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Boilerplate:Strategy guide

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This is a Boilerplate. Only edit this article if you know what you are doing.

Use this boilerplate article as a guideline on how to make Strategy guide articles.

If you have already read all the instructions in this boilerplate, you might find it easier to use the copy+paste article to copy and paste to your new article:

Make sure to read up on the help section, so you know how to properly edit articles before continuing.

First add a brief intro about the guide, above all the headlines. Keep it as short and descriptive as possible. One or two lines of text.

Secondly, under the first headline, update the strategy guide header. This one is just here as an example on how it can look:

Diablo II Strategy Guide Info:

This version uses all variables of the template, and most likely, you'll only use a few. Here is an explanation of what each attribute does:

{{Guide top
|game= Diablo II                              Game variable - REQUIRED
|patch= 1.09                                  Only use if patch-specific. Only numbers, not "version"/"patch".
|pve= Yes                                     Either "Yes", or REMOVE. Do not write "no"!
|pvp= Yes                                     Either "Yes", or REMOVE. Do not write "no"!
|monster= [[Baal]]                            Optional; Name of monster(s). Can be used to link.
|level= Worldstone Keep                       Optional; Name of level(s). Can be used to link.
|item= Windforce                              Optional; Name of item(s). Can be used to link.
|class= Amazon                                Add a class here (spelling crucial).
|class2= Assassin                             Add a class here (spelling crucial).
|class3= Barbarian                            Add a class here (spelling crucial).
|class4= Druid                                Add a class here (spelling crucial).
|class5= Necromancer                          Add a class here (spelling crucial).
|class6= Paladin                              Add a class here (spelling crucial).
|class7= Sorceress                            Add a class here (spelling crucial).
|spec= Lightning Fury Javazon                 Optional; additional info. Can be used to link.
|author= Flux                                 Optional, but important.
|co-author= [[Leord]]                         Optional, but important. Can be used to link and cat.
|pages= '''One''', Two, Three                 If more than one page, link up the other pages.
|related= [[Javazon v1.09, by Flux, Part I]]  Any related articles to this one? Can be used to link.
|outdated= Yes                                Either "Yes", or REMOVE. Do not write "no"!
|catexclude= Yes                              Use this to remove ALL categorisation.

It's imperative that attributes that are not used are REMOVED rather than getting the "No" attribute or the like. This header will react if there is *data* in the field, not *what* data, unfortunately. So make sure it's well and properly gone, or commented out when you make your header. If you run into trouble, ask Leord or other experienced wiki editor for help.

Thirdly is the actual contents of your guide. Feel free to use headlines, links, images, tables: anything to create your guide. You will not have to enter any additional categories, unless you are making a multi-author guide, in which case you need to add links and categories in the header's co-author variable.

You should also check out the Help section if in need!