[2006] Let's get naked! (tournament) [by OneFromBeyond]

Jan 3, 2007
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally started by @OneFromBeyond on Jul 10, 2006. The last post was made Aug 25, 2006.
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Let's get naked! (tournament)

After lurking in the SPF forums for a while I have learned (at least) two things:
1. There aren't enough tournaments for necromancers
2. Fischymancers think they can complete the game naked.

If you are someone who believes either of these, then this is for you!

The Let's get naked! Tournament

Any character may be used, but each character is only allowed to use one weapon...no armor...no amulets...no rings. The battle will be to see who can get the furthest in this game. Since Necromancers seem to believe that they can easily do this (and I may tend to agree), they will be slightly penalized, but for all the Necros out there, this is your time!


1. Hard-core only, please no multiplayer.

2. Version 1.10 or 1.11 RRM and RWM are allowed

3. Only one weapon (at a time) may be used for each character. If necessary, weapon switching is allowed. Two-handed weapons are permitted (and encouraged). But, Necromancers are not allowed to use *anything* (except their minions). Necros may use their initial wand until Level 2.

4. No armor, rings, amulets, boots, gloves, hats, armor, belts, shields, etc. are allowed. Charms are acceptable, and socketing your weapons is okay as well.

5. Any skill may be used without penalty.

6. Areas may be re-run without penalty.

7. For all characters other than Necros, you may use Mercs with no item restrictions. Please note the following though:
a) the Act 1 Merc can only be had after completing the Burial Grounds quest
b) once a Merc dies he/she cannot be revived
c) if you switch Mercs, you cannot go back to the previous Merc. (Ex: I obtain a Act 1 Rogue and once I get to Act 2 I choose to get a new Merc. My Act 1 Rogue has now died.)
d) If you do not get a new Merc when you enter a town, you may return to the town later to get the Merc for the first time. (Ex: I have my Act 1 Rogue until she is slain in Travincal. I then have the choice of getting the Act 2 Merc that I skipped out on)
e) Necromancers have enough of an advantage, so no Mercs for them.

8. No muling on or off with ATMA. You may use your stash.

9. Scoring
- 1 point per WP
- 2 points per quest
- +10 points for using a Druid (slight penalty for the summon potential)
- +20 points for using a Barbarian, Sorceress, Paladin, Assassin, Amazon (all but Druid and Necro)

10. Deadline : August 31st, 2006. I am a teacher, so I'll need to get back to the real world at the end of the summer.

11. Winner : Scoring the most points, the winner will receive the highest rune in my stash. Don't get your hopes up, I believe it is a Shael at the moment. As you can see, you are basically playing for the fear and respect of your peers, as well as allowing Necromancers to get some credit.

12. Signup
(I will make a table as time goes on to compare scores)

13. Good luck and have fun!

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