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The Diablo 2 Wiki archive is available for anyone looking for information on Diablo 2. All information here is pre-D2R but contains a lot of useful information that is still relevant. Updated sections for new D2R features can be found on the PureDiablo Diablo 2 section


I've returned to playing Diablo 2 (LoD) after a few years' hiatus. Waitin' for D3, not much for the forum scene, so, wiki time! And boy it looks like this place needs it ("beta"?! "expansion probably"?!)


Help me - Do shields still have weight? Does it affect blocking speed?


Just finished templating sets. Dunno what's next. Midterms. Probably see about splitting lists into individual pages.


Added templates to set items. Not sure if I'm going to template the tables, or what.

Accounts & Characters

MarauderIIC on USEast

  • MrAdventure (Paladin) / Nightmare
  • Nirovan (Barbarian) / Normal