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Druid Patches

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Patch 1.45

  • Turned down the mastery bonuses for the wolves and bears.
  • Increased Feral Rage's life stealing.
  • Increased Hunger's life stealing, but increased its damage penalty

Patch 1.46

  • Increased the delay between the times that Hurricane does damage.
  • (Increased the radius for Armageddon's damage and increased the delay between missiles. Didn't make it into the Beta build.)

Patch 1.48

  • Werebear skill modified to give +50% to hitpoints (not +100%).
  • Maul now gives +20% damage per charge per level (not +25%). Its stun length is shorter and attack bonus is 3% plus, 3% per level (not +20%, 10% per level).
  • Increased damage of Fire Claws slightly (+8 per level up to level 9 - it was plus 6).
  • Damage bonus Fury changed to +50% damage, 5% per level (not 100%, 17% per level).