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Guide:Low Level Dueling Items v1.10, by Jakotaco

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Diablo II Strategy Guide Info:

Low Level Dueling (LLD) is PvP dueling between characters of a set, low level. Common levels are 9, 19, 24, or 30. LLD is highly item-based, since the low levels limit skills and big item use, which puts more pressure on the other items. Especially charms and jewels. This guide lists the best options from all types of items, with their stats and level requirements.


There have been an increasing amount of LLD related threads around lately, both in the pvp forums and in the trading forums. Most common questions have been gear related: "Is this any good for a LLD?", "What gear should I use for my level x char of class y?"

Here is my contribution to the forums. Please note that I am not an expert in the field of trade values, LLD:ing or statistics overall. But I am a number-cruncher and are quickly gaining interest for the field of LLDing. While I might not be sporting top notch gear on my chars I am well aware of what's viable and what's not. Anyway, enough about me.

Basic LLD Questions

LLD stands for Low Level Dueler, a character made specifically for dueling at a low level. Other terms are MLD = mid level dueler and HLD = high level dueler.

There is a vast price range for low level dueling gear. It is possible to make a decent LLD for the fraction of the cost of a good high level dueler. But a top-notch LLD can be extremely expensive. The difference between LLDing and HLDing is that a low budget LLD can still clear out a pub of non LLDs while a low budget HLD is close to chanceless in a public High level duel game.

Some considers only level 9 being LLD while others consider everything below 90 as LLD. For me every char that is purposely dueling at a low level than "as high as I could" a potential LLD/MLD. However, the border between LLD and MLD is harder to define. Some set it at 29, others at 30 and some even considers 35 as LLD. But enough definitions, if you win and are higher level than your opponent they will always claim that you're not a real LLD. Common low dueling levels are 9, 12, 15, 18, 29, 30, 35.

For this guide I will list items level 9-39 to make sure no one gets left out.


I will list the items based on type. I will leave it to you how to gear your characters.


Some might say that the difference between a good dueler and a godly dueler lies in his charm setup. This is possibly even more true for a LLD where a good charm setup might triple your life or double your damage. Try to get a good combination of prefixes and suffixes for your level. The top charms, such as the 3/20/20 smalls, have a level requirement above that of any LLD, which is why these charms, much ignored by normal characters, are greatly-desired by LLD players.

The following list is sorted by type.


  • Large Charm +7 Mana (rlvl 6)
  • Small Charm +7 Mana (rlvl 12)
  • Grand Charm +33 Mana (rlvl 18)
  • Small Charm +12 Mana (rlvl 24)
  • Grand Charm +46 Mana (rlvl 29)

(great prefix for mana intense builds, vital for ES based sorcs)

  • Large Charm +12 Attack Rating (rlvl 5)
  • Large Charm +25 Attack Rating (rlvl 12)
  • Small Charm +12 Attack Rating (rlvl15)

(attack rating is a nice add for a charm)

  • Large Charm +3 Defence (rlvl 1)
  • Grand Charm +12 Defence (rlvl 9)
  • Large Charm +12 Defence (rlvl 15)
  • Small Charm +20 Defence (rlvl 28)

(a nice add for the charms of a defence build)

  • Grand Charm +6 Max Damage +46 Attack Rating (rlvl 16)
  • Grand Charm +10 Max Damage +76 Attack Rating (rlvl 21)
  • Large Charm +6 Max Damage +48 Attack Rating (rlvl 21)
  • Small Charm +3 Max Damage +20 Attack Rating (rlvl 21)

(These can do wonders for your damage)

  • Small Charm +5 All Resistances (rlvl 25)
  • Large Charm +8 All Resistances (rlvl 26)
  • Grand Charm +15 All Resistances (rlvl 27)

(most level 29/30 chars are casters making these very valueable)

  • Small Charm +9 Specific Resistance (rlvl 20)
  • Grand Charm +30 Specific Resistance (rlvl 22)

(A welcome add to a charm, or a valueable stash setup)


  • Large Charm +15 Life (rlvl 9)
  • Small Charm +10 Life (rlvl 14)
  • Small Charm +15 Life (rlvl 17)
  • Large Charm +20 Life (rlvl 19)
  • Grand Charm +25 Life (rlvl 23)

(These are the bread and butter of most builds)

  • Grand Charm 12% Faster Hit Recovery (rlvl 1)
  • Large Charm 8% Faster Hit Recovery (rlvl 14)
  • Small Charm 5% Faster Hit Recovery (rlvl 29)

(Make sure to hit a good FHR breakpoint)

  • Small Charm +1 Str or Dex (rlvl 5)
  • Grand Charm +6 Str or Dex (rlvl 10)
  • Large Charm +5 Str or Dex (rlvl 13)
  • Small Charm +2 Str or Dex (rlvl 16)

(Almost always beaten by life charms, only good for str/dex bugging)

  • Grand Charm 7% Faster Run/Walk (rlvl 14)
  • Large Charm 5% Faster Run/Walk (rlvl 18)
  • Small Charm 3% Faster Run/Walk (rlvl 27)

(Useful for most chars, catch casters or escape melee)

And that was the charms, remember that most charms requires both a good suffix and a good prefix to be valueable. The life charms and all resists charms are however valueable as is, same goes for max/ar and to some extent for mana charms. However these charms can reach very high values if in combinations. For example 3/20/15 small charms can reach insane prices, other highly priced combinations are mana/fhr, life/res and mana/life charms.


One of the key features of a good LLD is the sockets, few non LLDs wastes any time getting useful jewels or adding sockets to their items. For an LLD however sockets is what makes your gear godly, often the jewels holds better stats than the base gear!

Remember that most affixes can spawn on rare jewels aswell (maximum 4 affixes total, max 3 prefixes or suffixes) for really insane ones!


  • Rusty (rlvl 9) 20% Enchanced dmg
  • Realgar (rlvl 37) 30% Enchanced dmg

Useful for smiters and kickers, but other chars should put them in weapons to avoid the +dmg/ed bug.

  • Carbuncle (rlvl 9) +5 Maximum Damage
  • Carmine (rlvl 27) +9 Maximum Damage

(the dmg suffixes are a lot better, but if you get both prefix and suffix you have a godly jewel)

  • Scarlet (rlvl 6) +4 Minimum damage
  • Crimson (rlvl 30) +8 Minimum damage

(neat dmg boost, if your min dmg is > than your max dmg each additional point in min dmg will push your max dmg aswell.)

  • Tin (rlvl 6) +40 Attack Rating
  • Silver (rlvl 18) +60 Attack Rating
  • Argent (rlvl 36) +100 Attack Rating

(plain jewels are beaten by diamonds and amethysts, but in combinations with other affixes they are great)

  • Zircon (rlvl 2) +10 Mana
  • Jacinth (rlvl 12) +15 Mana
  • Turquoise (rlvl 21) +20 Mana

(great affix for any mana using char, requires other affixes to be useful though)

  • Dun (rlvl 5) 12% Damage to Mana

(probably the best gm way for a melee char to keep it's blue bar filled)

  • Shimmering (rlvl 12) +10 All Resistances
  • Scintillating (rlvl 26) +15 All Resistances (magic only)

(great protection against casters)

  • single res prefix (rlvl 1) +15 single Resist
  • single res prefix2 (rlvl 14) +30 Single Resist

(great adds for overall gear, can also be used for stash gear vs specific opponents)

  • Blanched (rlvl 1) +8 Defence
  • Eburin (rlvl 12) +20 Defence
  • Bone (rlvl 24) +40 Defence

(Defence is never wrong, or is it?)


  • of Malice (rlvl 29) Attacker takes damage of 6

(rarely sought for, but some "fun" setups use them in their weapon)

  • of Fervor (rlvl 31) 15% Increased attack speed

(great add, but it's lvl req makes most llds stay away from it)

  • of Wrath (rlvl 8) +9 Max Damage
  • of Carnage (rlvl 18) +15 Max Damage

(the bread and butter of most melee builds)

  • of Daring (rlvl 5) +3 Dexterity
  • of Daring (rlvl 14) +6 Dexterity
  • of Daring (rlvl 28) +9 Dexterity

(very good adds on rare jewels)

  • of Virility (rlvl 13) +4 Strength
  • of Virility (rlvl 25) +6 Strength

(very good adds on rare jewels)

  • of Knowledge (rlvl 6) +5 Energy
  • of Knowledge (rlvl 18) +6 Energy
  • of Knowledge (rlvl 33) +9 Energy

(useful add, but a not very valueable)

  • of Truth (rlvl 36) 7% Faster Hit Recovery

(good add, but level req is in the MLD range)

  • of Honor (rlvl 35) +4 Replenish Life

(borders to MLD, else a decent add)

  • of Spirit (rlvl 1) +8 Life
  • of Hope (rlvl 37) +20 Life

(ok add, but the lvl 37 one is too high level for most LLDs)

  • of Freedom (rlvl 1) -15% Requirements

(Very good add as most high def/socket armor have high requirements)

Example jewels of high value are magic and rares with both a dmg prefix and a damage suffix, any level 9 Jewel with more than +9 Max damage or any level 18 Jewel with more than +15 max damage. Theoretically a jewel with rlvl 9 and 8-14 damage could spawn, it's value would be astronomical.

Casters on the other hand are more interested in saving stat points for vitality or energy if ES-builds. Jewels with -req, +str and +dex can fetch very high values, if it also has a mana or resists prefix you're one lucky LLD.

Another cheaper socketing option is runes and gems.


  • Flawed, Normal, Flawless and Perfect Gems (rlvl 6, 12, 15, 18)
  • Rubies: Life or Fire Resistance
  • Sapphires: Mana or Cold Resistance
  • Topazes: Lightning Resistance
  • Emeralds: Poison dmg, dexterity or poison resistance.
  • Diamonds: Attack Rating or All Resistances
  • Skulls: Regenerate Mana/Life or Attacker Takes Damage


  • Hel (rlvl 1) -20% Requirements in weapons
  • Eld (rlvl 11) 7% Increased Chance of Blocking (Shields)
  • Nef (rlvl 13) Knockback (weapons, in this case bows)
  • Ith (rlvl 15) 15% Damage taken goes to mana (armors)
  • Tal, Ral, Ort, Thul (rlvl 17-23) +30 Resistance.
  • Amn (rlvl 25) Attacker takes Damage of 14 (armors)
  • Sol (rlvl 27) Damage Reduced by 7 (Armors, good vs low dmg chars)
  • Shael (rlvl 29) 20% Increased attack speed or faster block or hit recovery.
  • Dol (rlvl 31) Replenish Life +7


Now that we have a great charm setups and a stashful of nice jewels we will need something to stick those jewels into. A Naked character beating everyone with his/her fists might be stylish but hardly viable versus anyone with a clue... Lets take a look at what you will want to be wearing.

Note about upped items: If an item is upgraded from normal to exceptional it gets a hidden "+5 level req" tag. The new level req is the highest one of base unique, new base item or socketholder. While most upgraded items gets the level req of 30 as most exceptional items have level req of 25 you must also pay attention to what you socket into the item. If you for example decide to put a Shael rune into your upped Blade Barrier you will see it's level requirement shoot to 34, despite the shield being level 30 and the rune being level 29.

One-Hand Melee Weapons

One handed weapons is probably the most common way to go, this allows you to wear a shield or dual wield if you are a barbarian.

Socketed normal weaponrlvl 1+) filled with jewels with enchanced damage, minimum damage and max damage. Best choises are 6 socket Military Pick for best speed, 6 socket War Axe for range 3 and more damage or a 5 socket War Scepter with +skills for your build. Get a superior one if possible.

  • Khalim's Will: (rlvl 1)

50% Increased Attack Speed, range 3, practically free for anyone. Makes rushing a bit tougher though.

  • Cleglaw's Tooth: (rlvl 4)

50% Deadly Strike, this single stat can increase the damage output of your character by 50%. Great weapon at a great price, if you have lots of +dmg jewels in your other gear this sword might beat the more expensive jeweled weapons. 30% Bonus to Attack Rating is just gravy... Add a socket if you are serious about your LLDing.

  • The Gnasher Hand Axe: (rlvl 5)

20% Crushing Blow, 50% Open Wounds and +8 Strenght, excellent choise for smiters and kickers.

  • Crushflange Mace: (rlvl 9)

33% Crushing Blow, Fire Resist +50%, +15 to Strenght, another good choise for smiters and kickers.

  • 1.09 Azurewrath: (rlvl 13)

50% Deadly Strike is yummy as always, having one of these is status in it self...

  • The General's Tan Do Li Ga Flail: (rlvl 21)

A fast range 3 weapon, it's biggest bonus is the Slows target by 50%, can be used by smiters and kickers, or possibly by any char as a switch weapon to apply slow.

  • Socketed Exceptional Weapon: (rlvl 25+)

Your top choises are yet again 6 Socket Naga, 6 Socket Crowbill, 6 Socket Dimensional Blade, or a 5 Socket Divine Scepter with +skills. Fill them with a good balance of Jewels and Shael runes to hit good dmg and speed.

  • "Honor" Runeword: (rlvl 27)

This is a great weapon at a low price, gives damage, deadly strike, strength, life replenish and +1 to all skills as a topping of this runeword flavoured cake. Good choises here are Naga for best damage, Knout for better speed, or a Divine Scepter with +skills. Try getting a superior base weapon, or maybe even making it in an ethereal weapon to have in stash for important duels? it's cheap enough to consider expendable.

  • Bloodletter Gladius: (rlvl 30)

Nice starter weapon for a ww barb, decent damage, lots of +skills and the fact that it hits maximum ww speed with a shael rune makes it a stable choise, can also be used as an offhand for whirlwind or to save skillpoints. However it's short range stops it from being top choise.

  • Coldsteel Eye Cutlass: (rlvl 31)

Damage, speed, 50% deadly strike and 30% slows target. Weren't it for it's low range and impopular level req I would wear one anytime.

Assasin Claws

For claw assasins your choices are more limited as there are no low level set or unique claws. (for good kicksin weapons see one-handed melee weapons) Most often you will have to rely on a good magic or rare claw. Best claws at low level is the Blade Talons as they have the best speed. at level 30 you will get access to Hand Scythes which can spawn with staffmods!

  • 3 Socket Superior Blade Talons with Jewels: (rlvl 1+)

Common setups are "Hel", "Jewel", "Jewel", where teh jewels are typically as good dmg jewel you can afford for your level. If you have rare jewels with -req or plan to use other gear with high requirements you can go for 3x Jewels.

  • 2 Socket Magical Blade Talons: (rlvl 1+)

Can be shopped and socketed by Larzuk or rerolled with chipped or flawless gems. If you can get claws with an ed/ar prefix and a suffix with ias or amplify damage you are good to go. But remember that a rare claw will be able to beat it easily.

  • Rare Blade Talons (rlvl 1+)

Your best choice, good luck finding that ed/ias/amplify dmg/sockets eth/rep blade talon of godliness.

  • "Malice" Runeword Blade Talons (rlvl 15):

100% open wounds and some other nice mods, make sure to compensate for the negative life regeneration.

  • 2 Socket Magical Hand Scythe (rlvl 30+):

Can be rerolled the same way you reroll Blade Talons, however for the best at this level affixes you will be wanting higher ilvl. Best way would be shopping, gambling or rerolling with pgems. Now, in a few weeks, or months you will maybe have a pair with +2 skill tree, +3 main skill, 2 sockets...

  • Rare Hand Scythe: (rlvl 30+)

Even more goodies on a Hand Scythe, a godly one can reach insane prices.

Two-hand Melee Weapons

Most often you will be wanting to use a one handed weapon, but for example chargers might want to use something bigger once in a while.

  • Bonesnap Maul: (rlvl 24)

This weapon is just WOW, up to 300% enchanced dmg and some crushing blow and resistances. If you can't afford making a real LLD I can say that even a crapgeared charger with a Bonesnap can kill most chars their own level if they haven't max block. If you have an ethereal one, keep it in stash for special occasions.

  • "Honor" Runeword: (rlvl 27)

Make it in a Lance for a range 5 weapon with nice mods.

  • "Insight" Runeword: (rlvl 29)

This thing is crazy: good damage, critical strike, +5 to all attributes, loads of attack rating and best of all: Meditation Aura, now you can desynch all day long without worrying about mana pots, the meditation aura gets synergised by prayer aswell making for some interesting builds. Best made in a Partizan for damage or a Rune Staff if stats is an issue. Ethereal ones are good expendable weapons.

  • Hwanin's Justice: (rlvl 30)

A rather fast twohander, with a Shael rune it's quite deadly for some builds.

  • Upgraded Bonesnap War Club: (rlvl 30)

Good ol' Bonesnap, only this time it's damage is almost twice as high. Requirements rises as well. But this thing is huge, a perfect ethereal one has over 300 minimum dmg!

Caster Weapons

  • Maelstrom Yew Wand: (rlvl 14)

First available onehanded weapon with 30% FCR, has some mana and resist aswell.

  • Spectral Shard: (rlvl 25)

50% FCR, mana, resists, a baby wizzy for you speed freaks.

  • "Spirit" Runeword: (rlvl 27)

This sword has it all, +2 skills, up to 35%FCR, huge mana, vitality and insane 55% FHR... Preferably made in a Crystal Sword, ethereal if you are a style freak. High-stat ones can go at high prices, but the runes are cheap.

  • Razorswitch Jo Staff: (rlvl 28)

30%FCR, +80 Life, +175 Mana, +50 Allres, 15 MDR and +1 skills. This is probably the only caster weapon giving "Spirit" sword a run for it's money at this level. The lack of a shield is what's killing it vs melee.

  • Suicide Branch: (rlvl 33)

+1 Skills, 50% FCR, Life, Mana. Overall good stuff if you wants to hit that special breakpoint.

Sorceress Orbs

Make sure to check the general Caster weapons aswell. But if you're all about damage or wants the freedom of sockets then it's nothing that beats a good rare orb with staffmods and skills. Try to get one with +3 to your main skills, some fcr, some life/mana, resists and sockets. An orb with +4-5 to a cold armor or energy shield can be good for prebuffing.

  • +1 Skill tree Orb: (rlvl 15+)
  • +1 Sorc Skills Orb: (rlvl 22+)
  • +2 Skill Tree Orb: (rlvl 30+)


A str bugged one for shooting invis arrows at your overly defensive opponent or the main threat from your bowazon? Bowas tend to be rare at low levels but more common the higher you get.

  • Raven Claw Long Bow: (rlvl 15)

Fire damage from for example holy fire is added to the explosion making for a lld fire ranger. If you happen to have a friend enchantress you can go bm with 4k damage invis arrows...

  • 6x perf Emerald Bow: (rlvl 18)

600 Poison Damage, while not a viable main attack it can prove an interesting switch weapon versus chars that don't use deaths gloves. Lower Emeralds are of course available at lower levels as well.

  • Rogue's Bow Composite Bow: (rlvl 20)

Deadly strike, all res and speed. Solid choise for a bowazon.

  • "Zephyr" Runeword: (rlvl 21+)

Some ias, ed and frw. Twisters can help you keep them at a distance.

  • Upped Rogue's Bow Double Bow: (rlvl 30)

Same as above, only this time it also has some damage on it's own. Remember what I said about socketing upped items, "Nef" or a nice Jewel will probably be better than "Shael"

  • Riphook Razor Bow: (rlvl 31)

Damage, Speed, Slows Target and Open Wounds. Very nice bow that won't make you popular.

  • Kuko Shakaku Cedar Bow: (rlvl 33)

See Raven Claw, only this time with a lot more firepower.

  • "Harmony" Runeword: (rlvl 39)

Bit high level req, but Harmony MLDs are common enough to give this a mention, very good damage and Vigor aura to help you keeping any char at a distance.

  • Whichwild String: (rlvl 39)

If I mentioned Harmony I must mention this one aswell, right? Deadly Strike, Damage, huge resists and 2 Open sockets. Still it's level req is making this a MLD item.

Throwing Weapons

Throwing weapons are cool, period. Spears travel the farthest. Your best bet is getting a nice rare one with eth/rep, dmg mods, amplify damage and speed.

  • Rare Throwing Spears: (rlvl 1+)
  • Rare War Javelins: (rlvl 18+)
  • Rare Harpoons: (rlvl 25+)


Dueling isn't all about weapons, you will need armor to stay alive. Armors often enhance your offensive capabilities aswell.


Without a shield you will get eaten by the first charger that decides to crush your bones... Shield can also be used offensively, either as a place for jewel, something giving open wounds or as a smiters weapon!

  • Pelta Lunata: (rlvl 2)

Good blocking and stats at a low level. very fast block rate

  • Sigon Shield: (rlvl 6)

Earliest source of +1 skill and decent block. bit high reqs though.

  • Umbral Disk: (rlvl 9)

Even higher block chance, good stats aswell.

  • Vulpine Bone Shield of Deflecting /w 2 sockets: (rlvl 9)

High block, useful dtm and 2 sockets for nice jewels.

  • Nice Rare shield: (rlvl xx)

Should have 2 sockets and deflecting mod. Other than that you might want damage to mana, faster hit recovery and such...

  • Swordback Hold: (rlvl 15)

50% Open Wounds and decent block. Spiked shield have good smite dmg.

  • Artisan's Tower Shield of Deflecting: (rlvl 25)

High block and 3 sockets, one of the few lld items that gets an own abbreviation (ATSoD)

  • "Rhyme" runeword: (rlvl 29)

Good block, nice resists and cannot be frozen. Great shield.

  • Visceratuant: (rlvl 28)

+1 sorceress skills and good blocking and block rate.

  • Whistan's Guard: (rlvl 29)

The shield with best blocking mods of them all.

  • Upped Swordback Hold: (rlvl 30)

Same as it's little brother, but more def, block and smite dmg.

  • Moser's Blessed Circle: (rlvl 31)

Defence, resists and block all in one. 2 Sockets makes it highly configurable, impopular level though.

  • Lance Guard: (rlvl 35)

WTF? a shield with deadly strike? and then it also has high life and fhr, dtm and some odd thorn damage. Mediocre blocking and impopular level req prevents it from being godly.

Paladin Shield

Paladins can use the same shields as any, but with the benefit of haveing 4 socket shields with staffmods at lvl 1, why would they?

  • 4 Socket 65%Ed, +121ar shield: (rlvl 1+)

Great for zealots and smiters alike... fill it with dmg jewels and you have a godly shield.

  • 4 Socket 45% All resistance shield: (rlvl 1+)

Caster start showing up at around lvl 29. By then you'd better get some protection from it. Either use one of these with pdiamonds or stack up against your nemesis...

Another very good use would be a...

  • "Spirit" Runeword: (rlvl 27)

This shield is insane, +2 all skills, 55%fhr, hufe life and mana and potential 35% fcr. It also has some nice resists that in conjugation with a base shield with res can push your resists to the top.

Necromancer Heads

If you want to walk around with a smelly head that's up to you... Some might be really nice.

  • Rare Necro Head: Try to get +3 main skill, deflecting mod and maybe 2 sockets and you have a great shield. If you also manage to get +necro skills or P&B skills, you're set...

Body Armors

A very important piece to say the least, can provide many nice offensive or defensive mods.

  • 4 Socket Ancient Armor: (rlvl 1+)

High defence and 4 sockets to be filled with for example damage jewels, try to get some -req on them aswell as this armor has high reqs!

  • 3 Socket Breast Plate: (rlvl 1+)

3 Sockets to fill, but this one is a lightweight armor saving your stats for other things.

  • Sigon Armor: (rlvl 6)

Full Sigon's is a popular choise for highdef chars and kicksins.

  • Angelic Armor: (rlvl 12)

Not all that popular, but works find in combination with the popular ring+amu.

  • Twichthroe Studded Leather Armor: (rlvl 16)

Good stuff, gives ias, blocking, fhr and nice stats.

  • Milabrega's Robe: (rlvl 17)

Might look harmless, but in combination with the helm this one has over 400 defence.

  • Blessed Ancient Armor of Simplicity: (rlvl 18)

Only good if 2 sockets, then you have a nice configurable highdef armor.

  • Rare Ancient Armor: (rlvl ??)

If you get 2 sockets, -reqs, enchanced defence, and maybe even eth/rep you have a great piece assuimg now mods pushes level req upwards.

  • Artisan's Mage Plate of the Colossus: (rlvl 25)

Great piece with 3 sockets and up to +60 life, also being a light armor type.

  • Artisan's Mage Plate of the Squid: (rlvl 30)

Same as above, but up to +80 Life.

  • "Peace" Runeword: Many nice adds, most importantly the oskill critical strike that can enable melee classes to deal much higher dmg.
  • Rattlecage: (rlvl 29)

25% Crushing blow and decent defence, cool purple color btw...

  • Skin of the Vipermagi: (rlvl 29)

One of the reasons lvl 29/30 casters suddenly comes to power. 30% FCR paired with +1 skills and nice resists makes this a great piece.

  • Ethereal Skin of the Flayed One: (rlvl 31)

High def armor with lots of replenish life.

  • Shaftstop: (rlvl 38)

High defence, life and DR%, unfortunately a bit high level req.


Despite the thing that most on bnet doesn't seems to have something to protect inside their heads, somehow the game producers thought helms should be beneficial.

  • 3 Socket Mask/Crown: (rlvl 1+) To be filled with nice jewels. Higher chars can also make one for stacking resists as headgear often is easily replaceable.
  • Biggin's Bonnet: (rlvl 3) 30% Ed, Some life, mana, ar and defence. Not bad...
  • Sigon's Helm: (rlvl 6) decent defence, also ar per level. Some kicksins and others uses full set.
  • Duskdeep: (rlvl 17) Some damage, defence and resists, but it's the Damage reduced by 7 that makes it useful vs for example smiters.
  • Rare Circlet: (rlvl xx) can give life, mana, resists, attack rating or sockets. At level 22 you can get +1 class skills, and at level 30 you get +2 skill tree.
  • Crafted Blood Helm: (rlvl xx) Gives deadly strike, with mechanic's mod and such it can turn out good.
  • Peasant Crown: (rlvl 28) Popular piece, gives skills, run speed, replenish life and some vitality/energy.
  • Rockstopper: (rlvl 31) The baby CoA, gives nice resists, defence, fhr, damaged reduced by 10%... too bad it's an impopular level.
  • Guillaume's Face: (rlvl 34) FHR, Strength, Deadly Strike and Crushing Blow. Sweet.
  • Stealskull: (rlvl 35) Huge defence, nice ias and fhr bonuses.

Druid Helms


  • 3 Socket helm with +3 main skills: (rlvl x) Fill it with jewels or such matching you char type.
  • "Lore" Helm with +3 main skills: (rlvl 27) For those who can't get that godly rare.
  • Godly rare: (rlvl xx) +2 skill tree, +3 Main skill, +life, +mana, sockets, fhr... maybe visionary mod if melee.


For when the weather is cold or when you don't want to touch things with your bare hands...

  • Cleglaw's Pincers: (rlvl 4) slows target and knockback, nice when you want to keep stuff away from you. Nice +ar/lvl set bonus aswell.
  • Death's Hand: (rlvl 6) alone it protects you against poison, combinate it with belt and you get 30%ias aswell. Death's combo is very common in lld.
  • Sigon Gloves: (rlvl 6) Great in combination with other sigon pieces.
  • Bloodfists: (rlvl 9) All nice mods, +40 life, 30%fhr, 10% ias, +5 Min dmg. Great piece of gloves.
  • Magefists: (rlvl 23) +1 fire skills, 20%fcr. Good for casters.
  • Frostburn: (rlvl 29) +40% Mana, for an ES sorc not needing fcr this is good, most use mages though.
  • Immortal King's Forge: (rlvl 30) Huge stats, nice set bonuses. bit high reqs though.
  • Rares: (rlvl xx) mostly used by javazons, and as such you'd like +java skills, stats, ias and maybe some resists.
  • Hit Power Craft: (rlvl xx) knockback gloves for your bowazon, hard to get good crafted items at low level though.


Running barefoot in the moor can't end up well. Here is what you need!

  • Hsarus' Iron Heel: (rlvl 3) gives huge ar/lvl in combination with other set pieces.
  • Sigon's Sabot: (rlvl 6) good in combination with rest of the set, good kick damage aswell.
  • Cow King's Hooves: (rlvl 13) 30%FRW and +20 Dex makes these boots great for boosting your block chance. The fire dmg is quite substantial for it's level aswell.
  • Sander's Riprap: (rlvl 20) 40% FRW, +100 AR, +10 Dex and +5 Str. Doesn't sound too bad does it?
  • Goblin Toe: (rlvl 22) 25% Crushing blow is good for for example smiters.
  • Natalya's Soul: (rlvl 25) +40% Faster Run/Walk, Nice defence and resists.
  • Tearhaunch: (rlvl 29) Nice resists and stats.
  • Nice rares: (rlvl xx) resists, frw, fhr, stats, mana... standard trires boots. Kicksins will want high dmg boots, others will want lowreq ones.
  • Immortal King's Pillar: (rlvl 31) High frw and attack rating, good kick damage aswell.
  • Waterwalk: (rlvl 32) huge life, dexterity, overall good boots.


This is were you put tons of full juv potions... or not.

  • Death's Belt: (rlvl 6) Cannot Be Frozen, great in combination with gloves.
  • Sigon's Belt: (rlvl 6) Nice with the other set pieces.
  • Crafted Caster Belt: (rlvl 14+) Belts with FCR and mana are always nice. Hard to get good mods without high level req though.
  • Crafted Safety Belt: (rlvl 14+) Only used for PDR chars.
  • Crafted Blood Belt: (rlvl 14+) Open wounds, life, that can't be bad can it?
  • Iratha's Cord: (rlvl 15) +5 Min dmg on a belt, could work for a min dmg build.
  • Nightsmoke: (rlvl 20) 50% DTM is the solution to your mana issues, a high life char with this belt won't ever need to bring blue pots to a duel. Other stats ain't bad either.
  • Bladebuckle: (rlvl 29) Very nice stats and FHR.
  • String of Ears: (rlvl 29) Damage reduced by 15% and some MDR. Popular choise for any LLD.
  • Immortal King's Detail: (rlvl 29) Nice strength and resist bonuses. Good set bonuses aswell.


Lets see, 10 fingers... that makes for 2 rings right?

  • Nagelring: (rlvl 7) the attack rating makes this a common starter ring.
  • Rare vlld ring: (rlvl 9) up to +2 str/dex, half freeze duration, and as much attack rating as possible. I what you want.
  • Angelic Halo: (rlvl 12) +6 rep life and +20 Life is good on it's own, add an amulet and you have a crazy AR boost.
  • Crafted Safety Ring: (rlvl 14+) Damage Reduced by 4, not bad for a ring.. at this level.
  • Manald Heal Ring: (rlvl 15) Life, mana regen and rep life.
  • Rare FCR ring: (rlvl xx) Mana, FCR and resists are priorities, get some life and stats and it's really nice.
  • Stone of Jordan: (rlvl 29) +1 skills, 25% Mana. Very nice ring for any caster, especially at this low level.


For some extra "bling"

  • Rare vlld amulet: (rlvl 9) up to +5 str/dex, attack rating, rep life, and maybe half freeze if you haven't that elsewhere.
  • Nokozan Relic: (rlvl 10) 20% FHR and great fire resists, very situational piece.
  • Angelic Wings: (rlvl 12) It's base stats are good on it's own, combine it with the rings and you have great life, dex, dtm , ar etc all in one combo... add an armor and it gives +1 skills aswell.
  • The Eye of Etlich: (rlvl 15) +1 to all skills and up to 10 cold duration.
  • Rare Amulet: Try to get stats, life, mana, fcr and such.
    • +1 skill tree (rlvl 15)
    • +1 class skills (rlvl 27)
    • +2 skill tree (rlvl 30)
  • Crafted Caster Amulet: (rlvl 16+) Getting the apprentice mod on this can get tough. but theoretically it's possible to get 20%fcr amulet at level 16.

Notes on crafted items: Level requirement is 10 + ( 3 * # of random affixes) + rlvl of highest affix. Making the lowest possible crafted item rlvl 14.

Basic builds

This is just to get you a basic idea of how you can potentially gear an lld. Note that these are just suggestions of very basic builds.

Level 9 Melee char

  • Helm: 3 socket crown with 3 jewels +9 Max damage (or more)
  • Armor: 4 socket Ancient Armor with 4 jewels +9 max dmg, -15% req. (or better!)
  • Weapon: Cleglaw's Tooth (with dmg jewel)
  • Shield: Vulpine Bone Shield of Deflecting (with 2 * dmg jewel)
  • Gloves: Death's Gloves
  • Belt: Death's Belt
  • Rare rings +2str/dex and +ar
  • Rare Amulet +5str/dex and +ar
  • Boots: Rares? 10%fhr, dex or sth like that.
  • 20 LCs +15 Life (+adds)

Level 29/30 Caster:

  • Helm: Godly circlet or Peasant Crown
  • Armor: Skin of the Vipermagi
  • Weapon: "Spirit" Sword
  • Shield: "Rhyme" Grim Shield
  • Gloves: Magefists
  • Belt: Nightsmoke
  • 2 SOJs
  • Rare amulet, skills/fcr/life/mana
  • Boots: Cow King's Hooves
  • Life/Mana charms, or fhr/mana charms

I left out class specific items for both builds to keep them basic, and note that most pieces can be improved.

Last words

I hope this list proves useful, I will however leave it to you how to build your llds, it's not that hard. Creativity can get you far. Make sure you read up on breakpoints and make sure to get a decent charmsetup. Tombs normal tend to drop lots of rlvl 9 items, go host some tombruns and all will be happy.