare items, they can have up to 5 or 6 modifiers, and as Class-specifics they can check in with one or more Automodifiers and up to 3 more bonus modifiers of type: +X to a Skill, with X = 1 to 3 for each skill.

You are to collect a complete alphabet of Rare Class-Specific items: one rare item starting with “A†(such as an Aerin Shield or an Assault Helmet); one rare item starting with a B (such as a Battle Cestus or a Bloodlord Skull), etc. Note that Wands, Staves and Scepters are not Class-specific items and may not be part of the alphabet - with two exceptions. The two exceptions will be the Io Staff and the Yew Wand, so as to provide items with the letter I and Y. Your alphabet should thus have 24 items (no items are available starting with the letters N or X.)

For each of the 24 letters in this alphabet, you will be credited one point for finding a Rare Class-Specific, plus one additional point for each skill point in a skill point modifier that the item has.

Thus a rare class-specific item with 3 modifiers, each with + 3 to a skill, will be worth 10 points.

A rare class-specific bow with +1 to Bow & Cross-bow skills will be worth 2 points.

A rare class-specific item with +2 to one skill and +1 to a second skill will be worth 4 points.

The maximum number of points one could obtain in a Fabulous Alphabet? I believe that it is 225. But no child, born of man, could ever collect such an alphabetic set of Rare Class-specifics. No earth-bound hero was ever meant to behold such grandeur; mortal flesh is too weak.

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places (25 points)

For these items, you are looking to meet a certain kind of monster or a unique monster with a certain name. Taking a screenshot is not necessary, just honestly report what you've met. All of these monsters are worth five points each.

L1: A Black Widow
L2: One of these two Lust Brothers: Puke Lust or Snot Lust
L3: A Fanatic Sucker
L4: A Champion Corpulent
L5: A Possessed Vile Temptress

Silly Names (30 points)
These equipment items have the unusual ability to make your opponents die of laughter. Five points each, except for the last item.

S1: Humongous
S2: The Diggler
S3: Biggins Bonnet
S4: The Iron Jang Bong (I mean, c'mon, a warrior wielding a Bong? LOL)
S5: A Berserker's Tiara (10 points).

P1: A Perfect Civerb's Ward (10 points)
A Set or Unique Item is said to be Perfect when all of its variable modifiers are at the best values. So a Nagelring with Magic Find = +30% and Attack Rating = +75 is said to be perfect. But one, and only, S/U item has variable modifiers that you cannot see when you find it: a Civerb's Ward. The Civerb's Ward has variable modifiers that are only visible when equipped with other Civerb set items (or on ATMA.) A perfect Civerb's Ward is very tricky to find.

A Game of Crowns (50 points)
Torn from the heads of ancient kings and lost into history, these crowns would have untold power if assembled together in one place. Five points each, unless marked differently.

C1. The Undead Crown
C2. Milabrega's Diadem
C3. Iratha's Coil
C4. Hwanin's Splendor
C5. Crown of Thieves
C6. Griswold's Valor
C7. Crown of Ages (10 points)
C8. an ethereal, socketed, superior crown (10 points)
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