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Guide:PVP Jabberzon v1.10, by Darius Paul

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Diablo II Strategy Guide Info:

I haven't seen a Jabber guide yet so I figured I would post my own based on how I've built mine in the past. Enjoy and have fun! I'll start with Stats, then Skills, Items, Secondary items, and then Charms.


Strength: Enough for items, so plan ahead incase you get something better than what your using and don't have enough strength for it.

Dexterity: Around 200+ should be fine. This includes items. This will give you 75% block with a storm shield.

Vitality: Your best friend after Dexterity and Strength.

Energy: Base.

So basically just your average melee dueler build as far as stats go.


When you're first starting out during the lower levels divide your points between 3 skills. Jab, Critical Strike, and Dodge. This way you can do a lot of damage at a lower level. Make sure you have Mana Leech because Jab can get a little pricey on the mana.

Jab (20): Obviously put 20 points in this.

Dodge (18-20): You may not need to max this, just make sure you have about a 59-60% chance. You can get this with +skill items which I'll get into later. So honestly, aim for about a level 18 base level Dodge. Your items should boost that to 26-28, give or take.

Note: Watch out for Dodge lock. This can make you lose the duel without doing any damage to the other player. It's not cool when it happens, but still, the positives of this skill outweigh the negatives. Just don't get mad when it happens.

Critical Strike (18): This one you'll want to get to about 74%. Again, you won't need to max this skill either, just get it to a high %. It eventually starts to repeat itself and there are other skills you can max, then come back to this if you want to.

Penetrate (20): This is one of your best skills. Max this skill and with your +skill items, this should get to roughly level 26 (not including passive charms). That's a 285% bonus to Attack Rating (AR). Now if you can get passive charms, this can easily get over 300%. Wow!

Inner Sight (20): Max this too. A high level IS could cut a PvPers defence by half. This, plus the huge AR boost from Penetrate, makes even a 50k def Paladin or Barbarian easy to hit.

Note on skills: These are your main skills for a pure melee Jabber. Any other skill points you have left over you can put anywhere you want. Using a Valkyrie is fine but don't use it in PvP. A Paladin with LT and Zeal has a better chance to cast LT when he hits your Valkyrie. After your main skills are done Avoid and Evade would be a good to put a couple in. There will always be BM duelers so you'll need some type of defense against them. Some is better than none.


Read these first before you look at the items.

This is where the Jabber is either made or broken. Open Wounds (OW) is the Jabbers best friend, but you can get by without it. Mine only uses the OW from Gore Riders and she does just fine. She's also got 18.5k attack rating without Angelics. She's not even half filled with 3/20/20's either.

Also, don't build this Amazon based around defense. Anyone who's attempted an Amazon knows that defense means nothing for a Amazon. You can barely get hit while only having 1000 defense. So when you're looking for armour, go for the mods. You'll have a choice of whether to use Cham or a Ravens. It's up to you. Ill explain them while I talk about the items.

Titans: This is the best weapon for this build. Unless you can find an insane rare, use Titans. There's a catch though. Regular perfect Titans won't cut it. Not against an eth DC or botd. You'll have to go with an upgraded Titan with 190+%, or an eth upgraded with 190%. Even though this build is half reliable on Open Wounds, doing 1500 damage per hit still won't win any duels. You'll have to at least make a dent if your wanting to beat the more advanced meleers.

Armour: There are a few you can use that are good. Ill start from best to worst, even though the worst is still very good, it's the worst of the 3.

Best - Jewelers Armour of the Whale. If you can afford it, 160/60 IAS. This is the best armour for this build, hands down.

Second best - Duress. Has nice mods on it, especially Open Wounds.

Least of the 3 - Stone. 60% Fast Hit Recovery isn't too shabby. Plus several other decent mods on it too.

Storm Shield - This is important if you want the max damage reduce. Make sure this has either a Cham rune or an IAS jewel.

Gore Riders - Don't need any explanation for these. The mods speak for themselves.

Gloves: Rare or crafted. +2 passives with Dexterity, Strength, Life, or IAS. Any combination is fine as long as there's +2 passives and 20 IAS.

Note: If you're looking to have some fun though, you could use Dracs. 25% Open Wounds plus more Strength. Also, if you're dueling a Paladin that uses LT, the LT off Dracs could come in useful.

Helm: I found a Shako to be the best helm for this build. +2 skills. 10% damage reduce. Well over a hundred to life and mana. And not that it matters all too much but a whopping +2 to all your stats. Socket this with an ed/IAS jewel or a Cham and your set.

Belt: Verdungo's is probably your best bet. Damage reduce, hit recovery and 30+ vitality.

Note: There are a lot of other belts you can use, but this one seemed to be the most successful GM belt I came across.

Rings and Amulet: Here are your options:

These are not in any order. They are all good, it's mainly about what you're comfortable using.

1: If you used a Cham rune in your item set up, then 2 Angelic Rings and the Angelic amulet work beautifully.

2: Ravens (1 or 2), plus a rare ring with great stats. And +2 all skills rare amulet with life, Dexterity, etc If you can't get this amulet, a Cats Eyes is fine too. Or even a Highlords for more Deadly Strike. Up to you. Since you'll have enough Deadly/Critical Strike already Cats Eye might be the better choice.

Secondary Items

If it's allowed to be used where you duel, then you'll want to get a CTA. It's a nice feeling when you see your Jabber with 3000+ life. And a +1 skills shield.

Charms: Max damage charms, Life charms, Attack rating charms, Passive charms, etc. You get the idea.

Now when you're done with all this, you should be around level 85ish. You'll want to finish the build at level 90ish. If you want to go further, more power to ya! You should be ready to have some fun now.