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Telekilling is a technique that uses the teleport skill to pop right beside a monster that would otherwise run away. The technique is fairly simple, though it takes some practice to master the timing. Simply point the gauntlet at the monster, right click to teleport, and the instant you appear start swinging. The warrior will always appear below and to the left of the target (if that space is clear) and it's not difficult to move the mouse so you'll be facing up at the monster the instant you rematerialize. With a fast sword and good damage, stun lock is ensured, and mages and witches can be killed in just a few hits.

Telekilling is mana-efficient too, since teleport is just 15 mana at higher levels, compared to 40 for Stone Curse. Plus the faster monsters are killed, the less damage you take, which means you drink fewer potions. And it's fun; most expert Diablo players measure themselves by how quickly and with how few potions they can clear levels, and chasing witches and mages around is not exactly an efficient use of time.

The hardest part for Warriors is reading the books. Level one Teleport requires 105 magic to read, and the books increase rapidly from there. It's 181 magic for level 4 and 255 for level 5 and up; more magic than it's possible for a Warrior to muster in Diablo (though it can be done with extremely rare equipment in Hellfire). Since Teleport reduces in mana cost until level 8, it's worth spending some time on Enchanted Shrine runs to increase the spell level.