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Barbarian Patches

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According to Blizzard the following Barbarian skills have been altered:

  • In expansion games, Whirlwind is now properly modified by weapon speed. In non-expansion games, Whirlwind remains the same.
  • Frenzy, Double-Swing, and Double-Throw are now properly modified by weapon speed.
  • Added damage bonuses to Concentrate and Frenzy.
  • Frenzy now increases in attack speed as more monsters are hit.
  • Increased the damage bonus on Berserk.
  • Changed Battle Orders bonus to increase by 3% per level at all levels.
  • Increased the damage of War Cry.
  • Whirlwind attacks 50% more if you are dual wielding.
  • Masteries now list chance of a Critical Strike.

Patch 1.46 altered the following:

  • Whirlwind will now alternate between two weapons when you use two weapons.
  • Fixed the bug which would allow you to still have armorclass after using Berserk.
  • We now average the speed of your two weapons when you do two-handed attacks - Frenzy, Double Swing, etc...