[2006] PvP Moor Challenge! Class Battle FFA! [by Liquid-Evil]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Liquid_Evil on Oct 23, 2006. The last post was made Nov 15, 2010.
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PvP Moor Challenge! Class Battle FFA!

Laaaadies and gentlemen. Again, we are revisiting the Moor, this time in an attempt to single out the best dueling class.

What's going on?
All seven classes are represented by some of SP's finest duelers. They will each enter the Moor and only one will walk away victorious, with the other six not fit to lick the dirt from his boots.

The full Moor will be used because of the large number of players. Players can use previously built characters or new ones can be made to combat the new threat of a large FFA-style brawl.

Who's involved?
Seven skilled duelists each representing a specific class.

AMAZON- N/A (The first person to claim this spot gets it by default)
DRUID- Liquid Evil
SORCERESS- Zhao_Yue Challenged by Sint Nikolaas

8th Slot Filled by Thyiad, our gracious host and neutral cameraman.

Other players can join in this event and challenge a player on the list. Say "Biff" enjoys barbs and would like to represent that class in this Moor Challenge, he would then challenge XDoomasX for the rights to battle as his preferred class. They meet up, and duel each other with their respective barb characters (as long as its a barb, it can battle, that means he could pit his Warcry barb against Doomas' WW'er) The challenged player gets to choose the host. If "Biff" beats Doomas, he gets that slot and can't be challenged by Doomas but he can by other players. "Biff" must then use that character (his singer) to fight in the Moor Challenge (not just swap it out for a BvA now that he is done with Doomas). Technically, even a beaten Doomas could still end up representing barbs...Biff wins, someone else challenges Biff and wins, Doomas can challenge that new person. If the seeded players don't make arrangements to duel the challenger within a week of the posted challenge, they will forfeit their seat. (If you aren't known to the community I reserve the right to ignore your challenges to players)

All challenges must be completed by November 5th and no more can be issued after that date. The players on the list on November 5th will play in the final FFA.

How do you win?
Each player signifies readiness in a cleared Blood Moor. A battle proceeds. Each character kill is recorded and one point is awarded for each. First player to accumulate 30 points, wins. One point for each kill and one point for each round win. The last man standing is the round winner. The points are simple. They are based on the "xxx was slain by xxx" As soon as a a player has won the round and is the last one standing, the match is over and points will stop being awarded until the start of the next match. All players get to heal and get ready for the next bout.

What are the rules?
We fight in Hell. Standard BM rules apply.
No potions, mercs, wells, or shrines.
No recasting Cyclone and Bone Armor.
No minions that cannot be summoned in town with the exception of Decoy.
No Holy Freeze, Decrepify, or Bone Prison.
No mass slow (>10%), no mass poison from items (>200), no mass replenish (>25).
No curse charges (this includes Slow Missiles). Chance to cast is acceptable.
No overabsorb. Limit 2 items per element with the standard ban on Rising Sun and Black Oak.

Thyiad is scheduled to host (and with any luck, FRAPS the entire event from each duelers perspective).

When's this going down?
Saturday, November 18, High noon -7:00 GMT.
(if this date doesn't work with the players, I will consider December 2nd, let me know ASAP)

If you don't show up, you don't play and your class will not be represented. That means if you're the Pally guy and you sleep in, you screw over all Paladins, everywhere. Kittens will cry. Show up, on time, or else.

What's at stake?
The winner gets to choose avatars for the 6 losers (AND Thyiad! jk). They wear them for one week. And as always, egos are on the line. Also, I encourage non-combatants to get involved and rally behind your favorite character classes and post with some friendly trash talk. Treat this like a RL sporting event and feel free to bet on the outcome. You like sorceresses? Well, that's your home team, cheer on Zhao. You despise Assassins and all who play them? Well take it out on kabal. Don't be scared to get involved. Put on that Druid facepaint and follow me to certain victory!!!111
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