[2006] Noob Warrior/Classic Set (NWCS) Tournament [by Quickdeath]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @Quickdeath on Mar 17, 2006. The last post was made Apr 23, 2006.
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Noob Warrior/Classic Set (NWCS) Tournament

Noob Warrior/Classic Set (NWCS) Tourney

Here's a Tourney that is designed to be different and more of a quick challenge than an endurance event.

Object: Play a character according to the rules below and complete Normal Difficulty, kill normal Baal and clear the normal Cow Level. The rules will limit your characters' experience and leveling (thus, making him a Noob) and require your character to wear a randomly-chosen Classic Set.

1. All play must be single player only, with version 1.10 or 1.11.

2. This is a Softcore Tourney, but your character is out of the tourney upon his/her first death. You may re-enter with a new character.

3. The tournament will be entirely in Normal Difficulty. You must complete all the quests. It is not necessary to actually imbue, socket or personalize an item for those quests to be considered complete.

4. All gameplay must be on Players 1 except when you encounter each of the five Act Bosses and when you encounter the Ancients. The five Act Bosses and the Ancients must be spawned and defeated on Players 8 mode.

5. You must play in single pass mode. No rerunning an area to gain experience. Limited re-running is allowed if you are restarting the game and are forced to repeat an area to arrive at the point where your last session ended. However, the intention is that you play straight through normal difficulty once.

6. Forbidden Areas. You may only enter areas that are required for the quests and for normal progress. You may not go into pits and areas if they are not required for questing and forward progress. Areas that are forbidden are:
Act 1: The Pit, The Hole, The Cave, Level 2 of The Underground Passage, the Mausoleum, the Crypt
Act 2: The Stony Tomb, The Ancient Tunnels, The False Tal Rasha Tombs
Act 3: Swampy Pit, Arachnid Lair, The Reliquaries, Fanes and Temples in Upper Kurast and the Kurast Causeway
Act 5: Abaddon, Pit of Acheron, The Infernal Pit, the Icy Cellar, the Drifter Cavern

7. Forbidden Skills. You may pick any character class, but use of the following skills will be forbidden:

Static Field, Blessed Hammer, Skeleton Mastery and Lightning Sentry.

8. Equipment. After declaring your character class you will have a Classic Set picked for you randomly (by another player or by the host) from the following list of Sets:

1. Angelic,
2. Arctic,
3. Berserker's + Hsarus',
4. Cathan's,
5. Civerb's,
6. Clegaw's,
7. Death's,
8. Infernal,
9. Iratha's,
10. Isenhart's,
11. Milabrega's, and
12. Vidala's.

Note: Sigon's Set is omitted because it is overpowered for this tourney. Tancred's Set and Arcanna's Set have some relatively rare amulets and would be difficult to include in the tourney.

You must twink into the Game the items in your Classic Set and wear them as soon as your character meets the equipment requirements. If you do not already own all the items in the Set, the Host or other experienced players will loan you the items to complete the Set (any Classic Set items loaned by the Host will be softcore items.) Your Classic Set must be worn as soon as you meet the requirements for it. If your Classic Set includes an item with a high attribute requirement (example: high strength) you must invest your attribute points to assure that your character can wear the item as soon as possible.
All equipment slots not filled by your Classic Set should be filled by items you find or obtain during the play of the game.
Until you have reached an experience level that allows you to wear your Classic Set, you may equip yourself with other items obtained in the game (as normal).

9. Other than the Classic Set described in the foregoing rule, no other items obtained from outside the tournament may be twinked into the game. However, ATMA may be used by you character as an infinite stash for items obtained within the tournament.

10. If your Classic Set has a weapon, you must carry that weapon into combat; the weapon switch slots may be used to carry items for pre-buffing purposes, but are not allowed to be used for actual combat with monsters.

11. Mercs: There are no constraints on your choice of mercs or the equipment you give them, as long as the equipment is obtained during the course of the tourney in the normal ways.

12. If you successfully kill Baal and clear the Cow Farm on P8, you have won the tourney! The tournament will have no prizes –which is convenient because there may be more than one winner! But you will be able to brag about having won a tournament - and successfully completing this one may be harder than you think!

Note that your randomly chosen Classic Set is likely to have a weapon - and it may be of a type that causes problems for your class of character (Bows + Barbs, Swords + Zons, etc.) I hope that leads to some unusual builds. I realize that Sorcs and Paladins will be attractive classes to play, but I hope that some of us will be adventurous and try other classes.

Thanks to everyone that offered comments to me on my earlier thread. I hope this quick and simple tournament is appealing to some of you.
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