1. M

    [NL] [SC] [FT] PS Low Gheeds 24 % 25mf pul each

    Got 2 low gheeds looking to get a pul for either I will be on for a bit then tomorrow morning.
  2. holywalk

    PC Awesome Items FT (Includ.19/20 Paladin Torch)

    Accepting rune offers. Except 19/20 Ptorch. (Seeking 5/6/x or 6/5/x CTA in CS) 19/20 Paladin Torch - sold for Jah 14/16 Necro Torch - available Gheeds (121/27/15) - sold for Pul Gheeds (85/28/11) - available Heaven's Light (2os / 295ED / 3 Skill) - sold for Ist Sacred Rondache (44 All Res/4os)...
  3. R

    -- Closed --

    Thanks for interest all but I'm closing the shop on this site!
  4. G

    [NL] [SC] PC Groms Trading Shop (torch & facet)

    MISCELLANEOUS Token of Absolution (3X) (Um/each) Thul (20X) Amn (20X) Sol (20X) Shael (20X) UNIQUES/RARES Wolfhowl Fury Visor Jalal's Mane Crown of Thieves (Hel) Que-Hagan's Wisdom (Hel) Ormus' Robes (15,13,11) Guardian Angel Skullder's Ire Vipermagi (upped to Wyrmhide with 906 defense...
  5. Mrzonta

    [FT] Xbox PS Max 40% MF Gheeds for Vex.

    Trading a 40% MF Gheeds for Vex.
  6. Mrzonta

    Xbox PS For trade, 40% gheeds.

    Looking for high runes, HOTO stuff like that.
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