1. L

    PC JMOD Monarch 4os(have 4 5/5 cold rainbow)

  2. W

    [SC] [FT] PC Short Sell List + Buying Stormlash

    Selling Titan's Revenge (196% ED, 7% LL) Mavina Belt Marrowwalk Snakecord Belt Undead Crown Sazabi Armor (Balrog Skin Set Armor) 4 OS Monarch 4/5/6 OS Phase Blade White Monarch Buying Stormlash Willing to offer Mal+ for Stormlash and accepting Buy offers in Runes/Gems.
  3. M

    [NL] [SC] PS Monarch

    White monarch FS 0 OS LF runes
  4. W

    [SC] [FT] PC White Monarch / 5OS Phase Blade / Combat Skiller Paladin GC

    Hey guys, White Monarch / 5OS Phase Blade / Combat Skiller Paladin GC for sale Looking for offers in Runes. Thanks for looking.
  5. Chuppa


  6. H

    PS O Perfect Spirit Monarch (35% fcr)

    Lf 2x Ist + or 4x Ist/2x Gul
  7. M

    Lot of items for trade !

    1. 4 socket flail 2. Monarch 3. Immortal king boots, belt, gloves 4. Titans revenge 5. Jalals Mane 6. Bulkhatos 1h sword 7. Tal rasa belt 8. Gheeds Fortune 9. Thunderstroke
  8. B

    PC Offer Monarch with spirit rundeword

    Offer Monarch with spirit rundeword
  9. X

    [SC] [FT] O Gul rune, tal rasha helm+eye N shako+monarch

    Either I trade; gul for shako+monarch or; tal rasha helm+eye for monarch eye has +2 cold, +1 fire, +1 lightning.
  10. U

    [ISO] Monarch

    Hi all looking to get a monarch, only have perfect gems or a ko rune to trade. It doesnt need sockets, i already have my socket quest ready.
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