1. B

    2020 sin torch

    need ber
  2. S

    Some high items

    Forti 1,4life per lvl, 28 ress 1561 deff. Tomb reaver eth 2 socks 46 all resis 259 Ed. Coh 782 deff in Dusk Shroud 77 str needed. Annil 19/19/10 Druid torch 20/20 Pala Torch 18/20 Sorc torch 18/19
  3. SKunKKi

    [SC] PC PS N low sorch torch O Vex Gul +

  4. W

    Druid stuff for JAH rune

    Perfect arachnid mesh sash+32 hoto+ 197% jalas helm+ 20/19 Druid torch for x1 JAH rune
  5. W

    Arach mesh 20/19D torch and 32 hoto for jah rune

    Perfect arachnid mesh sash+20/19 D Torch+ 32 hoto for jah rune
  6. R

    [FT] PS 4 x unid torches available

    Hi :) Four torches fresh from Tristam available. 1 torch = 2 Ist / gul / 4x3 keyset All 4 for an Ohm Thanks!
  7. R

    [NL] [SC] PC Items for sale

    Hello I have following items for sales. Need rune offers: Pala Torch 17/12 Nokozoan Relic 20% / 10% Nagels 16 & 20 Gladiators Bane 166% Jewel 20 Attack Effectivness +10% MF Jewel 5-13 Cold Dmg, 30% Cold Res Skiller AMA Passive skills, 12 Hit React Carrion Wind Grim's Burning Dead Tearhaunch
  8. Freak King

    [NL] [SC] PC O Amazon Torch 18-12

    +3 skills +18 all stats +12 all res For trade for 2 ist.
  9. C

    ISO low Jav Torch

    I have some Ist, Vex, and Guls.
  10. terrapin90

    [SC] PC 12/16 zon torch ft

    looking for ist ty
  11. terrapin90

    [SC] PC 20/18 Pal Torch Ft.

    Looking for HR(s) taking offers! thanks!
  12. M

    [SC] [FT] PC O Assassin T 20/17 Need IST+Um

    Hi, I'm quite unlucky, I play 6 out of the 7 classes and I get a torch for a class I already have :( A 3x3 is also good for me. Thanks guys (and girls :) )
  13. J

    [FS] PS 19/14 Pala Torch

    Need low sorc torch or rune offer
  14. B

    [SC] [FT] PS Tal Armor FT

    FT Barb torch 19/19 SOLD Tal Armor ISO Runes, Maras, Pally and Sorc torch
  15. L

    [NL] [SC] [FT] [FS] PC 20/15 Sorc Torch

    LF Decent high rune offers
  16. A

    [FT] [ISO] unidentified torches ft for 4x3 keys. p.c. version only

    also willing to run ubers with people for 1x3 keys. you're welcome to make other offers but i mainly want keys.
  17. C

    [FT] [FS] PC O 19/15 Sorc torch n Runes

    19/15 Sorc torch - Lo/Sur or 19/15 Sorc torch,2Vex,Gul,Ist - Ber
  18. T

    PC Sorc torch 20/17

    Hi all What price i can get for this?
  19. K

    [SC] [FT] [FS] PC Hellfire Torch

    Selling - US Server Paladin - 15/20 - JAH or BER or similar Sorc torch Paladin - 14/12 - Vex, Tal armor or close to it Amazon - 17/12 - Vex, Tal armor or close to it Necro - 18/19 - Vex, Tal armor or close to it Necro - 17/14 - IST PC
  20. A

    [SC] PC Paladin Torch 18/20

    18/20 Paladin Torch LF Ber or Jah
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