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The Diablo 2 Wiki archive is available for anyone looking for information on Diablo 2. All information here is pre-D2R but contains a lot of useful information that is still relevant. Updated sections for new D2R features can be found on the PureDiablo Diablo 2 section Archives

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The pages listed in this category are all very old; most are entirely pre-beta information. They are to be viewed for amusement and nostalgia, and have little to no connection to the current state of the game, as covered elsewhere in this wiki. started in the mid-1990s as a Diablo site. The site also covered the Diablo-expansion Hellfire, then modernized and expanded and obtained the now-famous URL when Diablo II was announced in 1997. The Blizzard North developers made it a point to interact with fans in those early days, and enjoyed regular forum and chat room visits from the lead developers. Webmasters Elly, Gaile, and Flux were invited to visit Blizzard North in December 1999, and, along with some other prominent fansite admins, were immortalized in the game by having NPC Mercenaries named after them.

Since the earliest days, The Unofficial Diablo II site has provided detailed coverage of Diablo II, and some of those ancient, pre-release, pre-beta pages are interesting to look back on. You can see how much the game has changed over time, how the initial information was presented and revealed, and the mistakes and errors we overzealous fans made as we tried to predict future game features.