1. M

    Price Check Eth +70 Kiras

    Price check
  2. L

    Rare Sorc staff +2 skills

    Is this worth anything? Looks like a decent staff
  3. W

    PC Sorc Circlet

    What does the following circlet go for: 2 to Sorceress Skill Levels 20 Faster Cast Rate 4 To Minimum Damage Damage Reduced By 4 Socketed (2)
  4. B

    How much does enigma trade for

    Archon or mage value
  5. S

    Tri res +strength +life belt

    Hi there Could I please get a price check on a rare heavy belt: 6 Defense Str requirement 45 +17 Strength +49 Life 28 Cold res 18 Light res 30 Fire res 66% extra gold find Appreciate it doesn't have FHR Thanks!
  6. D

    PC on some randoms PS4

    Hoping for some possible value figures (if any) from you fellas +1 Maxdmg/18Ar/5life SC +2 Maxdmg/19Ar SC +3 Maxdmg/12Ar SC +13 Life SC +15 Life SC +5MF SC +7MF/+19Ar SC +15% IAS Jewel +3 Bow and C.Bow magic gloves
  7. M

    [PC] Pricecheck - Multiple Items - Uniques, some sets, some charms

    I believe some of these items will have no value, but I am a noob to the online D2 world and I figure I might as well get it all checked out. Thanks in advance for any help! Highlord's Wrath Amulet +1 all skills +20% increased attack speed adds 1-30 lightning damage deadly strike based on char...
  8. B

    Pricecheck: +2 pally circlet

    Found this while clearing hell, curious if it is worth anything:
  9. W

    PC: Superior Archon Plate 3sox, 8%ed, 12%dura

    Thanks in advance!
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