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Dual Running (Mac)

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This guide explains how to run two copies of Diablo II on the same computer without using any third party programs. This is useful for muling items to your own characters, and can also be used to self-rush. This technique works on, but you must have two copies of D2X, as well as 2 valid cd-keys.

Strategy guide info:


Since recent events, I wanted to find a way to run two Diablo 2 games side by side without using fast user swithing. Here's how I did it WITHOUT MODDING ANY D2 FILES and WITHOUT USING ANY 3RD PARTY SOFTWARE.

I have done this process with OS X 10.5 Leopard. Older OS X should work the same way, but there might be some small differences in the commands etc.

This process seems harder to do than it actually is, so bear with me. Terminal is required to make this work, but it really isn't that hard.

Here's what you'll need:

Two set of Diablo 2 keys (meaning that you have bought two sets of Diablo2 and Lod CD's, if you play the extension). Two user accounts on your OS X. Terminal and keyboard =)

The basic idea is this:

  1. Install Diablo 2 on your main user account if it isn't already installed, using the first set of cd-keys.
  2. Create new user account and install the second Diablo 2 for this account using the second set of cd-keys (obviously).
  3. Using your main account, run the Diablo 2 normally and go to window mode (CMD + m).
  4. Start Terminal, use the su command to log in as the second user you just made.
  5. Run Diablo 2 from this account using Terminal and use the CMD + m again to get to window mode. (You'll need to use carbon launcher to do this, I'll give you instructions later in this segment).

Detailed information of every section:

These first two sections are done only once, after that you can forget them...

1. If you already have Diablo 2 installed jump to part 2. Using your main account, download Diablo 2 installer from Blizzard web-site Install D2 with this installer using the first set of cd-keys. Yeah, I know the installer is sometimes hard to download, since Blizzard obviously doesn't know how to configure their ftp-server.... Just try it a few times, the download should start. This part is the no brainer, if you can't install D2, you shouldn't read this guide any further.

2. Go to System Preferences/Accounts and create new user. If the section is all grayed out, you'll need to click the lock icon at the left-bottom corner to make changes. Click the + button to create a new user, Standard account will do. Take note of the Short Name for this user. It will be needed later. [OPTIONAL]Click login options and check the fast user switch, if you want to. Also select the username that will be used to login automatically if you want to.[/OPTIONAL] Now you need to login with this new user. You can do this from your menubar by clicking the username shown at the right side of menubar (if you use fast switch). Otherwise you'll have to log out from your main account and login with the new account after that. Install the second Diablo 2 as shown above (1.), but take note of the folder that you install to. This location is needed later for the Terminal usage. After the installation is complete test that it works. Now you can log out from this account.

These three sections are used every time you want to launch more than one D2

3. This one you already know if you have ever played Diablo 2 in OS X. After you have launced D2, use the CMD + m to go to window mode.

4. Run Terminal. Now you have to switch user in this terminal. This is done by using su-command. Now you'll need that Short Name of the new user. Replace the SHORT_NAME_OF_THE_NEW_USER with that. Write: su SHORT_NAME_OF_THE_NEW_USER Now su will ask you the password of that user. Type the password you gave to your new user there. And voila! You are logged in with your brand new user.

5. Now you'll launch the Diablo you installed with this user. Write: /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/Current/Support/LaunchCFMApp "/Users/SHORT_NAME_OF_THE_NEW_USER/Diablo II Folder/Diablo II (Carbon)" & That's it, now wait until Diablo is launched and go to window mode by using CMD + m. [OPTIONAL] You can create a batch- or a "script"-file as they are called in Unix world to make this easier but it is not necessary. You can just write that last command to a text file on your desktop with the right path to your second D2 installation and copy/paste this command to Terminal. Yes you can paste lines there just as you would in any other application by pressing CMD + v. [/OPTIONAL]

For those who are interested on how that command works, I'll explain it briefly.

The first part "/System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/Current/Support/LaunchCFMApp" uses OS X Carbon application launcher to start D2. D2 was written a long time before these new operation systems were developed and then Carbon was the API to write applications. Now Apple has moved to Cocoa and Carbon programs need this launcher to work.

The second part "/Users/SHORT_NAME_OF_THE_NEW_USER/Diablo II Folder/Diablo II (Carbon)" is the D2 executable that will be run. (Diablo II.exe in Windows world). If you installed your Diablo 2 in some custom folder you must change this part accordingly.

The third part "&" tells the Terminal to run this program in background mode, so closing this terminal won't kill the process.

That's it. Hopefully you find this information useful.