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Fotds: June 2000

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The information presented in these archived FotDs is now outdated, but that's often the most interesting thing about them, seeing how much the game has changed from then to now.

The original FotDs are indented and italicized. Explanatory comments below them were written by Flux at the time the FotDs were archived, usually a couple/few months after the original FotDs had been presented.

June has about the most missing FotDs, for some reason. We probably didn't post that many with the Stress Test ongoing and much news of the game coming up. If there are 10 news items a day, changing the FotD doesn't seem so necessary. But we surely did more than the few we have preserved here.

June 5, 2000

Vigor is a Clvl 18 skill from the Paladin's Defensive Auras Skill Tree. This aura isn't one you'll want to specialize in, but it will come in handy at times, as it boosts your max stamina, stamina recovery rate, and also your foot speed. Very convenient if you have a long distance to travel, or need to run from some of the stamina-draining monsters you'll run into in the later acts.

Stamina drain was thought likely to be a big deal late in the game, but of course it turns out to be something you can pretty much ignore. High level characters hardly ever have any stamina problems, unless you are playing something like a low hps Sorcy with plate mail on.

June 9, 2000

Lightning Fury is a Clvl 30 skill from the Amazon's Spear and Javelin Skill Tab. This skill, formerly known as Zeus Bolt, is used with a throw javelin-class weapon, and is rather devastating. The javelin turns into a lightning bolt as it flies towards the target, and upon impact it releases numerous bolts of lightning that will crackle through any nearby monsters. A very effective attack on a pack of enemies.

Another Amazon skill that got a name change to something less interesting. There were several older skill names with Greek god themes, and all got changed to blander descriptions of the skill. Since Amazons in the game mythology have no connection to Amazons of history, this is understandable, but still the new names are boring.

The screenshot here was taken long after this FotD was done, but you should check out Lightning Fury as it was in Diablo 2 if you've not seen it. It was an amazingly cool-looking skill, far nicer than it is in D2X. But of course it was so machine load heavy back then that it was virtually unusable, certainly not in a party.

June 20, 2000

Evade is a Clvl 24 skill from the Amazon's Passive and Magic Skill Tab. This very useful skill enables her to not be hit by melee or missile attacks while she is running. But only while running, Dodge and Avoid come into play when she's standing still. Since while running your character's Defense drops to zero, and nearly every attack will hit you if it is in range, this skill gives the Amazon a big advantage in that area.

Evade lock turned out to be a pain in the ass in D2, but other than that it was a good skill.