[2006] Roll of The Dice Tourny [by IRoK]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @IRoK on May 25, 2006. The last post was made Jul 28, 2006.
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Roll of The Dice Tourny

My 2nd tourny idea hopefully it works...

1) Hardcore (Softcore is ok but 1 death = your out)
2) No choice is Class or Skill Tree
3) No Muling On! Only Off
4) RWM Mod is Allowed
5) MPing is a no
6) Rerunning is fine
7) No need to do all quests

Scoring :
1 points per WP
2 point per quest
-1 Per Level
-?* Merc
5 points for finishing a difficulty

The whole Roll Of The Dice thing is that once we have enough people...You will give me what character you don't wanna be so there is only six left. I will roll a six-sided dice and the number that class is will be the one you are. You can choose the name. But the skill tree will also be decided by the dice (1&4,2&5,and 3&6). The dice will decided your fate. You can still have any build using the skill tree and class you get.

* - Merc depends on which one.
A1 Fire or Cold = -10
A2 Combat = -10
A2 Off. or Def. = -15
A3 Cold, Fire, or Light = -10
A5 Barb = -10

Give me suggestions and stuff 😃
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