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  1. Kartongen

    Seven Self-reliant Saviours of Sanctuary - Kartongen's untwinked sept

    Hi all. As some of you have seen here, I have been planning three septs. Two are centred around the 1.11 runewords, while one is untwinked. Since my other thread quite focused on the 1.11 runewords, I felt it more suitable to keep this untwinked project separate from that thread. And thus, this...
  2. ClintBarbarian

    Clint The Wind Druid

    I said that I was going to wait until Resurrected to make this character. But I was lying to myself, I can't live without Diablo for that long. So I am starting Clint the Wind Druid today. He is untwinked. My plan is to play through Normal and Nightmare difficulties on Players 8 setting. Then...
  3. Luhkoh

    Luhkoh's Untwinked till Patmat Sept

    Introduction Hi all. I finally finished questing my zon through the game yesterday. Since I had stopped posting my patmat threads when I completed a character, I thought I would just post this summary when I finally finished the sept. I have always liked the idea of a "team" of characters in d2...
  4. Luhkoh

    All Spelled Out - Arkana the Untwinked Sorceress Reaches 99

    Arkana, my untwinked sorceress, and my first character made after resetting to join the SPF, reached level 99 on Sunday! Start: January 4, 2019 End: March 1, 2020 First, here is a video of the final few nihlathak runs, dinging 99 on ancients, and getting matriarch afterwards. I aborted...
  5. Kstil3227

    The Journey to an Untwinked Guardian Sept of Mis-Fit Toons

    It is time to continue the quests of the 7 Mis-Fit toons. They all previously started their journeys Here. To get caught up quickly-->All 7 are through normal. 1 has completed NM (Braveheart the Frenzy Barb.), 1 is currently working through Act2 NM (Beowolf the Fury Druid). The others are...
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