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Guide:Smite FAQ v1.11, by Oramin and Bloodshrike

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This short guide focuses on the Paladin skill Smite, with details on how to calculate the damage, which shields work best, which bonuses work with the shield and which do not, and more. (Source.)

Diablo II Strategy Guide Info:

Smite Damage

The following things work with Smite

  • Bonus damage from STR (each point of STR adds 1% ED) (new for 1.10)

NOTE: Bonus damage is *not* based on the weapon type (e.g. for daggers each point of DEX adds .75% ED along with a similar bonus for STR).

  • +Skills (increase damage a LOT)
  • Crushing Blow (including CB on the weapon; e.g. "Black" runeword)
  • Weapon range (Thanks to Talamek for verifying this in 1.11)
  • Weapon speed (see below)
  • Life Tap (charges can be found on wands and daggers, save this for tough spots)
  • Freezes Target (including from the weapon; e.g. Sureshrill Frost)
  • Hit Blinds Target (From all gear, including the weapon and the shield)
  • Slow (including from the weapon; e.g. Pompeii's Wrath)
  • % Chance to cast (including from the weapon)
  • Prevent Monster Heal
  • Open Wounds (new for 1.10)

Display Error

The following things work with Smite but do *not* display on the Character screen:

  • Enhanced Damage which is off-weapon (thanks to Grimble for bringing this to my attention; thanks to Mikeandroe for helping test) (new for 1.10)

Note: The %ED actually does *sort of* display. Each 100% ED increases damage displayed by 1. (Thanks to Talamek for testing in 1.11)

The following items increase the shield damage: Redeemer, Astreon's Iron Ward, Stone Crusher, "Grief" runeword (Redeemer confirmed by Stopherson) (new for 1.10)

  • Damage +X, which is the attribute that the above items have, is added directly to the shield damage just like the Holy Shield bonus. This means that any %ED bonuses which work with Smite will apply (e.g. Fanaticism). (Thanks to Mikeandroe for helping test).

The following things do not work with Smite

  • Leech (life/mana)
  • Deadly Strike/Critical Strike (confirmed by both Oramin and Vash-dm independently in 1.11)
  • Knockback (apart from the standard Knockback on the skill)
  • Elemental damage from equipment or charms
  • Elemental damage from auras (e.g. Holy Shock) (the area effect will still work, just not the applied damage)
  • Poison damage from charms or the Venom proc on "Treachery" (tested by Oramin in 1.12) or on "Grief" (tested by Greentea101 in 1.12)
  • Magic damage from Sanctuary (note that I havent verified this for 1.10+ but I dont see any reason it should have changed; the area effect will still work, just not the applied damage) (added on behalf of gibbousmoon)
  • Gear and charms that add a set amount of damage (verified by SSJPunk) except for those items which have the Damage +X attribute (e.g. WarTravs will *not* add damage to Smite except for the STR bonus)
  • Enhanced Damage on the weapon
  • Enhanced Damage to Demons (e.g. Laying of Hands) (Thanks to Bonkshasa, Posterboy, and Talamek for testing)
  • Enhanced Damage to Undead (Thanks to Talamek for testing in 1.11)

Smite Speed

Smite speed is dependent on:

  • Base weapon speed (odd but true)
  • % EIAS from Fanaticism
  • IAS in gear
  • 6 frame Smite is the fastest possible

Just to clarify, Smite is not ITD (Ignores Target Defense), it automatically hits. You can find a description of the difference in Ernirs excellent thread Things You Should Know About Diablo 2.

Note: Some of the testing procedures can be found in later posts in this thread for those who want to know how the results were reached.

What is the Best Shield with Smite?

Version 1.11

Oldman's Throwsmiter guide claims that the Herald of Zakarum is a poor Smiter shield. Actually, the +Skills that you get from the HOZ make up for a lot.

Sacred Rondache

Damage: 35 to 58

  • Level 20 Smite = +300%
  • Level 20 Holy Shield = +57 to +60
  • Level 20 Fanaticism = +373%

(92 to 118) * (1 + 3.00 + 3.73) = 711 to 912

Herald of Zakarum

Unique Gilded Shield

  • Damage: 20 to 28
  • Level 24 Smite = +360%
  • Level 24 Holy Shield = +73 to +76
  • Level 22 Fanaticism = +407%

(93 to 104) * (1 + 3.60 + 4.07) = 806 to 902

Leaving us with a higher average damage from the HOZ. Note that an upgraded HOZ would be even better.

How is Smite Damage Calculated?

Version 1.11

It behaves like a standard weapon (except the %ED on the shield isn't equivalent to %ED on a weapon).

  1. Take the shield's base damage.
  2. Add anything that increases the shield damage.
  3. Multiply by non-weapon sources of %ED.

For example:

(Shield Base + Holy Shield bonus + Grief bonus) * (1 + Smite %ED bonus + STR %ED bonus + Fanaticism %ED bonus + off-weapon %ED bonus) = Total damage

The reason for this section is that the LCS (Lying Character Screen) isn't necessarily accurate. If you want to know the damage that you are actually doing you should run the numbers yourself.

How to Kill the Clone in Under 60 Seconds Using Smite

Version 1.11

This is a pretty straightforward method. I will explain how I did it and let the reader determine how best to adapt it. Note: I was using my Hammerdin with this method and not a Smiter.

I had two shields, a Herald of Zakarum and an elite Paladin shield with +2 skills.

  • In weapon 1, I had a knout with the "Black" runeword (thul + io + nef).
  • In weapon 2, I had a flail with the "Malice" runeword (ith + el + eth).
  • I had 1 point in Smite, 1 point in Fanaticism, and max Holy Shield.

Hit UberD with a Smite blow while wielding weapon 2. This should be easy enough as Smite ignores defense and blocking. By hitting him with the "Malice" weapon equipped you cause the Prevent Monster Heal on the weapon to be applied to him.

Now switch over to the "Black" weapon. I picked a knout because it is already a very fast weapon and weapon speed affects the speed of a Smite attack. The "Black" runeword has 40% chance of Crushing Blow, which is also applied to a Smite attack. This will very quickly drop him down to a sliver of life. After that it is just a matter of drinking potions while waiting for him to die.

Note: Prevent Monster Heal does not work on the Pandemonium Ubers (I'm unclear if it still works on the Clone). To get a similar effect for the Pandemonium Ubers, use gear that has Open Wounds on it. (Thanks to gta-maloy] for the information) (new for 1.11)